October 21, 2014

7:40 PM | Drinking a Beer Can Save You From Radiation Poisoning
If you've been exposed to a certain type of radiation, you should waste no time getting decontaminated — by having a beer. This is a time-honored way of dealing with tritium contamination, from the early days of Los Alamos to today. Read more...

October 20, 2014

12:50 PM | Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within a Lifetime
A predicted flip flop in Earth's magnetic field could happen sooner than scientists thought.

October 06, 2014

12:00 PM | Ongoing gene flow among Australian alpine Poa
Recently radiated groups pose a taxonomic challenge even with extensive molecular data, as they may be genetically differentiated only at small and/or patchy regions of the genome. Griffin and Hoffmann investigate species’ structure among the Poa that dominate the Australian alpine zone, which have radiated in the last 0.5–1.2 million years. Using a Bayesian approach to […]
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