March 29, 2015

3:12 PM | An ‘Ask Me Anything’ Chat on Climate Science and Coverage
A veteran climate scientist and a longtime climate journalist interview each other about three decades of work making sense of global warming.
11:13 AM | This Week in Chemistry – Graphene Light Bulbs, & Cooked Crustacean Colour Changes
Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features the discovery of a new form of ice by flattening water between sheets of graphene, an antibacterial plastic made from a protein in egg whites, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers […]

March 27, 2015

4:52 PM | Open Science News – 27 March 2015
Lots of meeting notes from Open Science meeting in this week’s roundup! Meeting report from last week’s Open Science meeting at the Center for Open Science, by Amye Kenall. When Data Sharing Gets Close to 100%: What Human Paleogenetics Can Teach the Open Science Movement. Article in PLOS One Notes from the [...]
11:48 AM | LHC, stop and go!
L’inizio delle attività relative al Run 2 si stanno avvicinando. Sette settori, degli otto totali, sono già stati commissionati per operare nel 2015 con una energia pari a 6,5 TeV per fascio, perciò manca l’ultimo. Tuttavia, nei prossimi giorni non ci saranno particelle che circoleranno nel grande anello del Large Hadron Collider (LHC) a causa … Continue reading LHC, stop and go! →
11:00 AM | Pioneering non-beating heart transplant success – thanks to animal research!
Yesterday a team led by Consultant Surgeon Stephen Large at Papworth Hospital near Cambridge in the UK announced the successful transplant of a non-beating donor heart to heart failure patient Huseyin Ulucan, the first time such an operation has been … Continue reading →
10:11 AM | Image of the Week: Structure of the dynactin complex
This image shows a model of a tiny protein machine that moves things around within our cells. A new study reveals how the motor called dynein (grey) is attached to its cargo via an adaptor protein (orange). The attachment requires the help of another protein complex called dynactin (multi-coloured). The dynein/dynactin machine drags its cargo along […]
4:00 AM | LHCb aggiunge alla lista due nuovi barioni
Al Large Hadron Collider (LHC) i fisici hanno rivelato due particelle che non sono mai state osservate prima. Classificate con il simbolo Ξb (leggasi sai-b), si tratta di due stati eccitati del barione bottom o beauty la cui esistenza era prevista dal modello a quark. Inoltre, si pensava che avessero una massa circa sei volte superiore a quella del … Continue reading LHCb aggiunge alla lista due nuovi barioni →

March 26, 2015

1:00 PM | Upcoming peer review workshop in London
As you might know, we’re partnered with Sense About Science to support their “Nuts and Bolts” peer review workshops in the UK. We recently published a report by Anna Cupani who attended the previous workshop at St Andrews University. The next workshop has now been announced and will take place in London on [...]
12:25 PM | Let’s Keep Our Heads About Those Dead Coyotes
Last week six dead coyotes were found in and around Lon […]
12:03 AM | The Showreel | 18 [Ft. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation]
Our weekly look at the latest news and trailers from the world of film, featuring a diddly-eye, a begorrah, and a topless Tom Cruise, along with 5 films to watch on TV this week… it’s The Showreel Film News A Director for Alien 5 The wonderful Alien universe is in disorder after the poor reception [...] The post The Showreel | 18 [Ft. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation] appeared first on HeadStuff.

March 25, 2015

2:00 PM | Publish first, get funding later
Getting a new research grant is hard. You have to write a proposal about things you haven’t even done yet, and convince a panel that your work is important and likely to succeed. And because you haven’t done the work yet (because you need grant money first) you don’t have published articles to support your [...]
1:00 PM | UK Charities Explaining Animal Research
Following from our previous post on US charities explaining their animal research, we will now take a look at UK charities using the same criteria. Of the UK top 200 charities (by income in 2012), only six conduct animal research. … Continue reading →
4:00 AM | Il collasso ‘imminente’ dell’Universo
Alcuni fisici hanno proposto un meccanismo secondo cui il nostro Universo terminerà ad un certo punto la sua espansione ed inizierà a collassare su sé stesso. I calcoli suggeriscono che tale collasso sia “imminente”, almeno su scale di tempo astronomiche, e potrà avvenire tra qualche decina di miliardi di anni. In un articolo pubblicato su … Continue reading Il collasso ‘imminente’ dell’Universo →

March 24, 2015

6:36 PM | FDA struggles to define what “natural” means for food labels
After decades of debate there remains no generally accepted definition of a “natural” food product. Despite a gamut of products with the label prominently displayed, it has caused a headache in lawsuits for the government who have yet to define “natural”. According to new research, while regulatory agencies have refused to settle the issue, they […]

Petty, R. (2014). “Natural” Claims in Food Advertising: Policy Implications of Filling the Regulatory Void with Consumer Class Action Lawsuits, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2147483647. DOI: 10.1509/jppm.14.147

