September 23, 2014

2:27 AM | Extracting the facts on Australian attitudes to mining
It’s no secret that mining is important to Australia, but that doesn’t necessarily make it popular with society at large. We wanted to have a better understanding of what Australians think about mining, so in 2013/14 we conducted an online survey of 5,121 Australians. The survey results have now been published as Australian attitudes toward […]

September 15, 2014

6:48 PM | Teaching Research Data Management at University of Tennesee Knoxville
Check out the newly published article in the Journal of eScience Librarianship, “Planning Data Management Education Initiatives:  Process, Feedback, and Future Directions.” In the article,  Christopher Eaker, Data Curation Librarian at the University of Tennessee Libraries, discusses a one day …read more
2:00 PM | Jane Goodall Answers a Questionnaire
I can’t help but find it oh-so interesting that, just a few days after posting my thoughts on the relative value of online quizzes, I encounter another quiz I really want to take. Although here I feel that perhaps the deck is unfairly stacked against me. You see, Jane Goodall, one of my heroes and […]

September 14, 2014

2:36 PM | International reading comparisons: is England really doing so poorly?
I was surprised to see a piece in the Guardian stating that "England is one of the most unequal countries for children's reading levels, second in the EU only to Romania". This claim was made in an article about a new campaign, Read On, Get On, that was launched this week. The campaign sounds great. A consortium of organizations and individuals have got together to address the problem of poor reading: the tail in the distribution of reading ability that seems to stubbornly remain, despite […]

September 10, 2014

7:22 PM | Why Do the Majority of Chinese Citizens Think A War With Japan Is Imminent?
Recently, Genron, a Japanese non-governmental organization, teamed up with the state-run Chinese newspaper China Daily to conduct a survey about how people living in Japan and China felt about the two countries’ relations with one another. The results of the poll were a bit shocking. 53.4% of Chinese citizens believe that a conflict between China and Japan will happen in the near future, with a significant portion saying they believed it would happen within […]

September 05, 2014

9:30 AM | Filling the Science Gap: What kind of online outreach do you engage in?
by Lisa Willemse and Catherine Anderson Communications, Education, & Outreach subject editors At the end of August, the Council of Canadian Academies released a report on the state of Canadian science culture. Despite the finding that “general coverage of science in Canada in the English-language media appears comparatively underdeveloped”, they also found that “Canadians have positive attitudes towards science and technology and low levels of reservations about science […]
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