April 21, 2014

5:34 AM | then gravity let go
This is fiction. My grandmother’s stroke destroyed most of Nuremberg and all of Wurzburg. She was sailing down the Danube on a boat when it happened. I won’t tell you who she was with and what they were doing at the time, because you’ll think less of her for it, and anyway it’s not relevant […]

March 30, 2014

8:54 PM | what exactly is it that 53% of neuroscience articles fail to do?
A new paper in Nature Neuroscience by Emmeke Aarts and colleagues argues that neuroscientists should start using hierarchical  (or multilevel) models in their work in order to account for the nested structure of their data. From the abstract: In neuroscience, experimental designs in which multiple observations are collected from a single research object (for example, multiple […]
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