July 22, 2014

4:00 PM | Science Answers: The Mouse Retina
Today we completed our 150th neuron! To celebrate, I’m answering some of your questions about the retina, the data, and the tracing! How big is a mouse retina? On average, a mouse’s retina has an area of about 15.6 mm2 and an estimated thickness of about 0.1mm, giving it a …
3:00 PM | 150 Neurons Mapped in EyeWire!
We’ve come so far since the days of 1 cell a week! Today we celebrate the 150th neuron mapped in EyeWire. Check out the video of 50 cells mapped by you, rendered in OMNI: Also, to say thanks for all your hard work, we’ll be rewarding you with a 1.5 …

July 21, 2014

7:28 PM | 149 Cells!
We’ve now completed 149 cells!  We’re only 1 away from 150!  Great job everyone!
7:00 PM | History of Imaging – Part 2
                              We previously discussed light and the study of optics. From understanding how rays of light react with different materials and the human eye, the microscope was invented – a groundbreaking discovery for scientific progress. Think …
2:57 PM | 148 Cells!
We’ve now completed 148 cells!  We’re only 2 away from 150!  Great job everyone!

July 18, 2014

6:17 PM | 147 Cells!
We’re getting closer to 150!  147 cells are now complete!
5:57 PM | M’s Happy Birthday Happy Hour!
It’s M’s 25th Birthday today so we’ll celebrating with special points tiers! Our Happy Hours will run between 2-4 pm EST. The rules are as follows: Score 1,000 points, we’ll add an additional 250 points to your score. Score 2,500 points, we’ll add an additional 2,500 points to your score. …

July 17, 2014

7:03 PM | Watch Mode is Back!
Watch mode is back and better than ever! If you’re having difficulty with your cube, just ask an admin for some assistance! They will enter your cube with you and give you pointers. In watch mode, admins can see your trace in real time, and can let you know what …
6:09 PM | More Evil, More Cubes
Greetings from the underworld.  The GrimReaper has been absent a long time, it took time to climb through the forest of mergers and a most tangled jungle of dendrites.  But fear not, the GrimReaper has brought you a present. 10 of the most evil cubes in the history of EyeWire.  Each full of …
4:01 PM | Much Win. Many congratulations. Amaze competition. So Doge. Wow.
Doge takes the win in the ultimate internet meme showdown! Overall, players did 7,531 cubes. Team Doge averaged 19,221 points per player with 31 contenders. Grumpy cat clocked in 13,893 ppp with 28 players. @twister2 lead doge, racking up 42K points. jbinsc and galarun flanked the victory. Nseraf lead the …

July 16, 2014

2:16 PM | 146 Cells!
We’ve made it to 146 cells!  We’re getting closer to 150!  Keep up the hard work!

July 11, 2014

9:07 PM | Grumpy Cat vs. Doge Much Challenge
Amaze competition 12 pm EDT Wed, July 16th – 12 pm EDT Thurs, July 17th. So points: 5,000 – 1,000 Many bonus 25,000 – 5,000 Many bonus 50,000 – 10,000 Many bonus Every 25,000 above 50,000 –  Much 5,000 Winning team – 10,000 bonus (each team member must make a minimum 5,000 points …
6:13 PM | Update on Point and Cube Count Calculations
Some Eyewirers have recently noticed that their points or cube counts have changed recently.  This is due to a problem we had with an incorrectly calculated skipped cube error.  The flaw in the system has recently been mended, so any changes you see are actually reflective of improvements we have made.  Your points and …
4:00 PM | Behind the Science: Fundamentals of the Retina
The retina is the light sensitive layer of tissue located at the back of the eye. It is responsible for translating an image into the electrical signals for the brain to process. There are 5 cell types in the retina responsible for processing and transferring this signal. Photoreceptors, Horizontal cells, Bipolar …

July 10, 2014

2:02 PM | Congrats @a5hm0r and @Cerebus winners of the Eyewire Cup!
Congratulations to our Eyewire Cup Winners @a5hm0r and @Cerebus!  It was a fierce competition, but in the end there could only be two winners!  Check out the brackets for overall stats: Varsity Junior Varsity   Great game everyone!

