April 03, 2014

11:02 AM | Attracting ― and keeping ― the best
Today we learned of a simplification to the immigration process for senior researchers from overseas. Here Linda Holliday, Deputy Human Resources Director at the MRC, reflects on the announcement, and […]

April 02, 2014

2:11 PM | A legacy of a lifetime
Today the 1000th study using data from the ALSPAC, or Children of the 90s, cohort study has been published in the European Journal of Human Genetics. It’s just one of […]

March 28, 2014

12:04 PM | Increases in C-section and the institution of Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Every day hundreds of thousands of infants take their first breath, and over a third of those infants are delivered by Caesarean section (C-section). It may initially seem that a third isn’t much; until you learn that 40 years ago only 5% of babies were born by C-section delivery (Martin et al., 2012; Petitti, 1985). […] The post Increases in C-section and the institution of Electronic Fetal Monitoring appeared first on Homoskepticus .
11:36 AM | Why we work with industry
There was a time when the paths of academic and industry researchers rarely crossed. But developing treatments for patients requires a much closer relationship between the two sectors than ever […]

March 26, 2014

8:15 PM | Weekly Frustrations
Throughout the week I stumble upon papers and I’m assigned papers to read that generally frustrate me. Because I get so angered and cannot always express my full opinion in class etc., I have decided to start doing weekly blog posts about my frustrations every Wednesday. These posts will mostly be in relation to evolution, […] The post Weekly Frustrations appeared first on Homoskepticus .
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