February 24, 2015

3:00 AM | Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear
By Wade Allison Synopsis: The human race is in a dilemma; it is threatened by economic instability on one hand and climate change on the other. Either of these could lead to widespread unrest and political […]

February 18, 2015

12:30 PM | Space – It’ll Mess You Up
Biology concepts –  undulipodia, primary cilia, motile cilia, ependyma, spaceflight, pathology, osteopenia, radiation damage, osteoblast/osteoclast, osteocytes, No one wanted the elation of the moon visit to turn to disaster as a moon germ spread through-out the world and killed every living thing. So they moved the astronauts from splashdown to airstream. What a bummer that would have been to go all Andromeda Strain…. although it might have saved us from Watergate.Going into […]

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February 07, 2015

1:05 AM | Will Gravitational Waves Ever Be Found?
The BICEP2 gravitational wave announcement may have been premature, but the search has only just begun -- an interview with cosmologist Kendrick Smith.
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