December 17, 2014

7:30 AM | Mental health support for older adults needs to improve
Dave Steele summarises an NIHR funded mixed methods study that concludes we don't know much about how we should support older adults with mental health problems, except to say that we should be doing better. The post Mental health support for older adults needs to improve appeared first on The Mental Elf.

December 09, 2014

7:48 PM | io9 Science Survey: Tell Us About Working With Rodents in the Lab
Though scientists and researchers work with animals every day in labs, their experiences are rarely acknowledged or studied. We want to change that, by asking you to take io9's anonymous survey of people who work with rodents for science. Here's why we're doing this, and how you can participate.Read more...

December 05, 2014

4:00 AM | DES, un algoritmo per lo studio dell’energia scura
Gli scienziati ritengono che l’energia scura, quella misteriosa forza che sta accelerando l’espansione cosmica, costituisca quasi il 70% del contenuto materia-energia dell’Universo. Per svelare questo mistero, forse il più grande della cosmologia moderna, gli astronomi devono basarsi su osservazioni indirette, studiando le supernovae distanti, in particolare quelle di tipo Ia, che si allontanano man mano … Continue reading DES, un algoritmo per lo studio […]

November 24, 2014

11:30 AM | How we do science communication: survey results
by Lisa Willemse & Catherine Anderson Communication, Education, and Outreach subject editors In our last editorial, we discussed a report by the Council of Canadian Academies that labeled science culture as “underdeveloped” in English Canada. This gap appears to be rich in opportunity for Canadian science bloggers and other creators of science communications. But those of us who do this sort of work know that it’s not quite as simple as penning a few words or taking a few […]
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