December 22, 2014

10:48 AM | Cytokines activating the kynurenine pathway in schizophrenia?
I'm a bit of a fan of tryptophan biochemistry on this blog. This quite remarkable aromatic amino acid and it's off-shoot metabolites, which appear to have no end of biological uses, have taken quite a bit of my blogging time down the years. Most recently was the suggestion that a metabolite slotting in between serotonin (5-HT) and melatonin might require quite a bit more investigation when it comes to at least some cases of autism (see here).See ya later, President Fartfeathers.The findings […]

Schwieler L, Larsson MK, Skogh E, Kegel ME, Orhan F, Abdelmoaty S, Finn A, Bhat M, Samuelsson M, Lundberg K & Dahl ML (2014). Increased levels of IL-6 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with chronic schizophrenia - significance for activation of the kynurenine pathway., Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN, 39 (6) 140126. PMID:


December 18, 2014

4:22 PM | Cannabis Drugs Reduce Intestinal Inflammation
ByThe Toombst Continuing the role of the cannabinoid receptors from yesterday, research show that cannabis drugs reduce intestinal inflammation in mice given colitis, inflammation of the large intestine. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are two major bowel diseases characterized by chronic inflammation to parts of the intestines. The diseases can be somewhat tricky to distinguish in diagnoses but both are charachterized by inflammation in the gut. Using mice as a disease model […]

December 17, 2014

10:58 PM | Smoking Marijuana Lowers Inflammation
ByThe Toombst Smoking marijuana lowers inflammation in the body. Researchers found lower levels of the inflammatory marker CRP in people smoking marijuana in the last 30 days. Marijuana is the drug creating the most headlines in the research community at the moment. Every week a new press release warns about the harmful effects of smoking marijuana in anything from findings based in quality research to anecdotal claims about adverse health effects. All the while a wave of legalization sweeps […]

December 16, 2014

9:41 AM | Thioredoxin... a new 'diagnosis indicator' for autism?
My name's Buttercup. You've met Baron von Shush."Our study demonstrated that serum TRX [thioredoxin] levels were associated with ASD [autism spectrum disorder], and elevated levels could be considered as a novel, independent diagnosis indicator of ASD." So was the conclusion reported by Qing-biao Zhang and colleagues [1] looking at serum levels of TRX in 80 children diagnosed with an ASD compared against "100 sex and age matched typically developing children".I'll freely […]

December 05, 2014

1:17 AM | The case for intermittent fasting: size matters, timing matters too
Image source: With the holidays rolling around, you’re probably worrying just a bit about your waistline. When it comes to dieting, we all know that...

December 04, 2014

2:41 PM | Strategy to defend vs double hit at beginning of life
Inflammation and hypoxia can combine to increase of fetal brain damage. Researchers test a strategy to halt immune cells that drive the damage. The post Strategy to defend vs double hit at beginning of life appeared first on Lab Land.

December 01, 2014

9:42 AM | Cortisol and cytokines: a diagnostic tag-team for autism?
A quote from the paper by Chang-Jiang Yang and colleagues [1] begins today's post: "The results of ROC [receiver operating characteristic] analysis indicated the cortisol VAR, IL-6 and TNF-α were potential biomarkers in diagnosis of ASD [autism spectrum disorder]."With many thanks to Natasa for providing me with a copy of this paper, I'd like to discuss these 'joined up' findings a little further. A few pointers to begin with:Boot the grime of this world in the crotch, […]

Yang, C., Tan, H., Yang, F., Liu, C., Sang, B., Zhu, X. & Du, Y. (2015). The roles of cortisol and pro-inflammatory cytokines in assisting the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 9 174-181. DOI: 10.1016/j.rasd.2014.10.012


November 30, 2014

10:53 PM | Battling binge-drinking?
Scientists have developed a drug that could reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking on the brain. The research has just been published with the culmination of ten years’ work carried out by researchers across Europe. The new compound appeared to reduce neurological damage in rats, used as a model organisms to study the damage…

November 27, 2014

8:42 AM | A Little Poisoning Along the Road to ME/CFS
Anyone else been poisoned along the way? Jody Smith tells part of her horror story … Looking at my symptoms, many of which are far less these days and some are gone, it would be easy to figure that I’d just dealing with some heavy-duty menopausal issues. The sleep abnormalities, the brain fog, digestive issues, astonishing weight gain, I was the right age … I fit the menopause profile. But then I remember some of toxins I’ve been exposed to over the decades, and I […]
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