April 11, 2014

1:06 AM | WiFi revisited: my visit to the Press Council
Sciblogs readers may remember the kerfuffle in December when Otaki’s Damon Wyman led a campaign to have Wifi hotspots removed from classes at Te Horo School. I wrote about it at the time here on Sciblogs, taking issue with Wyman’s misguided campaign, which was ultimately successful when the Te Horo Board of Trustees surveyed parents [...]

April 09, 2014

1:34 PM | The Atmosphere’s New Hole, Sailors Sue Tepco, 402 PPM and Rising
By Jason Bittel Oops, we did it again: Nine miles up in the sky, scientists just discovered an invisible, several thousand square mile long hole in the Earth’s innermost atmospheric layer, the troposphere. We don’t know what’s causing the hole yet, but scientists say it’s a big deal because the troposphere typically acts as a “washing machine” layer, which breaks down harmful substances and sending them back down into the […]
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