August 29, 2014

11:57 PM | Vedic Psychology 101
You are not this body. That is the Vedic Psychology 101. When you get this, much changes. Almost too much. Here’s Swami Bhaktipada on this point and then a word or two from yours truly: “I am this body.” This is the greatest mistake of all, the mistake underlying all other mistakes. We are not […]
2:02 PM | The Monkey Business of Being Human
For years I’ve been thinking of myself as just another modern-day ape. This line of thought – that we are nothing more and nothing less than monkeys – is powerfully humanizing. Here’s what Mahesh Bhatt had to say about one of the most dangerous minds of the 20th century, U.G. Krishnamurti, in “Mind is a […]

August 28, 2014

10:34 AM | Zoo of Consciousness
I reject zoos. If I didn’t have a child young enough to still see zoos as entertainment rather than incarceration (conservation rationalizations aside), I’d never go to a zoo. But as it stands, I even have a yearly membership. Wittgenstein wrote: “Consciousness in the face of another.  Look into someone else’s face and see the […]

August 22, 2014

9:32 AM | Calligraphy of Change
Change, growth is often invisible. Too subtle, too gradual, too incremental to notice. Sometimes too erratic, too spontaneous – each precedent, each pattern-break as messy as a brush stroke. Yet, eventually a healing vector emerges. A pattern of wellbeing begins to evidence itself. Shinagawa Tetsuzan, a Buddhist calligrapher and a poet, wrote: “Don’t know when, […]

August 19, 2014

1:11 PM | An Apriori of Forgiveness: You Can Blame a Human No More Than a Tree Branch That Just Fell on Your Head
Most of the time we move forward/onward without any philosophy of living, without any ideology, mindlessly! In mindlessness we are all equal – from saint to sinner (not that I believe in these distinctions). But when something aversive (bad) happens to us or those that we relate to (i.e. identify with), our implicit philosophy of […]

August 18, 2014

9:56 PM | Gestalt of Self
Self is a Gestalt: an illusory Oneness made of (information) parts.
12:52 PM | Vectors
In mindlessness, body leads mind. In mindfulness, mind leads body. Reverse the flow as needed. - Pattern Interruption by Somov

August 16, 2014

11:32 PM | Formula of Change
A break-through begins with a pattern break. That’s it: pattern interruption restores operational freedom. Break out of the prison of pattern, Luddite of Consciousness. - related: Choice Awareness Training: Mindfulness and Logotherapy in Treatment of Addiction (Somov, P)    

August 13, 2014

7:12 PM | Existentially Grounded Self-Help Psychology Begins with Nondualistic Ontology
Made of nothing more than seemingly dead matter, you see and feel and think, right? Conclusion? Matter that sees, feels and thinks is not dead. You are Living (Conscious) Matter. Get it?! Existentially grounding self-help psychology begins (and ends) with nondualistic ontology (i.e. with a non-divisive view of self and reality). - ref: go here for image […]

August 12, 2014

8:28 AM | Enduring Identity of Am-ness
We are not things. We look like things but we are not things. I can bump into a table, I can bump into you as if you were a thing out there, an obstruction… But we are not things. When you walk into a river, you bump against a current as if this current were […]

August 11, 2014

4:46 PM | Opine Not!
We love to opine. Opinions express our subjective individuality and, therefore, our bias, taking us away from the inexpressible truth of what is. Seung Sahn, a spunky Zen master, had this temple rule for his followers: “To cling to your opinions is to destroy your practice. Put away all your opinions. That is true Buddhism.” […]

August 07, 2014

1:40 PM | Forgive the Fuss That Rises in You
There’s a line from Carl Jung’s Red Book that I like: “Forgive the fuss that rises in me.” “What’s the context?” you ask. Forget the context. The context doesn’t matter. The context is the fuss that arises in us. This Jung’s line has a mantra-like quality. It’s enough for me. I use it out of […]

August 06, 2014

11:56 PM | Meaning of Life as Defined by a Butcher
The meaning of life is listening to Pavarotti, feeling the sun on your face, drinking a bottle of wine, and then another. The meaning of life is having a safe and healthy society, a happy family life, good health, a loving wife, work that you like, smelling the smell of a new car and the […]
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