February 21, 2015

10:55 PM | Man and Ape – an ancient hybrid population?
In 1865 in his book On the Origin of Species* Charles Darwin first described the idea of evolution by natural selection, suggesting that every biological population is subject to constant change. This change occurs via the influence of the environment in favouring traits which increase the likelihood of an organism surviving and reproducing. His proposal […]

February 02, 2015

4:36 PM | GeoPoll: What should we do with radioactive waste?
I don’t think it is any secret that the world is facing an imminent energy crisis. We are trying to generate more power than ever before, but at the same time, we now realize we have to do it in a sustainable way that does not harm the environment or exacerbate any existing issues such as climate change. The problem is these two goals are often mutually exclusive. Most of our power generation methods have environmental implications or are simply at the early technology stage and cannot be […]
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