3:28 PM | A new giant predatory amphibian from the Triassic
Steve Brusatte, who we interviewed in Episode 37, is part of a team who have discovered a new species of temnospondyl (relatives of modern amphibians) that lived in rivers and lakes during the Triassic. It is thought this animal, which could grow up to 3m long, had a similar lifestyle to today’s crocodiles. It would have been a huge [&hellip
2:25 PM | That “new breakthrough scientific discovery” you...
That “new breakthrough scientific discovery” you just read about on that news site/blog/Facebook page? It’s almost certainly wrong. This article from Vox is a seriously important thing that, if you care about science, you really need to read, like right now. My take: The tendency of the media to report on what is *NEW* in science is indicative of what I think is the largest perspective gap between scientists and nonscientists. The general public (apologies, I […]
2:14 PM | MER Opportunity’s memory reformat
Volume 2, Issue 3 The rover team reformatted the aging rover’s flash memory to restore use of overnight data storage. After avoiding use of the rover’s flash memory for three months, the team operating NASA’s 11-year-old Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reformatted the vehicle’s flash memory banks and resumed storing some data overnight for transmitting […]
12:47 PM | Zeeman Archive
To celebrate Christopher Zeeman’s 90th birthday and their own 150th, the London Mathematical Society have opened an online archive of Sir Christopher’s work. That’s all they’ve done – the Zeeman Archive, as far as I can see, is a simple list of every document they’ve got, linking to PDF scans. It’s searchable, by title, medium, and date.... Read more »
10:18 AM | India achieved only 1.4% ethanol blending this fiscal year
Problems between sugar mill owners and oil marketing companies have resulted in only 1.4% ethanol blending through february this fiscal year which is way less than the blending target of 5% and lesser than the last year’s achieved blending level of 2%.The National Policy on Biofuels of India identifies the sugar cane molasses as the feedstock suitable under Indian conditions for ethanol production for blending purpose and that makes the sugarcane mills as the biggest […]

March 23, 2015

7:00 PM | Hypothesis: Our Solar System Lacks ‘Super-Earths’ Because Jupiter Wrecked Them All
It turns out our solar system is weird: it doesn't have any rocky "super-Earths" orbiting closer to the sun than Mercury. Here's one theory as to why: like Miley Cyrus, Jupiter came in like a wrecking ball and smashed any nascent terrestrial planets just as the solar system was forming.
2:00 PM | US Charities Explaining Animal Research
In June 2012 we reviewed five large American health charities which conducted animal research to see how well they communicated this use. The results were not encouraging: three charities got 0/4 stars for their animal research statements, and two charities … Continue reading →
2:00 PM | A Candid Conversation With California’s ‘Water Czar’
The State Water Resources Control Board is California's top arbiter of water supply conflicts. Lately it's been caught in a tug of war between those who would have it tread lightly with local water agencies and those calling for aggressive statewide rationing.
12:37 PM | Happy Unplug and Play Week
March 23-29 is Unplug and Play Week (hat tip to Dr Jamie Burr for posting to twitter). I’ve gone on and on (and on) about screen time here on the blog, and the damaging effects that it has on everyone, … Continue reading »
11:35 AM | New on F1000Research – 23 March 2015
A selection of new content on F1000Research from the past week. To receive notification of all new articles, sign up for our table of contents alerts. Featured article Guiding Ebola patients to suitable health facilities: an SMS-based approach [v1; ref status: indexed,] Mohamad-Ali Trad, Raja Jurdak, Rajib Rana “We propose building a [...]
4:00 AM | Le contraddizioni del modello CDM
Una collaborazione tra ricercatori di diverse università americane ha pubblicato un articolo su Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) nel quale si spiegano le principali contraddizioni che presenta l’attuale modello cosmologico standard ΛCDM (Lambda-Cold Dark Matter) e propone alcuni approcci per riconciliare le osservazioni con le previsioni del modello. Nell’ultimo decennio, il modello cosmologico ΛCDM … Continue reading Le […]

March 22, 2015

11:11 AM | This Week in Chemistry – Pencil Sketch Sensors & Blue Light Induced Erections
Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features a new compound that’s extremely effective at breaking down nerve agents, a new technique that allows rapid 3D printing, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below, as well as […]
6:09 AM | China complets its biofuel powered first commercial flight
China’s first commercial flight powered with biofuel was successfully completed yesterday between Shanghai and Beijing. The privately owned Hainan Airlines flight used biofuel made up from used cooking oil collected from the restaurants. The biofuel was supplied by China National Aviation fuel company and energy giant Sinopec. It was a Boeing 737 plane which used 50% biofuel blended in conventional jet fuel and carried more than 100 passengers to their destination. Read more at: […]

March 21, 2015

10:38 PM | “Never judge a book by its cover” Or My thoughts before reading The New Celebrity Scientists by Declan Fahy
As an avid reader (If we trust my goodreads 214 books in ten years) I have always praised myself for not judging a book by its cover. Thanks to that I have discovered some of the best books I have read … Continue reading →

March 20, 2015

10:56 PM | Life or Death?
Streptococcus pneumonia has been recognised as the major cause of pneumonia since the late 19th century. This bacterium also leads to the development of other infections such as, meningitis, bronchitis, septic arthritis and brain abscess. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry; this bacterium is easily overcome by a good strong dose of antibiotics. Or, […]
4:38 PM | MAVEN detects aurora and mysterious dust cloud
Volume 2, Issue 3 Press release: NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft has observed two unexpected phenomena in the Martian atmosphere: an unexplained high-altitude dust cloud and aurora that reaches deep into the Martian atmosphere. The presence of the dust at orbital altitudes from about 93 miles (150 kilometers) to 190 miles (300 […]
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