April 09, 2014

11:28 AM | Xinhua News: Extensive H5N1 Outbreaks In North Korean Poultry
  # 8452   Although we occasionally get hints of outbreaks of bird flu, or FMD, in North Korea, very rarely do we details out of that closed and secretive nation. Given the amount of bird flu activity (H5N1 & H5N8) we’ve seen reported out of South Korea over the past decade, the assumption has been that unreported bird flu outbreaks probably occur with some regularity in the DPRK as well.   This morning Yonhap News, Xinhua News, and others are reporting on a […]

March 27, 2014

2:46 PM | Un-stylish haircut hoax
North Korea propaganda is always good for a joke. Mandatory Kim Jong Un haircuts a baldfaced lie? North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s distinctive hairstyle is the ‘do of the day on the Internet, thanks to a viral report that every male university student in the capital is now under orders to get a buzz… Source: Doubtful News
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