August 21, 2014

6:48 PM | Robin Williams: Intensity Is Not Pathology – Part 2
[Continued from Part 1] As Dr. Webb explains “Existential depression is a depression that arises when an individual confronts certain basic issues of existence… (or ‘ultimate concerns’) – death, freedom, isolation and meaninglessness.” [Gifted, Sensitive, In Need Of Meaning: Existential Depression.] His related book: Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope. Webb has written […]
8:05 AM | Everything I needed to learn about life I learned from Robin Williams
They say everyone grieves differently. I have never – never – cried for a celebrity’s death. I feel shock, sorrow and sadness. I feel sympathy for the family. But I did not know that person. I only knew a tiny slice of them, of who they were, of what they let us see. They were only a […]
6:00 AM | Talking to ourselves: the science of the little voice in your head | Peter Moseley
If we want to understand whats happening in the brain when people hear voices, we first need to understand what happens during ordinary inner speechHearing voices: whats your experience when reading? SurveyMost of us will be familiar with the experience of silently talking to ourselves in our head. Perhaps youre at the supermarket and realise that youve forgotten to pick up something you needed. Milk! you might say to yourself. Or maybe youve got an important meeting with your boss later in the […]
5:00 AM | It’s Gonna Get Better -It’s Just Gotta
Depression has been a big topic in the news lately.  And I won’t lie to you, depression is hard, really hard. The isolation, the silence, and the noise, and on and on and on. Depression is a quite contradictory, have you noticed that?  And when you are in the throes of it, it feels like […]

August 20, 2014

7:38 PM | Robin Williams: Intensity Is Not Pathology
The tone of a number of responses to the suicide of Robin Williams seem based in the insidious “Crazy Artist” mythology: that artistic creativity depends on mental disorder. A number of people have expressed the idea that his brilliance and creative comic energy were fueled by his “demons” including addiction and bipolar depression. One example was columnist […]
4:36 PM | Why working too hard impairs your thinking.
This week’s blog post comes from Rebekah Lambert. Rebekah makes her living as marketing, content creation and copywriting freelancer at Unashamedly Creative and as head of Disruption for Discordia Zine. Rebekah has just begun a mission to improve the mental health and wellness outcomes for freelancers and entrepreneurs as one half of the Hacking Happiness team. You can follow her journey […]The post Why working too hard impairs your thinking. appeared […]

August 19, 2014

8:49 PM | New study finds link between mass job losses and teen suicide behaviors
Previous research has documented a link between downturns in the economy and suicide among adults. But how do those downturns ripple throughout families and communities, and in particular, how do massive job losses affect the mental health of teens? A new study has found that, sadly, many teens are not immune to the stress of a struggling economy.

August 18, 2014

5:36 PM | The Incredible Brain-Gut Link & Your Diet
Who's the boss? Your brain or the bacteria in your gut? And can your diet help?
5:00 PM | International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)
Founded in 1979, the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is a global network of people concerned about psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic or high-demand groups, alternative movements, and other environments. ICSA is tax-exempt, supports civil liberties, and is not affiliated with any religious or commercial organizations.
11:31 AM | Robin Williams, depression and the complex causes of suicide | Anne Cooke, Angela Gilchrist and John McGowan
While many people who kill themselves have been experiencing the extreme distress we might think of as depression, thats not always the case and is rarely the whole explanationAs the tributes to the actor and comedian Robin Williams continue, so too do the arguments over the meaning of his death. Suicide is a profound act that touches many, and it would be surprising if it didnt raise strong feelings. On the one hand we have Shep Smith of Fox News calling Williams a coward (he has since […]

August 17, 2014

12:08 AM | Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety and stress often come with an uncomfortable condition or a problem that anyone can find it difficult to deal with, but they usually go away when the individual manages the situation or solves... [[To read the full story, visit my website.]]

