July 24, 2014

7:08 AM | Beyond Quantification: Digital Criticism and the Search for Patterns
I’ve collected some recent posts (from New Savanna) on patterns into a working paper. It’s online at SSRN. Here’s the abstract and the introduction. Abstract: Literary critics seek patterns, whether patterns in individual texts or patterns in large collections of texts. Valid patterns are taken as indices of causal mechanisms of one sort or another. […]

July 18, 2014

4:47 PM | Talk to the Animals: BBC series on Animal Communication
The BBC have got a new series on animal communication, so far they’ve covered mongooses, hippopotamuses, vervet monkeys, chimpanzees, dolphins and other animals but I haven’t actually watched it yet. Someone’s uploaded the first episode to youtube here: But of course you can watch it on iPlayer too if you’re in the UK.

July 17, 2014

11:57 AM | Systematic reviews 101: Internal and External Validity
Who remembers last summer when I started writing a series of posts on systematic literature reviews? I apologise for neglecting it for so long, but here is a quick write up on assessing the studies you are including in your review for internal and external validity, with special reference to experiments in artificial language learning […]

July 07, 2014

8:07 AM | PhD Opportunities: The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity
PhD positions are available at ANU, working with a team of people investigating diversity and cultural evolution.  The call is below: Applications are now being sought for three PhD positions on the project ‘The Wellsprings of Linguistics Diversity’, funded by the Australian Research Council for the period mid-2014 to mid-2019. Each PhD position will undertake […]
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