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This is Northeastern University’s first ever research blog. We’re calling it iNSolution because that’s what our faculty and student researchers are in the business of — finding solutions to societal problems while simultaneously contributing to the fundamental knowledge base of their respective fields. I am Northeastern University’s first ever official science writer (at least in the communications office). This blog was my idea and I’m starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into — there’s so much going on around this campus among so many brilliant minds that I’m a bit nervous about keeping up with the pace. Before coming to Northeastern I was a freelance science writer and a chemical technician at a small nanotechnology company. In college I majored in chemistry and literature with a focus in poetry. I could never decide between the two seemingly disparate fields. Turns out I didn’t have to. Northeastern research is at a very exciting point in its growth. I’m honored to have the job of telling its story. But I’m going to need your help — send me your ideas and endeavors, your questions, compliments, and complaints. Comment on the posts — be a part of the conversation.

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