March 23, 2015

5:38 PM | Giant Asteroid Impact Basin Found in Australia
A 400 km-wide (250 mile-wide) impact basin from a massive asteroid that broke in two moments before it slammed into our planet has been found in north-eastern South Australia by a team of scientists, led by Dr Andrew Glikson of the Australian National University’s Planetary Science Institute. The twin scars of the impacts – the [...]
5:30 PM | Just Discovered In Australia: The Largest Asteroid Impact Ever
A long time ago, a huge meteorite entered the earth's atmosphere in a screaming fireball. In its last violent moments, it split into two massive pieces, each at least 6…

March 10, 2015

8:00 PM | Cosmic close shaves
What were you doing at 3:19am Tuesday 27 January? That’s when a huge asteroid passed within 1.2 million kilometres of our planet. Fortunately that’s about three times the distance to the moon so we weren’t in any danger. But how often do rocks from space actually collide with Earth? And what happens when they do?

March 07, 2015

11:33 PM | Likely “Extra Terrestrial” New Zealand Meteor Lights Up Night Sky (Video)
A few nights ago (2/11), a strange blue and white light reportedly flashed above the skies seen from Whangarei to the upper South Island. According to head weather analyst Philip Duncan… “This was an exceptionally bright flash of light across the country, with many people saying they heard sonic booms that scared them and the animals”   Check out the video below to see the meteor lights above Tauranga, New Zealand “A […]
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