October 11, 2014

4:06 PM | Efficacy of foetal stem cell transplantation in autism...
The recent news that researchers might be one step closer to 'curing' type 1 diabetes following the publication of the paper by Pagliuca and colleagues [1] brought back into focus how stem cell therapy might hold some promise for all manner of conditions. The idea that researchers could generate "hundreds of millions of glucose-responsive β cells from hPSC [human pluripotent stem cells] in vitro" still faces a few challenges, including overcoming the immune assault central to the […]

Bradstreet JJ, Sych N, Antonucci N, Klunnik M, Ivankova O, Matyashchuk I, Demchuk M & Siniscalco D (2014). Efficacy of fetal stem cell transplantation in autism spectrum disorders: an open-labeled pilot study., Cell transplantation, PMID:


October 04, 2014

10:49 PM | Is Crystal Healing Scientifically Possible?
According to Phillipians 4:7 in the King James Cristian Bible, “the peace of God surpasseth all understanding”. But, in a world where spirituality and science are both matters of faith for millions of people around the world, it is not only the peace of the divine that appears to be … READ MORE
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