August 01, 2014

12:52 PM | Scientists figure out fashion, jealousy in dogs and how high a Lego tower can be built
Who’d Have Thunk It? 31.07.14 We begin this edition with a question which has plagued mankind for decades: How high can you build a Lego tower? At the behest of the BBC (good to see licence-fee-payers’ money put to good use!), engineers from the Open University have conducted tests to work it out. By placing…

July 29, 2014

2:29 PM | Two More Mysterious Giant Holes Emerge In Siberia (Pictures)
About two weeks ago, I reported on a giant crater that appeared on the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. Well, while scientists are still trying to figure out what caused this first crater, two more have been discovered in Siberia. Crater of Antipayuta This crater was alo discovered on the Yamal peninsula, near the village of Antipayuta […]
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