April 10, 2014

11:18 PM | Security Update: EyeWire is Heartbleed Protected
Hey EyeWirers, Immediate takeaway: If you consider your EyeWire password valuable, please change it. Use the “Forgot?” link on the login page or contact support and we can help you out. Please change your valuable passwords for every site on the internet that you use. For those of you who …
9:53 PM | Explore Mode Bugs are Dead
Will has successfully exterminate the bugs in explore mode (yay, woohoo!) The basics are the same (ctrl+e turns explore mode off and on, ctrl+m permanently commits what you’ve added in explore mode and ctrl+d discards everything you’ve added in explore mode) A few notes about using explore mode from now …

April 07, 2014

9:14 PM | Forum and Wiki Are Back!
Just what you guys have been waiting for!  Our forum and Wiki page are finally working again.  Visit http://forum.eyewire.org/ and http://wiki.eyewire.org/ to learn more about Eyewire. If you are interested in contributing to the Wiki page just remember that you need to create a new account (you are welcome to use the same user …
1:40 PM | Why do neurons fire at a maximum of about 200 Hz?
Why do neurons fire at a maximum of about 200 Hz? Neuroscientist Paul King weighs in via Quora:       There are different ways of answering this question. In terms of evolution, the answer would have to do with the so-called “metabolic budget” of the brain. The oxygen and glucose consumption of the brain, which is already …

April 04, 2014

5:28 PM | Harassment in Chat
Submitted by @Nseraf (with minor edits by Lyndsey) After recent events we feel we should make a blog post about any user(s) making harassing PMs (private messages not seen by other users/mods/admins in general chat) to any other user(s)). If any user should come under such harassment by any other …

April 02, 2014

8:58 PM | Help Us Improve Eyewire Trivia
Hey Eyewirers! Here’s your chance to help us make trivia more educational for Eyewire!  When you come across a merger, snap a screenshot of it and send it to us!  Screenshots should be unmarked (no circling the merger) and the merger should be somewhat obvious/prominent from the image alone.  Remember: …

April 01, 2014

9:43 PM | EyeWire Weekly Update x2
Double bonus! Two weeks of stats! March 17-23  EyeWirer @Nsearaf dominated this leaderboard in both points and cubes, scoring a whopping 237,408 and completing 2,082 branch pieces. During this week, EyeWire’s community completed 29,545 cubes and together won 2,666,022 points. We welcomed 568 players from 44 different countries. EyeWire debuted our virtual reality exhibit at …
9:16 PM | Forums Are Back!
Guess what!  Our forum is no longer broken!  Head over to http://forum.eyewire.org/ to see it in all its glory!  New players can check out our FAQ thread and old ones can keep up the ye olde tradition of posting neurons shaped like deformed piranhas and ice cream sundaes in our …
7:19 PM | Infographic Competition: Visualizing the Scale of the Brain
President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative has brought brain mapping to the forefront of popular science. But what does it mean to map the brain? One human brain contains seven orders of magnitude of spatial complexity and at least 10 orders of temporal magnitude. These numbers are hard to fathom so MIT’s …

March 29, 2014

12:12 AM | EyeWire Millionaires
Congratulations to the 26 players who have made it into the EyeWire Millionaire’s Club! Who will be next? a5hm0r 8150187 jinbean 6240471 galarun 5099618 twister6284 4404066 Nseraf 4056271 susi 3721192 tek50 3656230 iridium 3131239 rinda 2629911 jamiexq 2521889 lobusparietalis 2311086 grizle 2246864 crazyman4865 2143882 charleskoch 2131682 ketta 2004321 sdunn61781 1975349 …

March 28, 2014

5:59 PM | Standard Happy Hours
Happy Hour is an event when you can earn bonus points by reaching different point platforms. EyeWire HQ holds weekly Happy Hour competitions on Fridays from 2 pm EST until 4 pm EST (yes we know that’s longer than an hour). The Point Brackets are as follows: Score over 1000 …

March 25, 2014

1:31 PM | What computer science skills are most valuable in neuroscience research?
What computer science skills are most valuable in neuroscience research? Neuroscientist Paul King weighs in via Quora:       Here are a few that would make a good beginning: Bayesian statistics and Bayesian Belief Networks Reinforcement Learning Sparse coding (for example with conjugate gradient) Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Expectation Maximization …

March 24, 2014

6:19 PM | Happy Celltennial!
Congratulations Eyewirers!  We made it to 100 cells!  We can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve put into Eyewire! Time to cellebrate!!  We are rewarding you with a one-hour spontaneous Happy Hour!  For every 100 points you earn, we’re giving you 100 more!  Starts at 2:30 EDT.

March 21, 2014

8:00 PM | 99 cells!
99 Cells complete!  We’re almost in the triple digits!  Great job everyone!  Keep going!  Let’s get to 100!

March 20, 2014

5:57 PM | List of All Chat Commands
You can find a list of our most up-to-date chat commands here!
5:57 PM | New Chat Commands!
Good Afternoon Eyewirers! Eyewire HQ is announcing new upgrades to chat commands! To private message someone you can now type /pm followed by the person’s name. To group message you should type /gm followed by the group’s name. We think these new messaging commands will help to clarify chat and …

March 17, 2014

2:24 PM | What are the Main Neurotransmitters?
What are main neurotransmitters? Neuroscientist Paul King weighs in via Quora:     There are three main categories of neurotransmitters in the brain: Small molecules used for fast-action excitatory / inhibitory information transmission (glutamate, GABA) Small molecules used for slower modulation of network activity (dopamine,serotonin, and 3 others) Peptides (large protein molecules) used for even slower …
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