August 08, 2014

12:00 AM | How An Architect Who Has Never Left North Korea Imagines The Future
North Korea's architecture is truly fascinating , influenced by the need to rebuild Pyongyang in the wake of the Korean War and the nation's relative isolation. What happens when an architect who has never been outside North Korea designs futuristic buildings to accommodate tourists visiting their country? Read more...

July 31, 2014

10:20 PM | North Korea's Modern Architecture, Designs From An Alternate Universe
The North Korean capital of Pyongyang was largely razed during the Korean War and the buildings that rose up from the ashes provide some of the most striking examples of socialist architecture. And more recent architects in the cloistered nation have added grandiose—though sometimes unfinished—landmarks to its urban landscapes. Read more...

July 30, 2014

10:56 PM | Why Are South Koreans Using Balloons to Send Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows to North Korea??
Earlier today, around 200 South Korean activists gathered in a park near the border with North Korea. The activists released 50 massive helium balloons, each toting a large bag of snacks. In total, they sent 770 pounds of snacks to the North. The bulk of this weight came from the 10,000 Choco Pies the activists sent North. […]
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