September 09, 2014

3:05 PM | Explainer: The Number of Americans Being Held Hostage Worldwide
ISIS is capturing all of the headlines with its barbaric beheadings, but the terror group is by no means the only one holding Americans captive. Tara reminds us of other U.S. citizens being held, and by whom. And they're just the ones we know about.

September 04, 2014

3:53 PM | Forgotten: The Coolest Abandoned Places In the World (Pictures)
We as humans have proven to be phenomenal architects and builders, constructing amazing buildings, monuments, amusement parks and countless other structures. However, we’ve also proven to be somewhat fickle, often abandoning our creations when they are no longer useful or entertaining to us. As nature reclaims these places, it creates an enchanting scene, juxtaposing human development and the natural world in a way that we can’t help but be intrigued by. […]
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