January 26, 2015

7:01 PM | Accounting for natural capital on financial exchanges
Last month, Norway's stock exchange, the Oslo Børs, introduced a way for investors to use their money to promote sustainability. A new list by the stock exchange highlights green bonds, financial products issued by companies to raise capital for environmentally friendly projects. Notably, the list requires that issuing companies obtain and publicize outside opinions on the projects' environmental features.

January 21, 2015

9:11 PM | Life in the domes: a counterculture spirit thrives Although...
Life in the domes: a counterculture spirit thrives Although plenty of campuses offer specialized housing — often reserved for vegans, teetotalers, athletes and other like-minded souls — it is probably safe to say that there is no place quite like the Domes, an early venture into sustainable living at the University of California, Davis. The complex of 14 tiny domes is officially named Baggins End, after the Tolkien characters. Opened in 1972 and designed by a contractor, the Domes […]
6:00 PM | Designing with Nature: Insights for Drought Resilience and Carbon in Elqui Valley, Chile
Measures taken in cities to improve their adaptation to drought and for carbon sequestration are usually based on general standards to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and/or to reach an efficient use of water and energy. Normally, these proposals are introduced using ‘globalized’ technologies, which are applied everywhere regardless of context. But nature … Continue reading Designing with Nature: Insights for Drought Resilience and Carbon in Elqui […]

January 18, 2015

9:06 PM | Wish You All a ‘Prosperous’ New Year—But What Does Prosperous Mean?
The year 2014 seemed a long year when it came a year ago but passed by very quickly giving way to another long New Year and fresh hope that the world would be prosperous. What does it mean for all the countries in the world to be Prosperous? It requires creating a successful, flourishing or thriving … Continue reading Wish You All a ‘Prosperous’ New Year—But What Does Prosperous Mean? →

January 16, 2015

4:26 PM | Sustainable Development through the Lens of New York City Government
By Lin Ye Have you ever wondered about how sustainability plans develop within local government? Michael Freedman-Schnapp, Director of the New York City Council’s Policy & Innovation Division, recently spoke with students about this topic at a Sustainable Development Speaker Series event. Mr. Freedman-Schnapp guided undergraduate and graduate students through the city’s various plans to achieve [...]
1:08 PM | The Road to Paris and COP-21
As 2015 begins, the road to the crucial COP-21 summit here in Paris (where I am based) is being outlined by the French government, the UN, and a huge number of other actors and NGOs. But the first... -- Read more on

January 15, 2015

10:00 PM | Can Humanity’s ‘Great Acceleration’ Be Managed and, If So, How?
A revised set of planetary boundaries for human activities engenders fresh debates about how to manage our planet-changing growth spurt.
7:01 PM | Empty seas? Scientists warn of an industrialized ocean
This is obvious, but still important: humans are not a marine species. Even as we have colonized most of our planet's terrestrial landscapes, we have not yet colonized the oceans. And for most of our history, we have impacted them only on the periphery. A new review in Science finds that this has saved marine species and ecosystems from large-scale damage—that is, until the last couple centuries.
2:48 PM | Mayors Voices: The Hon. Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor, Melbourne on the city’s award winning citizen engagement efforts
Like every other city in the world, Melbourne is facing the impacts of population growth, environmental change and financial constraints. The decisions we make now will affect our community well into the future. These are important issues and no government is adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach to the allocation and prioritisation of resources within…

January 14, 2015

3:16 PM | New Material, Technique Efficiently Produce Hydrogen, Syngas Fuel Feedstock
Researchers have developed a technique that uses a new catalyst to convert methane and water into hydrogen and a fuel feedstock called syngas with the assistance of solar power.

January 13, 2015

8:00 AM | Lessons on long term planning from challenged health economies
Alison Turner summarises a recent long term planning report from Monitor, TDA and NHS England, which shares lessons from 11 health economies involved in the Intensive Planning Support Programme. The post Lessons on long term planning from challenged health economies appeared first on The Commissioning Elf.

January 09, 2015

12:00 PM | Snowy Owls and Goliath Groupers: Why I co-authored “Trophy fishing for species threatened with extinction.”
In both my professional and private life, I am a man who wears many hats. I am a deep-sea ecologist, a science writer, a goatherd, a geneticist, a conservation advocate, a grill master, and many others. When David asked me to join him in co-authoring “Trophy fishing for species threatened with extinction: A way forward building on […]

January 08, 2015

8:40 PM | New Soil Erosion Study May Help Sustainable Farming Practices
A new way of measuring soil erosion in the geologically recent past, before modern civilization, may help put sustainable agriculture on a firmer footing.
4:27 PM | What Will You Leave Behind? How Personal Legacy Affects Pro-environmental Behavior
New research from the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions finds that personal legacy can be a motivator to encourage pro-environmental behaviors.

January 06, 2015

8:00 AM | New approaches are needed to support multi-site working says Dalton Review
The Dalton Review was carried out to highlight new ways of working in the NHS, to support integrated care and partnerships with non-NHS organisations. The post New approaches are needed to support multi-site working says Dalton Review appeared first on The Commissioning Elf.

January 05, 2015

7:58 AM | Why Google Gave Up
I was disappointed when Google gave up. In 2007, the company announced a bold initiative to fight global warming: Google’s Goal: Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal Creates renewable energy R&D group and supports breakthrough technologies Mountain View, Calif. (November 27, 2007) – Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced a new strategic initiative to develop electricity from […]

December 31, 2014

6:37 PM | Highlights from The Nature of Cities in 2014
It’s been a great year at The Nature of Cities. The number of contributors has grown to almost 170, and we published 100+ blogs, long-form essays, and global roundtables. Most important, we’ve attracted more and more readers: in 2015 we … Continue reading →
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