July 21, 2014

11:54 PM | Using finite automata to draw graphs
The diagram below describes a finite state machine that takes as input a description of an indifference graph, and produces as output a 1-planar drawing of it (that is, a drawing with each edge crossed at most once).Indifference graphs are the graphs that can be constructed by the following process. Initialize an active set of vertices to be the empty set, and then perform a sequence of steps of two types: either add a new vertex to the active set and make it adjacent to all previous active […]

July 12, 2014

3:25 AM | Four preprints
I noticed that there was a higher-than-usual density of arxiv preprints among the web pages I'd been bookmarking lately, so I thought maybe I'd share. The first one, especially, is very timely:From the "Brazuca" ball to Octahedral Fullerenes: Their Construction and Classification, Yuan-Jia Fan, Bih-Yaw Jin, arXiv:1406.7058, via. The classical pentagon and hexagon soccer ball pattern (introduced for the 1970 World Cup) later became even more famous as the structure of the buckminsterfullerene […]

July 06, 2014

6:06 AM | Black Phoebe
For the past month or so, until this weekend when they moved out, we've had some squatters on our front porch: a family of Black Phoebes. They conveniently set up their nest in clear sight of a window over the front door, through which I could aim the camera.

July 02, 2014

4:38 PM | Seth Teller
Via MIT's news office I learn that Seth Teller has died, at the young age of 50. Seth primarily worked in robotics and vision, but was also a regular participant at the Symposium on Computational Geometry. For more about his many accomplishments, read the MIT story.

June 30, 2014

5:21 AM | Book:Graph Drawing
One of Wikipedia's less well-known features is its Book: namespace. The things there are called books, and they could be printed on paper and bound into a book if you're one of those rare Wikipedia users who doesn't use a computer to read things, but really they're curated collections of links to Wikipedia articles. I've made two of them before, Book:Graph Algorithms and Book:Fundamental Data Structures, which I have used for the readings in my graduate classes on those topics because I wasn't […]

June 27, 2014

9:18 PM | The future of SoCG
Voting opened this week for members of the compgeom-announce mailing list, on whether the annual Symposium on Computational Geometry should leave ACM, as the Conference on Computational Complexity has recently done from IEEE.There's a lot more opinion on both sides of the issue, and arguments both for staying with ACM and for leaving, in a series of postings at MakingSoCG. If you're a compgeom-announce member, please inform yourself and then make your own opinion known through the vote. Past […]
5:02 AM | Dobby is a free elf
It must be graduation-and-moving-out time again. Seen this morning, in the parking lot of a UCI apartment complex for postdocs and visiting researchers:
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