September 14, 2014

12:00 PM | International Meteor Conference 2014
The International Meteor Organization (IMO) was founded in 1988 and has more than 250 members now. IMO was created in response to an ever growing need for international cooperation of meteor amateur work. The collection of meteor observations by several methods from all around the world ensures the comprehensive study of meteor showers and their […]

September 09, 2014

3:40 PM | Nicaragua 'Meteorite' Probably Wasn't a Meteorite
Some craters can be deceiving. Continue reading →
2:05 PM | Was mystery crater in Nicaragua caused by a space rock?
We had a link in last night’s leftovers about a meteor crashing in Nicaragua. Turns out that is “doubtful” news. Scientists Doubt That Meteor Caused Crater In Nicaragua : The Two-Way : NPR. Did a Meteorite Cause a Crater in Nicaragua? | Watch the Skies. At approximately midnight local time on the night of September… Source: Doubtful News

September 04, 2014

8:39 PM | Watch Newfound “Pitbull” Asteroid Barnstorm Earth on Saturday
Good news, folks: The world won’t end on Sunday, when an asteroid nicknamed “Pitbull” will zip past Earth. But asteroid 2014 RC will provide some virtual sky-watching drama for fans of celestial flybys. (Related: “Asteroids and Comets.”) Discovered independently by two different observatory teams on August 31, the 60-foot-wide (20 meters) space rock will come closest to Earth at…

August 30, 2014

12:12 PM | 1833 Meteor Storm Started Citizen Science
Crowdsourcing astronomy discoveries goes back a ways, to 1833, and a truly remarkable meteor shower.
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