April 17, 2015

6:15 PM | Star Wars teaser far too tame
 The second biggest thing to hit the internet yesterday was the new Star Wars teaser. Like many, I clicked the link with interest.  But as a planetary scientist, I was disappointed from the first scene (via io9). This is a wrecked star destroyer, half buried in desert sand.  The obvious implication is that the spacecraft has left space and crashed.  Is this realistic?  luckily, physics, and

April 15, 2015

2:54 PM | Crazy Science: Would You Biohack Your Eyes? Two men forming...
Crazy Science: Would You Biohack Your Eyes? Two men forming “citizen science” group Science for the Masses created an eyedrop made primarily of Chlorin e6, derived from a deep-sea bioluminescent fish. They claim the drops can help them clearly make out people over 160 feet away in pitch blackness standing in the woods. Would you try the drops? Kim Horcher discusses with special guests Malik Forte (Gaming Editor, and Carl White (Pro-gaming world champion “Perfect […]
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