October 18, 2014

10:05 AM | A Common Sense Definition of Common Sense
I’d like to offer you, arguably, an uncommon definition of common sense.  A definition that I myself refer to as “a common sense definition of common sense.” Common sense is (literally) what can be commonly sensed. Not thought or felt but sensed.  If you and I are both sensing (seeing) a sunrise, that’s something that […]

October 08, 2014

11:20 AM | Excitement, Compassion, Not-Knowing
As a parent I asked myself the other day (while falling asleep) – what am I modeling to my kid? And here’s what crystallized in mind: “Only three virtues I know and stand for: Excitement, Compassion and Not-knowing.” Sure, as a parent, there all kinds of things I need to teach and impart and model […]

October 01, 2014

6:24 PM | A Grief Hygiene
“The cup is already broken,” they say in Zen lore. Yes, we know: we get dogs knowing that we will most likely outlive them. We’ve learned to look at our fragile tech gizmos with that acquired acceptance of “it’s built-in obsolescence.” Impermanence is all around us: Heraclitus knew it, Buddha knew it. We all know […]

September 29, 2014

12:39 PM | There Are No Mistakes
  I did my best… I did my best! Dane Cook, comedian The phrase “to make a mistake” implies purposive, conscious, planned action. That’s utterly inaccurate: there are no intentional mistakes, no one consciously sets out to fail. When we fail on purpose, when we make a mistake by design, we are actually succeeding with […]

September 28, 2014

11:36 PM | Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen, and Mindful Smoking to You!
Thin mists and light clouds waft imperceptibly; The friends who have gathered here pass the pipe around. I know that there is no constancy in what is possible and what is not, Yet I do not believe that fire and ash are only fragments of time. —Wang Lu, a Japanese seventeenth-century “gentleman smoker” (quoted in […]

September 27, 2014

11:08 PM | Noosphere: You Are a Part of It
Noosphere – a beautiful concept. You are a part of this human whole. A conscious or an unconscious part? The noosphere is the sphere of human thought. The word derives from the Greek νοῦς (nous “mind”) and σφαῖρα (sphaira “sphere”), in lexical analogy to “atmosphere” and “biosphere”. It was introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin […]
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