March 27, 2015

8:57 PM | Do biofuel policies seek to cut emissions by cutting food? (Science)
By Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research A study published today in the journal Science found that government biofuel policies rely on reductions in food consumption to generate greenhouse gas savings. Shrinking the amount of food that people … Continue reading →

March 26, 2015

2:29 PM | Trash to Gas: A Solution to Half Our Problems?
“New innovation from scientists,” read the subject line from my Mom’s email. Attached was a link to a Youtube clip of a male scientist balling plastic bags, sealing them in a steel vessel, and pushing a button. After a couple of hours, the eager scientist cracked open the vessel, and poured out a dark, ominous […]

March 25, 2015

2:10 PM | ESA Announces 2015 Graduate Student Policy Award Recipients
Graduate students from University of Illinois at Chicag […]

March 11, 2015

8:20 PM | How The Sugar Industry Continues To Subvert Public Health Policies
A recent analysis of nearly 320 internal sugar industry documents from 1959 to 1971 shows how the industry sought to influence the setting of U.S. research priorities during that time. Disturbingly, it's a strategy that continues to this very day. Read more...

March 09, 2015

7:02 PM | operations research improves school choice in Boston
Many cities allow families to choose elementary schools to address growing inequities in school instruction and performance. School choice lets families give a rank ordering of their preferred schools, and a lottery ultimately assigns students to schools. The result is that many students have to travel a long way to school, crazy bus schedules, and […]
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