January 29, 2015

12:30 AM | Exercise for depression in adults with rheumatic diseases
In her first blog for the Musculoskeletal Elf, Pamela Andrews a sports therapist and a PhD candidate at Glasgow Caledonian University discusses a recent systematic reiew of meta-analyses evaluating the effectiveness of exercise for depression in adults with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases. The post Exercise for depression in adults with rheumatic diseases appeared first on The Musculoskeletal Elf.

January 27, 2015

12:30 AM | Return to work practices for musculoskeletal and mental health conditions
Heather Gray summarises a review of best practice in work absence management and return to work programmes for people with musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. The post Return to work practices for musculoskeletal and mental health conditions appeared first on The Musculoskeletal Elf.

January 26, 2015

5:00 PM | Minds on the Edge
MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness connects the dots between personal dilemmas facing individuals and families who are living with mental illness, medical practices that can be obstacles to treatment, and public policies that all too often fall short in providing support that could make a positive difference.

January 24, 2015

11:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: January 24, 2014
Ever wonder what makes you — and keeps you — a loyal customer? How about ways to strength train your brain? Oh, and speaking of your brain — where does all that fear and anxiety come from, anyway? We have it all and more in this week’s Psychology Around the Net. Fear Pinpoinited: Scientists Discover […]
2:28 AM | Creative People, Mental Health, Misdiagnosis
A full list of talented and creative people who suffer anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges is, would, of course, be limitless; being creative, gifted and talented does not exempt any of us from those problems. Novelist Patricia Cornwell is one example of an artist who has experienced mental health issues. She comments: “I’ve […]

January 21, 2015

11:45 AM | 5 Tips for Finding Love with a Mental Illness
Dating can bring joy and passion or make you feel lonely and misunderstood. When you add a mental illness into the mix, things can get even more complicated — if you let them. But you’re hardly alone in your confusion. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in any given year, roughly one in […]

January 20, 2015

3:12 PM | Free Webinar: Celebrate Psych Central’s 20th Anniversary with Me!
Psych Central is the Internet’s leading mental health self-help resource, and this year marks our 20th year online. Join me, Psych Central’s founder, to learn how Psych Central has evolved since 1995 from an online index of support groups and resources to today: an award-winning resource serving over 7 million visitors a month, globally, with […]

January 19, 2015

7:00 AM | Blue Monday: is it really the most depressing day of the year? Dean Burnett
It’s Blue Monday again. The most depressing day of the year. But is it really? REALLY? No, no it isn’t. But this doesn’t seem to make any difference, people still keep bringing it upIt’s Blue Monday again. Hooray. Let’s celebrate. Waiter, a bottle of your bleakest champagne, please.Every third Monday in January is now Blue Monday, according to the mainstream media. Granted, some say the second Monday, or the fourth. It makes no difference, each one is just as […]

January 17, 2015

11:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: January 17, 2015
Happy Saturday, sweet readers! This week’s edition of Psychology Around the Net will help you fill your weekend with ponderings about potentially healthy ways to change your perspective, what it really takes to fall in love (or, at least, feel closer to someone), how your state ranks when it comes to mental health services, and […]

January 13, 2015

6:00 AM | Review: Thrive (Richard Layard, David Clark)
Thrive: The Power of Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies Hardcover, 384 pages, ISBN: 9781846146053, published 3 July 2014 Amazon / Google Books / Allen Lane Mental illness reduces national income by about 4%, and yet we only spend about 13% of our health budget and about 5% of our medical research funds on tackling the problem. As an […]

January 12, 2015

9:50 AM | Psychologists and psychiatrists feel less empathy for patients when their problems are explained biologically
The idea that mental illness is related to brain abnormalities or other biological factors is popular among some patients; they say it demystifies their experiences and lends legitimacy to their symptoms. However, studies show that biological explanations can increase mental health stigma, encouraging the public perception that people with mental illness are essentially different, and that their problems are permanent. Now Matthew Lebowitz and Woo-young Ahn have published new evidence that […]

January 10, 2015

11:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: January 10, 2015
Happy Saturday, readers! As cliche as it might sound, we can’t help but think of new beginnings when we think of a new year, and what better way to welcome new beginnings than by keeping up with all the new mental health news, research, and even opinions as we launch into 2015? After all, we […]

January 09, 2015

3:00 PM | Science for the People: Falling into the Fire
This week, Science for the People gets a gripping first person account of the challenges involved in mental health diagnosis and treatment. They spend the hour with Dr. Christine Montross, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and the Director of Counseling … Continue reading →
2:59 PM | Revisiting mental health and graduate school, by Vinylogous Aldol
Vinylogous' excellent contribution is up at Not The Lab. A key excerpt:Quitting grad school is a really taboo subject--maybe even more so than mental health or the fact that academia is pretty rubbish at drug discovery. Why don't we talk about it more? Grad school should not be the only priority in one's life--and it's perfectly OK for it not to be the highest priority (although certain PIs may disagree).Go over there and read -- it's very good and worth your while. 

