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This site is currently hosting\n\nupdates on my mathematical research;\nexpository articles (such as my articles for the Princeton Companion to Mathematics, or for the tricks wiki);\ndiscussion of open problems;\ntalks that I have given or attended (such as the Distinguished Lectures Series at UCLA);\nmy advice on mathematical careers and mathematical writing;\ninformation about my books;\nmy lecture notes on ergodic theory, on the Poincar conjecture, on random matrices, on graduate real analysis (245B and 245C), and on higher order Fourier analysis;\na campaign to support mathematics, statistics, and computing at the University of Southern Queensland;\nand various other topics, usually related to mathematics.\nWhile most of the posts are aimed at those with a graduate maths background, I will also occasionally have a number of non-technical posts aimed at a lay mathematical audience. My selection of topics is guided by my own personal taste; I do not take requests for specific topics to post about on this blog.

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