December 16, 2014

12:51 AM | Residents of Former Top Secret Soviet Nuclear Village Suffering From Unknown Sleep Disorder
More than 100 of the 600 residents of Kalachi village in Kazakhastan have experienced a strange “sleep epidemic” at least once in the past few years. According to RT… “Every tenth villager of Kazakhstan’s Kalachi has unexpectedly fallen asleep in broad daylight – some unable to wake up for several days. Despite numerous attempts to find the cause of the inexplicable disorder, the Sleepy Hollow riddle remains unsolved.” In one case, eight […]

December 14, 2014

12:07 PM | Henrietta Lacks and her immortal legacy
In 1951 a young woman named Henrietta Lacks died of an incredibly aggressive form of cervical cancer, just a few months after complaining to her friends about a ‘knot on her womb’. When the autopsy was performed, she looked as though she had been ‘filled with pearls’. These ‘pearls’ were cancerous tissue, derived from the…

December 01, 2014

2:08 PM | A Fresh Look at Power Lines, Cancer and the Dread-to-Risk Ratio
A video report looks back and fears and facts in the persistent debate over power lines and cancer.
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