July 23, 2014

4:26 AM | Just market food safety at retail, government is hopeless: FSA plan to name and shame supermarkets selling Campylobacter chicken ditched after pressure from retailers
Maybe there’s something lost in translation; I’m barely starting to understand Australian. But if I read this right, the piping hot UK Food Standards Agency has put retail over public health after scrapping plans to regularly name and shame supermarkets … Continue reading →

July 22, 2014

3:00 PM | Craft Beverage People: Do Better.
Categories: FeminismTags: beergentrificationmarketingracismsexismwineCN: Slurs; rape jokes; racist and sexist langage and images (mostly in links) It’s no secret that the artisanal food and beverage criticism field is a pretty privileged bunch. After all, to get into it you have to have disposable income, no ailments or conditions that would preclude imbibing a significant amount of alcohol or eating a wide range of foods, and spare time to devote to your blog––or, if […]

July 11, 2014

12:21 AM | Is Foster Farms a food safety pioneer or a persistent offender?
Dan Charles of NPR reports that Foster Farms, a chicken producer in California, just can’t seem to stop bleeding bad news. An outbreak of Salmonella linked to Foster Farms poultry has sickened at least 621 people in 29 states and … Continue reading →

June 28, 2014

10:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: June 28, 2014
This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers everything from online dating and trophy wives to music and lessons in depression. Social Psychology and Why Wearing Red Improves Your Online Dating Chances: Wearing red can remind potential partners of flushing, blushing, and even dominance! America’s Most Depressing Jobs? Hint: if you work in the “Amusement and […]
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