November 18, 2014

4:01 PM | Immunogenomics advances point to new biomarkers, therapies
Next-generation gene-sequencing technology and new data-analysis tools are pointing the way to fresh diagnostic and treatment approaches for autoimmune diseases, cancer and many other conditions. That was the message at Immunogenomics 2014, a recent conference hosted by Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and Science magazine for researchers studying the interaction between genes and the immune system. The event was sponsored in partnership with UAB and its Comprehensive […]
2:30 PM | Leukemia paper retracted for plagiarism — 18 years later
Nearly two decades after a Polish researcher plagiarized the work of a Turkish team, her theft has been exposed and the paper retracted. According to an article in Polish-language paper Gazeta Wyborcza, Jolanta Rzymowska of the Medical University of Lublin was the subject of two disciplinary hearings, the first in February 2014, following the discovery of her plagiarism […]

November 14, 2014

4:09 PM | Breaking the rules: flagellin vs rotavirus
It’s not chicken soup, the cure for every illness, or duct tape, the fix for every mechanical problem, but flagellin is getting there. The post Breaking the rules: flagellin vs rotavirus appeared first on Lab Land.

November 11, 2014

9:08 PM | Paul Offit: rock star of vaccine advocacy
Title: talking to parents about vaccines The post Paul Offit: rock star of vaccine advocacy appeared first on Lab Land.
2:04 PM | Ebola’s capriciousness in kids
Ebola virus disease may affect children in different ways. Biomarker research provides some molecular clues. The post Ebola’s capriciousness in kids appeared first on Lab Land.

November 08, 2014

3:59 PM | Are we really evolving into super-humans?
© EEGI came across an article on the Popular Science website, which, turns out, is the excerpt of a new book on evolution by Science Guy Bill Nye. From the reviews I gather that Bill Nye is an excellent writer and, being also an entertainer, he knows how to not only expose well but also infuse some good humor to what he says. That's all fantastic. But while the article starts off with some rigor, his conclusion had me roll my eyes. Because, even though he does include some […]

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November 07, 2014

6:53 PM | No junk: long RNA mimics DNA, restrains hormone responses
Molecular details on the function of a long intergenic noncoding RNA (lincRNA), a player in some forms of cancer. The post No junk: long RNA mimics DNA, restrains hormone responses appeared first on Lab Land.
4:01 PM | Overuse Of Antibiotics Tied To Increase In Clostridium Difficile Infection
read more
3:05 PM | Gut Bacteria Implicated In Whether Or Not Your Clothes Fit
If you read the marketing claims for probiotics and supplements, and an alarming number of papers that have made spurious claims to feed the fad, you might think gut bacteria were the magic bullet for a lot of diseases.A new paper says they even determine whether or not your jeans fit this week. Pizza and exercise are hereby absolved. Instead, the  types of microbes that grow in our body, influenced by our genetic makeup, influences whether we are fat or thin, according to a paper in

November 05, 2014

11:00 PM | Immune activity linked to a predisposition to depressive behavior
Transplanting bone marrow can make a mouse susceptible to social stresses.
3:17 PM | ABC Transporter Complex: How Cells Defend Themselves Against Antibiotics
The structure of an asymmetrical ABC transporter complex has been determined with the aid of a high-resolution cryo-electron microscope. ABC transporters cause bacteria and other pathogens to become resistant to antibiotics. They can also help cancer cells to defend themselves against cytostatic agents and thus determine whether chemotherapy will succeed.    "ABC transporters causes diseases such as cystic fibrosis, while on the other hand they are responsible for the immune system […]
6:28 AM | Discovered: Vaccine-Resistant Polio Strain
A serious epidemic of poliomyelitis that struck the Republic of the Congo in 2010 has been identified as a vaccine-resistant strain of polio. The epidemic affected 445 people in the city of Pointe-Noire, the economic capital of the country, killing almost half of them. The researchers fear the emergence of other strains against which vaccines would have little more

November 04, 2014

6:48 PM | FDA approves treatment for acquired hemophilia
The drug Obizur was originally developed at Emory by hematologist Pete Lollar and colleagues The post FDA approves treatment for acquired hemophilia appeared first on Lab Land.

October 29, 2014

5:10 PM | This Month in Blastocystis Research (OCT 2014) - Trick or Treat Edition
Over the past 30 days I've hardly had any time to focus on Blastocystis. I've been busy preparing for and attending UEGWeek 2014, preparing abstracts for next year's ECCMID conference in Copenhagen, and I've also put a lot of effort into preparing proposals for this round of grant calls from the Danish Council for Independent Research.  Among other things, we are applying for money to develop DNA-probe based diagnostics, including a unique software, for use in the clinical microbiology lab […]

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3:36 PM | Despite Ebola Concern, Global Infection Outbreaks Have Been Declining For Decades
Ebola is causing a lot of concern, a few instances in the United States were enough to lead to calls to overthrow the FDA vaccine approval process and the White House declared that the United States Department of Health and Human Services was unqualified to manage a handful of cases in America so they put a lawyer in charge as an Ebola czar. The National Institutes of Health said they could not fix the problem with the $330 billion they have gotten since 2001 but they are just exploiting […]

October 28, 2014

10:31 PM | People Without Symptoms Aren't Going To Give You Ebola - Here Is Why
Flying by ShutterstockBy Stephen Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania read more
2:00 PM | Salk’s swansong: renaissance of the injected polio vaccine
Picture a lab scientist. White coat, pensive expression, microscope in hand. Glasses, perhaps. The person you have in mind (providing you are willing to humour a stereotype or two) may have a striking resemblance to Jonas Salk, the archetypal laboratory researcher, born in New York City on Wednesday 28th October 1914 — one hundred years […]

October 27, 2014

6:31 PM | Will The Ebola Epidemic Ever End?
Not everyone who contracts the Ebola virus dies, the survival rate is actually around 30%, which means some kind of immunity to the disease is possible. Experimental treatments and vaccines against Ebola exist but there was little interest from governments in streamlining the bureaucracy before the recent outbreak, so they have not undergone phase 2 trials - the U.S. Congress did add $90 million to the $29 billion budget of the National Institutes of Health after Director Francis Collins said […]
1:41 AM | How To Build A Powerful Antibiotic
Antibiotics are a part of nature, as is antibiotic resistance. A study on how a powerful antibiotic agent gets made in nature solved a decades-old mystery and opens up new avenues of research into thousands of similar molecules. The team focused on a class of compounds that includes dozens with antibiotic properties. The most famous of these is nisin, a natural product in milk that can be synthesized in the lab and is added to foods as a preservative. Nisin has been used to combat food-borne […]
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