October 07, 2014

7:10 PM | This Awesome Video Lets You Experience Chemistry’s Most Mesmerizing Reactions Up Close!
Since so much of chemistry happens faster, slower, or on a much smaller scale than we’re used to, the science is often taken for granted by the average person. But what if we were able to shrink ourselves down to the microscopic level and had the ability to control just how fast or slow a reaction happened? This is what Tsinghua University Press and the University of Science and Technology of China had in mind when they came together to create the

September 30, 2014

11:34 PM | California’s ‘Water Year’ Ends as Third Driest on Record
Only 1924 and 1977 were drier. And there's little in the long-range forecasts to suggest a rebound soon.

September 25, 2014

6:36 PM | Reigning in the Rain with Satellite and Radar
By Marguerite Huber When it rains, it pours! Actually, that phrase is not necessarily true. A rain shower can consist of just drizzle, a steady rain, a downpour, or even all three! Either way, accurate rain totals are the basis of watershed modeling for evaluating the water cycle. Meteorological data (precipitation, temperature, humidity, etc.) required […]
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