January 28, 2015

7:24 AM | Curing Peanut Allergies with a Probiotic
ByThe Toombst Researchers find a possible way of curing peanut allergies by using large doses of a certain kind of probiotic. Earlier studies have found that gut bacteria can greatly affect many areas of our health. Our immune system, food cravings and even some other types of behaviors. A previous study have shown that mice are more likely to develop peanut allergies if they don’t have certain types of gut bacteria. Now new research from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute find that […]

January 27, 2015

3:12 PM | Neurosignaling for the Masses? What I Think About Thync
Thync is a new consumer device and app that hopes to help the average person better control their emotional energy state. The company claims the device allows a user to choose between two mood states: more energized and focused (for increasing attention), or more relaxed and calm (for decreasing stress). The current version of the […]

January 26, 2015

5:04 PM | New Effective Radiation Sickness Treatment
ByThe Toombst A new treatment against radiation poisoning! Researchers find a new effective new effective radiation sickness treatment , that works even when given days after radiation exposure. Recent nuclear accidents like that at Fukushima have highlighted the need for a way to treat radiation exposure after it occurs. Today there isn’t a treatment that can wind back the damage of radiation. Today the only treatments available mitigate further damage from radiation. Lysophosphatidic […]

January 25, 2015

3:12 PM | Should You Ask Dr. Google Your Health Questions? Yes, Absolutely
For the past two decades, hundreds of millions of people around the world have done something extraordinary and unprecedented in human history. They’ve turned to the unlimited information resource we call the Internet to ask personal questions about their health and mental health. And what have they learned? More than anyone could have imagined. People […]

January 24, 2015

3:22 PM | 10 More Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You
A few years ago, I wrote about some of the secrets your therapist won’t tell you. It’s about time we revisited that topic and shared 10 more things your therapist likely won’t tell you about therapy, treatment of mental illness, or their profession. I share these things not to scare you away from trying psychotherapy […]

January 20, 2015

7:50 PM | Antibodies Stops Blood Vessel Growth
ByThe Toombst Stemming cancer’s blood flow. New research have identified ten artificial antibodies that stops blood vessel growth close to cancer tumors. Cancer, a disease notoriously hard to cure since its made of the cells of our own body. Many new therapies is developed against the disease each year. Some recent ones’ of not includes nanoparticles of heavy metals and immunotherapy. One therapy gaining popularity in the last decade is stopping the formation of new blood vessels, […]

January 16, 2015

6:07 PM | An Old Drug Treats Autism
ByThe Toombst New research finds that a century old drug used to treat “sleeping sickness” reverses autism symptoms in mice with both environmental (MIA) and genetic (fragile-X) mouse models. Autism or autism spectrum disorder affects 1% to 2% of children in the US. The risk of developing the disorder varies with genetic, environmental and metabolic factors. Researchers use two models called fragile X and MIA to study the disease in mice. These two models represent environmental and […]

January 14, 2015

9:15 PM | Why Doesn’t Kaiser Care About Californians’ Mental Health?
I’m not sure why, but the healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente appears not to care about the people whose lives it covers in California. That’s the only thing that could logically explain why it has continually failed to fund and staff its mental health services in the state to the level necessary to provide timely and […]

January 08, 2015

9:17 PM | Weight loss potential! Drug Activates Brown Fat
ByThe Toombst Winter time isn’t only the season when we catch the flu, it’s also common to add a few pounds during this time of year. Now a new study have found a way to burn extra calories even when at rest, how? By using a drug called mirabegron, this drug activates brown fat increasing resting metabolism In our bodies we have two types of fat; the white fat, store calories that we might need when we’re starving, something that’s more rare now than thousands of years […]
3:55 PM | New Prostate Cancer Treatment Approach
ByThe Toombst In a find that seems to be the antithesis to all we know of prostate cancer, researcher find that a new prostate cancer treatment approach, high dose testosterone therapy actually can suppress advanced prostate cancer and reverse resistance to testosterone blocking drugs used to treat the disease. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men. This cancer, just as breast cancer, exist in forms that are dependent on hormones to keep growing. A characteristic that is […]

January 05, 2015

7:30 PM | Holding Breath Saves Lives
ByThe Toombst   A new study finds that holding breath saves lives !? This of course doesn’t apply to everyone just women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Earlier news items have taken a look at the many treatments that exist today and is currently in development. Treatments used today against breast cancer have some major drawbacks when it comes to side effects. One such treatment, radiation therapy, are […]
4:45 PM | Coming to Terms with Your Delusions
I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought some pretty outrageous things in the course of my illness. I’d also be lying if I said I don’t think about outrageous things still. Even with a good amount of stability, delusions can still persist. Sometimes it’s about what people think of you, maybe just an […]
10:50 AM | Depression and its treatment
Excellent video explaining depression from a neurobiological perspective. Around one in every 10 people will suffer from depression. Brain regions that control mood are often disrupted in depression. Antidepressant drugs or behavioral therapy can offer some relief. By understanding the brain better, our ability to treat depression should also get a boost. Watch the video […] Related posts:Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression New Kind of Brain Stimulation for Treatment Resistant […]

January 03, 2015

4:45 PM | Dealing with the Side Effects
Having lived with schizophrenia for almost nine years I’m no stranger to the myriad things that can happen when you’re on a course of antipsychotic medication. Many times these side effects can be disruptive to everyday life. Sometimes they come on slow and have a lasting impact, such as gaining a significant amount of weight. […]

January 02, 2015

11:46 PM | Resistance is (not so) Futile? Exploring Treatment Resistance in Eating Disorders
To me, the idea of “treatment resistance” in eating disorders sparks some ill feelings. While many have suggested that treatment resistance is common among those with eating disorders, others have noted how receiving the label of “treatment resistant” can make it more difficult to receive needed support or impact how one is perceived in treatment settings and how one’s behaviours are interpreted (e.g., Gremillion, 2003). Of course, this is a tricky ground to […]

Abbate-Daga, G., Amianto, F., Delsedime, N., De-Bacco, C. & Fassino, S. (2013). Resistance to treatment in eating disorders: A critical challenge, BMC Psychiatry, 13 (1) 294. DOI: 10.1186/1471-244X-13-294


January 01, 2015

2:00 PM | Listen / Watch: The Cost of Cancer Drugs
The only good drug is the one the patient can afford. WNYC radio show and podcast extraordinaire RadioLab most recently did an episode entitled “Worth” in which the show’s hosts and producer investigated the worth of an extra year of human life. They stumbled upon a very interesting story centred on the cost of cancer drugs in … Continue reading →
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