April 23, 2014

5:00 AM | BOSS quasars yield a precise determination of cosmic expansion
La survey del cielo denominata Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), che rappresenta la parte più grande della terza survey Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III), ha osservato i quasar distanti per realizzare una […]

April 11, 2014

6:13 PM | Americans Think 75% of Politicians Are Corrupted and 70% Use Their Power To Hurt Their Enemies
Recently, the Reason-Rupe polling organization conducted a poll to gauge Americans’ views on US politicians’ morality…or lack thereof. The poll results revealed that people think that 75% of US politicians are corrupted by campaign donations and lobbyists and 70% use their power not only to help their personal friends but to hurt their enemies. Many believe the increasing disapproval […]

April 10, 2014

1:48 PM | The Casual Conversationalist Podcast Survey
Yesterday, I posted a survey to my social media followers with four simple questions about what they would like to see from my upcoming podcast. I’ve started putting together some shows and am working with an audio producer to develop and intro and outro to the show, so this is totally happening! The problem is…

April 04, 2014

4:21 AM | Pelaajabarometri 2013: Mobiilipelaamisen nousu
Pelaajabarometrissa uutta tietoa pelaamisen muutossuunnista Nyt julkaistu, vuoden 2013 aikana kerättyä aineistoa raportoiva uusin Pelaajabarometri kertoo pelaamisen suosion kokonaisuudessaan pysyneen ennallaan. Jos huomioidaan kaikki erilaiset pelimuodot ja satunnainenkin pelaaminen lähes jokainen suomalainen pelaa ainakin jotakin. Aktiivisia, vähintään kerran kuukaudessa jotain … Continue reading →

March 31, 2014

12:54 AM | What science becomes news?
A question almost constantly on the minds of (well, most, I guess) science communicators is: “Is this piece of research newsworthy? Will anyone CARE about it, and read what I write on the subject?” And, as a general rule, the bigger and more important the news outlet, the more crucial that question is. Thankfully, people are looking into that very question! Paige Brown, a science communicator herself, started conducting a survey into the subject last [...] [Click on the hyperlinked […]
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