April 01, 2015

9:50 PM | California governor mandates 25 percent water use reduction
Announcement comes after another dry winter leaves it with little snow pack.
7:10 PM | Helium atoms put in same quantum state, start appearing in same place
If we can't tell them apart, they behave identically.
5:00 PM | How human land use is changing the number of species in ecosystems
A new study quantifies change around the globe.

March 31, 2015

10:27 PM | US offers the UN its plan for meeting climate obligations
Same targets as earlier deal with China, all done via Clean Air Act.
2:05 PM | Top UK doctors call for ban on “inherently risky” fracking
Health and environmental arguments against shale gas are "overwhelming."
12:45 PM | Abused women twice as likely to experience depression, new study shows
Confounding factors like poverty can't account for the total increase in risk.

March 30, 2015

6:39 PM | Arizona court protects climate scientists’ e-mails from think tank
Scientific discussions, student information both protected from disclosure.
5:26 PM | Russia: We’re building a new space station with NASA. NASA: huh?
Russia wants to build a replacement for the ISS, but NASA is looking to Mars.
2:00 PM | 2,636 Icelandic genomes pinpoint risk for Alzheimer’s, other diseases
“Molecular national selfie” combines genetics with historical and medical data.
12:00 PM | New, whole-virus vaccine for Ebola effective in primates
Novel whole virus vaccine offers promising protection against Ebola infection

March 28, 2015

8:05 PM | Suppressing old memories key to learning new ones
The more you forget, the better you can remember.

March 27, 2015

8:20 PM | Critical ocean circulation in Atlantic appears to have slowed
It might be more sensitive to temperature changes than models project.
11:00 AM | Childhood abuse victims don’t always grow up to be abusers
Families with abuse histories might be more scrutinized by social services.

March 26, 2015

6:00 PM | Colliding galaxy clusters offer strongest case yet for dark matter
Observations cannot be explained without the existence of dark matter.
3:39 PM | Graphene allows strange form of ice to occur at room temperature
And it may explain some of the unusual behaviors of water.
1:02 PM | Massive Antarctic glacier more vulnerable than previously thought
Warmer water may reach an ice shelf that holds back 3 meters of sea level rise.

March 25, 2015

7:53 PM | NASA announces details of its asteroid redirection mission
Will remove a boulder from an asteroid, test planetary defense tech.
4:23 PM | Virtual noses keep real-world VR sickness at bay
Simulation sickness solution may have been sitting right in front of our faces.
2:55 PM | Kids who are adopted get a boost in IQ
Study finds new evidence that intelligence is “environmentally malleable.”
2:42 PM | BP pulls out of climate denial group even as execs support Sen. Inhofe
ALEC continues to lose corporate backers over climate issues.

March 24, 2015

11:02 PM | Organic LEDs, carbon nanotubes may light up future fabrics
Researchers find that light-emitting devices can be woven into fabrics.
4:18 PM | FEMA to require state grant recipients plan for climate change
Three years after a climate change policy statement, the agency finally acts.
3:40 PM | Big solar plants produced 5% of California’s electricity last year
But boom in capacity barely offsets the loss of hydroelectric power.
2:18 PM | Neolithic culture may have kept most men from mating
Y chromosome diversity suggests male reproductive bottleneck 8,000 years ago.

March 23, 2015

10:13 PM | Elon Musk puts SpaceX photos into the public domain
NASA images have been free by default, but private space flight is another story.
8:00 PM | New DNA construct can set off a “mutagenic chain reaction”
Can sweep through an entire population, changing a gene.
2:45 PM | Carefully timed questions can bias moral decisions
But most moral decisions are still influenced by prior commitments

March 22, 2015

5:00 PM | Doing astronomy with neutrinos
The nearly massless particles could tell us a lot if we could listen.

March 21, 2015

7:50 PM | Gallery: Trippy biomedical images from the Wellcome Trust
Close-ups of a cat's tongue, neurons in a mouse brain, and more.
11:15 AM | Warm Arctic winter starts sea ice off at a record low
Temperatures up by 10°C in some areas of the Arctic suppressed ice growth.
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