November 10, 2014

9:59 AM | When we lie to children, are we teaching them to be dishonest?
Cookie Monster - one ofthe characters featuredin this research.Most parents lie to their children, often as a way to control their behaviour. A new study asks whether lying to the little ones increases the likelihood that they too will lie. The authors, Chelsea Hays and Leslie Carver, say theirs is the first attempt to investigate this possibility.Nearly two hundred children aged three to seven were each put through a similar scenario, one at a time. First, they were invited to go through to […]

Hays, C. & Carver, L. (2014). Follow the liar: the effects of adult lies on children's honesty, Developmental Science, 17 (6) 977-983. DOI: 10.1111/desc.12171

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