January 08, 2015

6:18 PM | Revisiting graduate school and mental health with Vinylogous Aldol
A note to readers: Vinylogous Aldol and I will be sharing a brief discussion today and tomorrow on our thoughts on mental health since our previous series. Tomorrow, it will be at Not The Lab. Dear Vinylogous:How are you? It's been a while, hasn't it? Two years since we last discussed the issue of "Is graduate school in chemistry bad for your mental health?" I hope that the time has gone well for you in graduate school. I've certainly had a lot more perspective since then.The stresses of […]

January 06, 2015

6:16 PM | Lots of selfies may suggest you’re a narcissist
Well I’ve got some bad news to all you selfie fanatics out there, a new study showed that men who posted more online photos of themselves than others scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy. The study looked exclusively at men, however the men out there should have no fear, there is a follow […]

Fox, J. & Rooney, M. (2015). The Dark Triad and trait self-objectification as predictors of men’s use and self-presentation behaviors on social networking sites, Personality and Individual Differences, 76 161-165. DOI: 10.1016/j.paid.2014.12.017


January 05, 2015

5:00 PM | No Kidding? Me Too!
In our roles as communicators, we have found that by infusing humor into a message — by having a “spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down” — that the message not only grows faster but is retained longer. That is our hope. To use the humor in the name No Kidding, Me Too! to lighten the message, to cause people to remember the name, so when they are ready for the message, they will get it. To pay some recognition to the statistic that one in five adults in this country […]
11:02 AM | British first-time fathers describe their experiences of separation and helplessness
Ante-natal classes only serve to increase fathers' feelings of separation from their pregnant partners, according to a series of in-depth interviews with ten White British fathers.Anja Wittkowski and her colleagues interviewed the men to help increase our understanding of what it's like for men to become a father for the first time - a neglected area of research. All the participants, aged 27 to 47, were married to their partners, they were middle-class, employed, and the pregnancies were all […]

Kowlessar, O., Fox, J. & Wittkowski, A. (2014). First-time fathers’ experiences of parenting during the first year, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 1-11. DOI: 10.1080/02646838.2014.971404


January 03, 2015

8:15 PM | Stress Does More Than We Think – Anxiety Patient Experiences Persistent Déjà Vu
Walking around your house is a familiar thing, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Yet what if you could remember yourself walking through your house, driving or just living day to day life, like you already did it? This creepy feeling is called Déjà vu and is … READ MORE

January 02, 2015

11:38 AM | Psychologists explore a new reason why quitting smoking is so difficult
When a cigarette smoker attempts to quit, not only do they crave their usual nicotine hit, they also experience an unpleasant inability to enjoy other pleasures in life - a state known as "anhedonia".Jessica Cook and her colleagues studied over a thousand smokers enrolled on a quitting programme in the US. The participants (mostly White, 58.3 per cent were female) were placed on a range of nicotine replacement therapies or they were given placebo. The participants also kept an evening diary […]

January 01, 2015

6:05 PM | It’s Time We “Legalize” Emotional Eating
Mindful Emotional Eating (MEE) has been nearly a taboo both in self- help and clinical literature on emotional eating. I first wrote about mindful emotional eating in Eating the Moment in 2008 and have had a chance to pilot this material clinically in my practice and through a series of workshops for mental health professionals. My experience […]

December 31, 2014

4:51 PM | Year in Review: A Look Back at 2014!
Before we ring in the New Year, the Penn Medicine department of Communications is taking a look back at 2014, a year filled with more breakthroughs in medical research, growth at the Penn Medicine campus, and philanthropic support. This year, we took a different approach and put together a year...

December 29, 2014

5:12 PM | Study Finds That Social Media Use Benefits Both Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly
A recent study conducted in the UK and Italy seems to show that the use of social media may actually be beneficial to the overall health of elderly people. The 2-year study followed 120 elderly people from the south west of England and the Marche region of central Italy, two regions known for inheriting a long-living population. The study followed two groups: one with exposure to social media outlets such as e-mail, Skype and Facebook, and one without exposure to these […]
5:00 PM | American Association of Pastoral Counselors
The mission of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors is to bring healing, hope, and wholeness to individuals, families, and communities by expanding and equipping spiritually grounded and psychologically informed care, counseling, and psychotherapy.
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