January 25, 2015

11:29 AM | Take the 12 Steps and Sit Down
There is a great book that came out recently, Chasing the Scream, by Johann Hari, a powerful voice to add to the ever growing choir that is trying to rehabilitate the rehab industry and shift the paradigm on how we view addiction and treatment of substance use/misuse.  With this in mind, I decided to repost […]

January 24, 2015

8:06 AM | “How Can This Mountain Be for Me Alone?”
“How can the mountain be for me alone?  Still it is, I think, for me alone,” is one of my favorite tankas by Shinagawa Tetsuzan. The Universe likes to witness itself.  An argument could be made that conscious life itself is Nature’s hunger for mirroring itself.  If taken at face value, this idea comes to […]

January 21, 2015

1:59 PM | Slow Emotional Eating
Slow eating is when you try to eat slowly. Slow eating is a form of mindful eating. It is relaxing, it is self-soothing, it is self-indulgent. You take your time. You put the utensils down in between the bites. You look around and sip wine as you go. You enjoy a good view and good […]

January 18, 2015

7:44 AM | Thumbs Up to Non-Preference
Our natural state is that of balance. Any system (including a living one) is homeostatic, self-regulating. Likes and dislikes knock us out of that sweet balance that we are naturally in. This is a simple thought. You can’t go wrong with it. So simple that it is, arguably, self-evident. But, I think, it’s worth repeating […]

January 12, 2015

6:05 PM | “We Die, and We Don’t Die”
Shunryu Suzuki said: “We die, and we don’t die.” Yes: right now you are both coming and going, living and dying. Put differently: right now you are dying and not-dying. It is like that now… and, per my conviction, at any point of time, whether it is right now or at a later now when […]
5:19 PM | Beyond Eating, Beyond Money
Dostoyevsky once described money as “coined liberty” (1915, 16). Indeed, money is independence. But what is money? All money is reducible to one and the same currency: energy. That’s what flows through us, what moves us, and what motivates us. Money energizes because money is energy. The American greenback is a symbolic leaf of life: It […]

January 11, 2015

1:46 PM | Sublimating the Binge Eating, Self-Restricting Roller Coaster
[adapted from Mindful Emotional Eating (Somov, 2014)] Differentiating a binge from emotional eating or emotional overeating is both hard and simple. Hard if you go a quantitative route, if you count calories. Easy if you go a qualitative route, if you factor in the emotional mandate of these two types of eating. I’ll take the easy […]

January 07, 2015

2:55 PM | Opposable Thumbs, Unopposed Focus
Got 6 minutes to kill?  Watch this ordinary miracle. (If this video is legit and not edited) it is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long while – not in terms of the visual effects, of course, but in terms of the implications of the highly nuanced consciousness that is running this show and the […]

January 05, 2015

2:50 PM | “Life Without Growth Ought to Be Possible”
A few weeks ago, as I was making room for a Christmas ornament on a book shelf, I spotted a book that I haven’t visited in a while – a book by Christopher Milne, “The Path Through the Trees.”  The last time I took a walk through Milne’s word-trees, so to say, was when I […]

January 01, 2015

6:05 PM | It’s Time We “Legalize” Emotional Eating
Mindful Emotional Eating (MEE) has been nearly a taboo both in self- help and clinical literature on emotional eating. I first wrote about mindful emotional eating in Eating the Moment in 2008 and have had a chance to pilot this material clinically in my practice and through a series of workshops for mental health professionals. My experience […]
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