August 16, 2014

7:30 PM | Where’s the ‘Individual’ in the Mental Health Care Reform Discussion?
Much has been written in the last several months about national mental health care reform in response to two separate bills making their way through Congress. The most well-known is the Murphy bill introduced by U.S. Representative Timothy Murphy from Pennsylvania. Rep. Murphy is a credible expert on the topic. He has been a practicing […]

August 15, 2014

2:35 PM | Some Things We Might Learn from Robin Williams’ Death
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato As shock waves resulting from Robin Williams’ suicide begin to settle, we might reflect upon what we might learn from this tragic event. Viktor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor and author of the classic book, Man’s Search for Meaning, reminds us that […]
1:18 PM | Gene Therapy- The Future of Schizophrenia Treatment?
A study was recently released in Nature looking at genes linked to schizophrenia with the hope of helping researchers to find a whole host of brand new treatments for patients […]

Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (2014). Biological insights from 108 schizophrenia-associated genetic loci., Nature, 511 (7510) 421-7. PMID:


August 14, 2014

7:02 AM | Advice About Therapy, Religion, And You
People of faith tend to have better therapy outcomes than people who don't. What should you do if your religion is important in your life and you are in therapy?
12:44 AM | Privacy Is Needed For Grieving Families
For most of us, when a family member dies we are granted the gift of grieving in private. Our closest friends may call and send flowers and notes of sympathy, but for the most part we are given some time to say good-bye to our loved one in peace. But for the family of a […]

August 12, 2014

12:00 PM | Robin Williams's death: a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish | Dean Burnett
News of Robin Williamss death due to apparent suicide, said to be a result of suffering severe depression, is terribly sad. But to say taking your own life because of such an illness is a selfish act does nothing but insult the deceased, potentially cause more harm and reveal a staggering ignorance of mental health problemsNews broke today that Robin Williams had passed away, due to apparent suicide following severe depression. As the vast majority of people will likely have already said, this […]
2:43 AM | Are Comedians Prone to Depression and Suicide?
The apparent suicide of Robin Williams highlights the connection between comedians and depression. Continue reading →

August 11, 2014

11:38 PM | RIP Robin Williams
  It is being reported by several reputable news sources that Robin Williams passed away this morning, at the age of 63, from an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. He was best known for films such as Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, and TV’s incomparable Mork from Mork and Mindy. His publicist says […]

August 09, 2014

10:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: August 9, 2014
This week’s Psychology Around the Net is all about older adults and sleep, depressed children, and — thank goodness — tips for happiness! How Sleep Changes as You Age, and Why You’ll Need Even More of It: As we get older, we don’t sleep as much as when we were younger; however, as our bodies […]

August 08, 2014

12:00 AM | Do Narcissists Know They’re Narcissists?
According to a provocative paper just published, it’s possible to accurately determine how narcissistic someone is by asking them just one thing. Here’s the question in full: To what extent do you agree with this statement: I am a narcissist? (Note: The word ‘narcissist’ means egotistical, self-focused, and vain.) Answer on a scale from 1 […]The post Do Narcissists Know They’re Narcissists? appeared first on Neuroskeptic.

Konrath S, Meier BP & Bushman BJ (2014). Development and Validation of the Single Item Narcissism Scale (SINS)., PLoS ONE, 9 (8) PMID:


August 04, 2014

3:45 AM | Photography: Art and Healing
Photographic images can be a powerful form of expression for creative people, and also a tool for therapists and anyone to help explore our inner selves. This image by artist Jennifer Moon is titled “A Story of a Girl and a Horse: The Search for Courage.” A news article about an installation of her photographs, sculpture […]
2:37 AM | Public Health in the News – August 3, 2014
Global Updates on the Ebola outbreak: The science blog Lunchbox Science has a great post up about the basics of Ebola and what is happening in this current outbreak. Many Ebola treatments and vaccines are not being used in the current outbreak because a lack of funding has the treatments stuck in various stages of […]

