March 26, 2015

8:40 PM | Scenes from the White House Science Fair
At the fifth annual White House Science Fair on March 23, 2015, some 30 students shared their hard work on their research projects and collected insights. It was striking how many of these young... -- Read more on

March 25, 2015

9:52 PM | Hangout with Kit Parker: Engineering the Body
When I told Kit Parker of Harvard University to think about explaining what he does to teenagers who would be watching our Google Science Fair Hangout On Air earlier today, he had a great answer for... -- Read more on

March 12, 2015

1:35 AM | The Science of Learning and Trying
To really change the future of education for the better, we need a combination of creative vision powered by the social entrepreneurship of education leaders and teachers. This is why the annual... -- Read more on

March 04, 2015

4:18 PM | Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015
What innovations are leaping out of the labs to shape the world in powerful ways? Identifying those compelling innovations is the charge of the Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies, one of the World... -- Read more on
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