April 22, 2014

7:27 PM | Asteroids strike Earth more often than previously thought
Asteroids have caused 26 nuclear-size explosions in the Earth's atmosphere between 2000 and 2013, according to a new report by the B612 Foundation. Descrier - news and culture magazine

April 19, 2014

8:36 PM | From Russia with love: another meteorite explosion
A meteorite like object lit up the skies at the wee hours at Murmansk, Russia (check the video footage out). …Continue reading →

April 18, 2014

8:04 PM | Asteroid, Meteorite Impacts Can Preserve Biodata for Millions of Years
In two separate studies, geologists led by Dr Haley Sapers from the University of Western Ontario and Dr Pete Schultz of Brown University have found floral, microbial and organic matter in glass created by ancient asteroid, comet and meteorite impacts. Such glass samples could provide a snapshot of environmental conditions at the time of those [...]

April 11, 2014

4:00 PM | Missed Me By That Much!
Ok, after watching this video, this has to be the luckiest guy in the world for two reasons. 1.  He’s the first person to catch a flamed out meteorite in mid-air barely missing him; and 2. he’s the first person to catch a flamed out meteorite in mid-air barely missing him. The lucky Norwegian skydiver … Continue reading →

April 09, 2014

3:49 PM | DNews: What Are the Odds a Meteorite Will Hit You?
Last week, a Norwegian man was skydiving, and a meteorite almost hit him! The cool thing about it is it was all caught on tape. Join Tara as she discusses how this rare occurrence will likely never happen again!
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