July 09, 2014

8:31 PM | History of Imaging – Part 1
  The cubes we use in EyeWire come from data collected from a microscope at the Max Planck Institute of Medical Research in Germany – you can read more about the specific microscope that was used here. The microscope is in the family of scanning electron microscopes which are the …

July 08, 2014

11:16 PM | Eyewire Cup Semi-Finals Results!
After an intense contest of skill and speed, two finalists have emerged at the top for their respective leagues! In the Varsity league, we have jamiexq v. a5hm0r In the Junior Varsity league, we have LotteryDiscountz v. Cerebus The finals take place at 6 pm US EDT on Thurs, July 10 …

July 07, 2014

11:44 PM | Eyewire Cup Quarter-Finals Results!
The quarter-finals are over!  Here are the players moving on to the semi-finals of the Eyewire Cup! Notes***  Changes made from quarter finals: Xandrax tapped during the quarter-finals to replace a forfeited player.  iconforhire switched brackets to fill in for no-shows in the quarter-finals, and will be moving on to …
9:47 PM | Help Translate Eyewire’s Tutorial Videos!
Do you love Eyewire and want to help improve its community?  Here’s your chance!  Help out our international community by translating Eyewire’s tutorial videos into multiple languages. Here’s how it works: Eyewire has uploaded tutorial videos to Youtube that explain how to play Eyewire.  All of these videos are in …
7:05 PM | Monthly EyeWire Stats: June 2014
June By the Numbers New Players: 3,716 Countries Represented: 62 New Cells Completed: 13 Cubes Done: 209,470 Points Won: 21,706,836 New Millionaires: jcostantino, lilmoo, Emeraldstarr and sambob496 This month’s top player is @a5hm0r, racking in an astounding 1,718,868 points and 12,633 cubes. Ash also became the first player to reach 10 million points! Twister …
6:55 PM | Eyewire How-To: Taking a Screenshot
Taking a Screenshot guide provided by @a5hm0r Having trouble snapping that perfect shot of a merger, missing branch, something weird or just really cool inside a cube? Well this guide should help with that problem. So you found a cube you need advice on or you want to share something …

July 03, 2014

5:24 PM | Eyewire Cup Brackets Announced!
The Eyewire Cup brackets have been filled! We had just enough spots for everyone who signed up! Pairings were created at random. Take a look (click to enlarge images): Varsity Junior Varsity The competition begins Monday July 7th at 6 PM EDT and will run for 3 days. See full …
4:29 PM | Culinary Takedown Results: Pointiness Prevails
One more competition complete! The results of the Spoon vs Fork Culinary Takedown are in, and it appears the pointy Forks have poked their way past the scoopy Spoons. If anyone should ever ask you the superior implement, you can now safely reply forks… with the assurance that EyeWire told …

July 01, 2014

5:00 PM | Sign Up for the Eyewire Cup!
Get ready to go head-to-head with your fellow Eyewirers in the Eyewire Cup!  Sign-ups start now! The Eyewire Cup will begin on Monday, July 7th at 6 PM EDT.  If you sign up, please do your best to be available from 6 PM to 7 PM EDT, Monday July 7th through Thursday July …

June 30, 2014

6:23 PM | Recent Changes to Accuracy
Hey EyeWirers! Sorry about the bad accuracy and lost points! We had deployed a new accuracy system and had to work out a few bugs, but everything is now back to normal! The new accuracy system updates constantly, not just on mondays! If you submit a cube that has been …
4:00 PM | Featured EyeWirer: @Nseraf
A behind the scenes look at the EyeWire community. Meet the EyeWirers who are mapping the brain. This week’s featured EyeWirer is @Nseraf. So, tell the world a little about yourself. My name’s Nikitas Serafetinidis, I was actually born in Cambridge, UK as my father was a visiting fellow there and my mom was …

June 27, 2014

11:56 PM | Competitions: The Master Guide
As players have been noticing and enjoying for a little while, EyeWire has been holding competitions. We think it’s time to provide an overview of competition formats, how to participate, and past competition results. Feel free to keep this post bookmarked so you can check something if you’re confused, or …
6:47 PM | Weighted Votes
EyeWire’s goal is to map neurons and understand how they form information processing circuits through synaptic networks. We achieve this together by mapping millions of individual cubes containing tiny volumes of neurons. Multiple people map each one. We compare submitted results after reaping to generate a consensus reconstruction. This correct final result …
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