August 28, 2014

6:00 AM | MaNGA, una survey delle galassie vicine
Si tratta di una collaborazione internazionale che coinvolge più di 200 astronomi di oltre 40 istituti sparsi sul globo. Denominata MaNGA, che sta per Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory, questa nuova survey del cielo permetterà di espandere le nostre conoscenze sulle galassie, inclusa la Via Lattea, grazie ad una nuova tecnologia attraverso la quale sarà […]

August 27, 2014

6:00 AM | DES inizia per la seconda survey del cielo sud
Dopo gli ottimi risultati già ottenuti nel corso della sua prima stagione, è già iniziato il secondo anno della missione spaziale denominata Dark Energy Survey (DES), che avrà come obiettivo la survey del cielo meridionale con una accuratezza senza precedenti. Grazie alla risoluzione di 570 megapixel della Dark Energy Camera (DECAM), montata presso il telescopio Victor M. Blanco […]

August 15, 2014

5:00 AM | Finding the right words: A study of how and why we communicate our science with non-peers
Lesley Knoll and Peter Levi want to know how their fell […]

August 14, 2014

1:27 PM | We’re Stuck! Help develop mathematical theatre
Just when you thought you’d seen enough mathematical theatre projects, here’s another one. We’re Stuck! is an Arts Council funded piece of interactive theatre aimed at children aged 7-12 and their families. The project will explore the idea that getting stuck is part of doing maths, and not something to be feared. The aim is to promote... Read more »

August 07, 2014

8:15 AM | Ski piste archaeology, elusive hunter-gatherers and WWI – Traversar VIII
Time to finally write a last “Traversar” post for this year. There are really two sides to our Passes of the Grison Project. Mostly we do inventory related work. We survey the study areas and record any archaeological sites we … Continue reading →

August 04, 2014

1:16 AM | Help Wanted: "Working Hours" Survey
Ofer Kedem, a postdoctoral researcher in the Weiss lab at Northwestern, has posted a survey to try and get a handle on the daily grind for academic chemists. He and his colleagues hope to garner enough data to publish their results in an open-source journal.In the interest of statistical significance, won't you help them out?HERE'S THE LINK.(Thanks!)
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