April 30, 2015

5:41 PM | This Month in Blastocystis Research (APR 2015)
#ECCMID2015 took place in Copenhagen. It was a great venue with a lot of interesting sessions. My favourite presentation was by Dr Paul D Cotter. We have had the pleasure of doing some work together with Dr Pauline D Scanlan as the main driving force. In his talk, Dr Cotter highlighted the emergence of research exploring whether certain organisms are pathobionts or probionts; among these, Blastocystis. Among many things, Dr Cotter reviewed the two recent Blastocystis-specific publications by […]

Scanlan PD, Stensvold CR, Rajilić-Stojanović M, Heilig HG, De Vos WM, O'Toole PW & Cotter PD (2014). The microbial eukaryote Blastocystis is a prevalent and diverse member of the healthy human gut microbiota., FEMS microbiology ecology, 90 (1) 326-30. PMID:

Bremer Christensen C, Soelberg J, Stensvold CR & Jäger AK (2015). Activity of medicinal plants from Ghana against the parasitic gut protist Blastocystis., Journal of ethnopharmacology, PMID:

Scanlan PD, Stensvold CR & Cotter PD (2015). Development and application of Blastocystis subtype-specific PCR reveals that mixed subtype infections are common in a healthy human population., Applied and environmental microbiology, PMID:


April 28, 2015

2:46 AM | The Most Important Thing To Know During Bipolar Episodes
Bipolar disorder is an incredibly complex condition. It can be approached from so many angles that you might specialize in any one of them. Unfortunately, most of the specialized approaches […]

April 25, 2015

1:59 PM | Follow-Up on the Makayla Sault/J.J./Hippocrates Health Institute Case: J.J. Went Back to Chemo
Finally, two items of good news come out of this dreadful affair in which Aboriginal families stopped chemotherapeutic treatment for their leukemic daughters and sought nonsensical pseudoscientific treatment in Florida. While one of the children passed away this winter, the other, known in the media as “J.J.”, is being reported as feeling well. Could it … Continue reading →

April 24, 2015

8:07 AM | Pharmaceutical uses for Glycerol
Glycerol is a colourless viscous liquid used in many pharmaceutical applications. One of its earlier reported uses dates back to 1902, published in The British Medical Journal by Dr Colin Campbell. He advocates its use applied intratracheally to dislodge mucous and phlegm from the lower airways.  If you need to purchase glycerol for a medical [...]

April 22, 2015

10:08 PM | What WAS a problem, is no more
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) is a rare X-linked recessive disease characterised by small platelets that are removed by the spleen, leading to a low platelet count. It is caused by mutations in a gene on the short arm of the X chromosome, and is therefore mostly seen in boys. This gene codes for the production of the WASp protein, which […]
2:22 PM | Treatment-Resistant Depression & the Beyond Blue Foundation
Living with treatment-resistant depression is one of the hardest chronic diseases imaginable to manage. Imagine having a regular chronic, physical disease — like diabetes — but because it’s invisible, people don’t even believe that you have a disease! Why can’t you get up this morning? […]

April 15, 2015

3:45 PM | Migraines and Relationships
Can migraines hurt your relationships? Yes, they can, and often do. When migraines enter the relationship, it becomes a struggle for both partners, not just the one with the headache. To be fair, every relationship works this way — two people bring things from their […]

April 11, 2015

3:45 PM | ADHD And Adults: How to Tell if You’re Getting Better
Maybe you recently started seeing a new therapist for your ADHD. Or maybe you’re attending therapy for the first time. Maybe you’re taking a different medication. Or you began working with an ADHD coach. How do you know if you’re actually getting better? How do […]

April 10, 2015

7:56 PM | Infecting Cancer
¡Hola! I know that it has been a little while since I last posted, but I have just spent my Easter break in the Molecular Pathology Laboratory at the Universidad de La Frontera in Temuco, Chile. The students were kind enough to let me observe their experimental work and quiz them on their thesis; I […]

April 09, 2015

10:45 AM | Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Offers Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression
In December 2012, Stephanie S. was taking 300 mgs of sertraline (Zoloft), 300 mgs of (bupropion Hcl) Wellbutrin, 300 mgs of trazodone hydrochloride (Desyrel), 200 mgs of risperidone (Risperdal), and 8 mgs of alprazolam (Xanax), but was as depressed as she has ever been. She had […]

April 07, 2015

5:47 PM | The Biggest Myths about Therapy
There are many myths about therapy. This is problematic. That’s because misconceptions discourage people from seeking professional help and getting better. Individuals might wait to go until their concerns have deepened, when it’s harder to intervene. Or they might not go at all, instead suffering […]

April 06, 2015

6:30 PM | Biosensing Films And Smartphones Let Doctors Diagnose Disease From Anywhere
Going to the doctor to see if you have strep throat might be a hassle, but it’s next to impossible for people who live in remote regions with limited access to healthcare.
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