July 10, 2014

2:40 PM | People Think Their Dogs Are A Lot Smarter Than They Really Are
We love to brag about the intelligence of our canine companions. But a recent survey suggests that many of us are grossly overestimating the cognitive capacities of our dogs — and that our emotional attachment to them has a lot to do with it. Read more...

July 08, 2014

11:13 PM | Surveys still suck: UK FSA published self-reported food safety behaviors
Self-reported food safety behaviors are as reliable as Joseph Smith using golden plates to translate the book of Mormon. But, the UK Food Standards Agency keeps cranking them out, so here are the lowlights: • Those most likely to report … Continue reading →

July 04, 2014

6:30 AM | Take a break for 15 minutes and improve your Mental Elf!
Please help us shape the future of the Mental Elf website by completing this online survey. Your feedback will be really helpful and you could win £50 of Amazon vouchers. The post Take a break for 15 minutes and improve your Mental Elf! appeared first on The Mental Elf.

June 30, 2014

4:00 AM | DES rivela una supernova ‘super luminosa’
Le prime immagini realizzate dalla survey denominata Dark Energy Survey (DES) hanno permesso di rivelare un oggetto esotico, ossia una supernova ‘superluminosa’ esplosa in una galassia 7,8 miliardi di anni fa. Denominata con la sigla DES13S2cmm, la sua luminosità supera quella di intere galassie e con ogni probabilità potrà essere osservata ancora tra 6 mesi circa, cioè alla fine […]
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