August 16, 2014

11:03 PM | A week of links
Links this week: An awesome looking conference – Complexity and Evolution: A New Synthesis for Economics Hybridisation – what does it mean for conversation and the future of species? Picking up in a Lamborghini Status wars How far are we from designer babies? Neuroscience and marketing

August 12, 2014

1:53 PM | Assessing the Perceived Personalities of Rocks
Of these three rocks, which would you say is the most ‘confident’ ? How about the most ‘sincere’ or ‘intelligent’? Just such questions were asked in a recent study by Dr. Mark Avis (Massey University, New Zealand), Dr. Sarah Forbes (University of Birmingham, UK) and Dr. Shelagh Ferguson (University of Otago, New Zealand). Their study […]

August 01, 2014

1:21 AM | Chipotle, repeat sanctimonious violator
I don’t tire of trashing Chipotle, because sanctimonious, self-centered assholes deserve to be called out. Erin Van der Bellen and Russ Ptacek report for WUSA that health inspectors temporarily closed: Chiptole, 13501 Connecticut Avenue, Aspen Hill, Md. and Karen’s Deli, … Continue reading →

July 23, 2014

4:26 AM | Just market food safety at retail, government is hopeless: FSA plan to name and shame supermarkets selling Campylobacter chicken ditched after pressure from retailers
Maybe there’s something lost in translation; I’m barely starting to understand Australian. But if I read this right, the piping hot UK Food Standards Agency has put retail over public health after scrapping plans to regularly name and shame supermarkets … Continue reading →

July 22, 2014

3:00 PM | Craft Beverage People: Do Better.
Categories: FeminismTags: beergentrificationmarketingracismsexismwineCN: Slurs; rape jokes; racist and sexist langage and images (mostly in links) It’s no secret that the artisanal food and beverage criticism field is a pretty privileged bunch. After all, to get into it you have to have disposable income, no ailments or conditions that would preclude imbibing a significant amount of alcohol or eating a wide range of foods, and spare time to devote to your blog––or, if […]
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