August 02, 2014

9:12 PM | Could My Sleep Issues Be Part of A Psychiatric Disorder #positive6
The Family Stew Clock: 2:06 AM Precious DJ: I call him Bob… Belly AJ: DAD! Luke Bartholomew: DAD! SHE HAS MY GAME! Sweet Pea BB: [running away with video game] Chato B Stewart: [sleeping with air plugs] Caption: How do I get my ZZZ’s: Air plugs, Ambien and the melodious songs of my children. Could […]
8:53 PM | Stage Fright – I Have It!
  Dearest Readers, Today you will encounter a new voice on this blog (mine).  I have to tell you, I am more than a little nervous about it. In fact, until I decided to get over myself, I was a bit paralyzed by fear. I am not new to blogging, having spent years blogging about […]

July 31, 2014

11:18 PM | Serious Restrictive Eating Disorders Occur at Any Weight
Although the words “anorexia nervosa” typically conjure up images of emaciated bodies, eating disorders characterized by dietary restriction or weight loss can — and do — occur at any weight. However, precisely because anorexia nervosa is associated with underweight, doctors are less likely to identify eating disorders among individuals who are in the so-called “normal” or above normal weight range, even if they […]

Lebow, J., Sim, L. & Kransdorf, L. (2014). Prevalence of a History of Overweight and Obesity in Adolescents With Restrictive Eating Disorders, Journal of Adolescent Health, DOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2014.06.005

8:33 AM | The voices heard by people with schizophrenia are friendlier in India and Africa, than in the US
When a patient with schizophrenia hears voices in their head, is the experience shaped by the culture they live in? Tanya Luhrmann and her colleagues investigated by interviewing twenty people diagnosed with schizophrenia living in San Mateo, California; twenty in Accra, Ghana; and twenty others in Chennai India. There were similarities across cultures, including descriptions of good and bad voices, but also striking differences.In San Mateo the interviewees talked about their condition as a […]

Luhrmann, T., Padmavati, R., Tharoor, H. & Osei, A. (2014). Differences in voice-hearing experiences of people with psychosis in the USA, India and Ghana: interview-based study, The British Journal of Psychiatry, DOI: 10.1192/bjp.bp.113.139048


July 28, 2014

8:51 AM | The mistakes that lead therapists to infer psychotherapy was effective, when it wasn't
How well can psychotherapists and their clients judge from personal experience whether therapy has been effective? Not well at all, according to a paper by Scott Lilienfeld and his colleagues. The fear is that this can lead to the continued practice of ineffective, or even harmful, treatments.The authors point out that, like the rest of us, clinicians are subject to four main biases that skew their ability to infer the effectiveness of their psychotherapeutic treatments. This includes the […]

Lilienfeld, S., Ritschel, L., Lynn, S., Cautin, R. & Latzman, R. (2014). Why Ineffective Psychotherapies Appear to Work: A Taxonomy of Causes of Spurious Therapeutic Effectiveness, Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9 (4) 355-387. DOI: 10.1177/1745691614535216


July 27, 2014

5:30 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Suggestive Logos, Un-Christian Christians, Mom’s Purse, and the Medical Model of Disability
Categories: Meta StuffTags: AirbnbComeniusDBTdisabilityeducationEscepticagraphic designgrounded parentsimmigrationMad Art Labmedical model of disabilitymental healthmusicParentingpedagogyphysicsReligionresearch fundingSamaritansschool of doubtSkeptabilityspiritualityswaddlingTeen SkepchickThe Great DidacticSunday Funny: Chaos (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 107: The Subjective Side of Physics Mindy explores the physics of sound. DBT Skills: The Benefits of Mindfulness […]
1:10 AM | Feeling Pressured To Create
One kind of pressure is feeling an intense urge to create; it is probably an inherent part of being a creative person. But other pressures can lead to stress and overwhelm, and being pulled away from the joys of creating. Annemarie Roeper (founder of the Roeper School and The Roeper Review, a professional journal on […]
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