April 24, 2015

7:59 PM | A meteor sighting on the Road to Damascus?
Did Saul perceive a meteor event as a religious experience that caused him to convert to Christianity? It’s possible but doubtful we will every know for sure. Falling meteor may have changed the course of Christianity – space – 22 April 2015 – New Scientist. NEARLY two thousand years ago, a man named Saul had… Source: Doubtful News Related posts:Jesus was here? Or not? 2,000 year old tomb controversy Is small scrap of faded papyrus first evidence that Jesus […]

April 22, 2015

8:41 PM | Cosmic Earth Day: Watch the Lyrid Meteors Peak Tonight
Today is Earth Day, so what better way to celebrate our beautiful planet and its place in the cosmos by watching some natural fireworks tonight.

April 21, 2015

5:25 PM | DNews: What Happens When A Meteor Strikes Earth?
Most of the near earth objects that approach Earth burn up in our atmosphere. What happens to the ones that don’t?
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