December 17, 2014

10:59 AM | A Review of a Review of Paul Brunton’s Book on Meditation
With a few minutes to kill before the day starts, I go to Amazon to post a review of Paul Brunton’s very excellent “Notebook 4″ on meditation (which I have recently been re-reading) … only to realize that I was there ALREADY once at that Amazon page back in 2006 when I had posted a […]

December 10, 2014

1:44 PM | Mindful Emotional Eating
Here are some early reviews of my new book on Mindful Emotional Eating. “Don t be fooled by the seeming contradiction in the title of Mindful Emotional Eating. The book makes the case to troubled eaters and their treaters that if we re going to turn to food when we re stressed or distressed, we […]

December 08, 2014

10:53 PM | Mind is a Pigsty of Opinions
I came upon this graffiti on a Pittsburgh sidewalk and it caught my clinical-philosophical eye – a face of a pig (from what I can tell) with the word “truth” inscribed on it.  Enigmatic, I thought.  I snapped a photo and continued on with my walk. And then a possible meaning of this dawned on […]

December 07, 2014

3:50 PM | Anger Management: Know-How of Eastern Equanimity
When anger becomes the mood of human societies, the quality of fire (or the primitive and destructive intent of the frustrated ego) invades the plane of humanity. That fire is expressed as all of the aggression and competitiveness of humankind, including all of the ego-based politics of confrontation. And that ego-fire is, finally, summarized in […]

December 03, 2014

1:18 PM | Wherever You Experience Yourself In the Body, There You Are
We are everywhere in the body: wherever your nerves are, so is your brain. About a year ago I read in New Scientist: “One tiny spider has even had to let its brain spill into its legs, because its head is too small to accommodate it.” We keep thinking of our brain as being inside […]
1:02 PM | Book Review: “Firing God” by Cheryl Abram
I recently had a chance to read and review an excellent book “Firing God” by Cheryl Abram. I met Cheryl through PsychCentral (she read one of my blogs and wrote to me).  At that time I went to her website and read some of her own blogs and found a lot of existentially courageous and […]

November 27, 2014

4:40 PM | Woods of “What Is”
On a walk through the woods a thought pops into my mind: “There is a lot of trash in the woods. And I am a piece of it.” A thought of humility, not of self-deprecation. Woods do that to you: they gently put you down and, in so doing, root you in Whatever Is.

November 26, 2014

1:03 PM | Info-Processing View of Eating
We tend to think of metabolism in purely physiological terms. I invite you to think of metabolism in a broader sense, as information processing. Take the act of eating, for example. We can think of eating in purely physiological, metabolic terms… or we can think of eating as an informational process in which an act […]

November 23, 2014

10:52 AM | So a 4 Year Old Elephant Paints a Picture of Oneself and Signs His Name – Big Deal!
Here’s a video of an elephant painting an elephant.  He is 4 years old.  His name is Suda. Amazing, right? But is it?! We (“humans”) are just modern-day apes: if a monkey can (be trained to) paint itself, why couldn’t an elephant?! We are a neural tribe: a neuron is a neuron is a neuron […]
1:27 AM | Return to Oneness
Troy Wilson Organ says: “Man is the point at which the cosmos ceases to pluralize and starts the return to Oneness.” A flattering thought but I think this process already plays out with ants and their colonies, and, maybe, dates as evolutionarily far back as metazoan/multicellular organization. In sum, each “I” is really a “we” […]

November 22, 2014

1:11 PM | Eating Sun
“What is the future of eating?” is the question that I tried to answer in “Reinventing the Meal” (2012) Transhuman Fermentation Still a cultural underground, transhumanism is a gradual churning of techno-genetic possibilities. As a social movement, transhumanism is still in the stages of fermentation. From the evolutionary standpoint, transhumanism is an attempt at self-guided evolution, […]

November 19, 2014

1:33 PM | Ordinary Perfection
When I look at the nameless reality of Whatever Currently Is (right now) through the lens of mindfulness and presence, everything relaxes me, everything feels “ok” and “normal” and “simply such” – even illness and death and violence and war and… You name it! Everything – the entire Ordinary Perfection of it all. In 1710 […]
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