May 03, 2015

1:06 PM | What Happens to Astronaut’s Brain on Way to Mars
According to new research from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Nevada, exposure to galactic cosmic rays may have long-term adverse consequences to cognition throughout life; and performance decrements, memory deficits, and loss of awareness and focus during spaceflight may affect mission-critical activities. As NASA prepares for the first manned spaceflight to [...]

May 02, 2015

11:17 AM | It's a (Royal) Girl! Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth
Prince George now has a baby sister, who was born Saturday morning to the delight of a nation. Continue reading →

May 01, 2015

7:25 PM | Woman Who Promoted Cancer-Curing Diet Admits Hoax
Wellness guru Belle Gibson claimed her special diet and holistic treatments cured her cancer, but she never had cancer. Continue reading →
3:31 PM | Why Some Lose More Weight from Exercise
Yes -- some lose weight more easily than others. You can blame (or thank) your genes.

April 28, 2015

11:00 PM | Monkey Creates 6-Word 'Language'
Translation of monkey speak reveals that at least some of our fellow primates communicate a lot about leopards, birds of prey and falling tree branches.
6:37 PM | Explainer: Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?
Marriage between two people of the same sex is now legal in 18 nations -- which ones?
5:00 PM | Aid Reaches Quake-Hit Nepal Villagers
Desperate people, hungry and homeless, rushed helicopters as they landed in remote locations. Continue reading →

April 27, 2015

7:15 PM | Got Back Pain? You Might Be Part Chimp
People with lower back issues have spines indistinguishable from a chimp's, a new study finds. Continue reading →
3:50 PM | 8-Limbed Baby Touted as Reincarnated Indian God
A baby in India born with a conjoined twin is being worshipped as the reincarnation of a god.
3:19 PM | Air Pollution May Shrink the Brain
Just small amounts of pollution inhaled over years can lead to brain shrinkage, a new study finds.

April 26, 2015

7:35 PM | Dr. Oz Accuses Critics of Trying to Silence Him
TV's Dr. Oz has come under fire by critics for spreading medical misinformation, but he's defiant.

April 25, 2015

1:00 PM | A Simple Guide to Starting Your Own Country
Have you ever wanted to rule your own country? Of course, you have. Find out how.

April 24, 2015

3:15 PM | Neuroscientists Create Illusion of Having Invisible Body
According to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the feeling of invisibility changes physical stress response in challenging social situations. “What is it like to be invisible?” This question has long fascinated man and has been the central theme of many classic literary works, such as the myth of Gyges’ ring in [...]
11:20 AM | Woman's 'Embryonic Twin' Not Really an Embryo, Or a Twin
Doctors discovered she had a teratoma, a type of tumor that can contain all three of the major cell types that are found in an early stage human embryo.

April 23, 2015

9:18 PM | Explainer: How Powerful Is California?
While we're waiting around for a giant earthquake to rip the Golden State from the mainland, we thought we'd take a look at what the United States would lose without California.
7:00 PM | Teeth Implicate Humans in Neanderthal Extinction
Ancient teeth from Italy suggest that the arrival of modern humans in Western Europe coincided with the demise of Neanderthals.
3:42 PM | DNews: How Poverty Changes Your Brain
Worrying about money can put a strain on you in the short-term, but new research shows that living in poverty can affect you for life.
3:37 PM | Blue Bell's Listeria Scare: How It Grows in Ice Cream
Learn how how Listeria grows, and what consumers can do to protect themselves. Continue reading →
3:02 PM | French Perfumer Bottles Scent of Dearly Departed
Manufacturers take a lost one's clothing, extract the odor and reconstruct the smell in a perfume. Continue reading →

April 22, 2015

1:42 PM | Explainer: Is India's Caste System Still Alive?
India is growing fast, yet the outlawed caste system still creates discrimination. So what is the Indian caste system? And how is it affecting modern India?
1:47 AM | Beating the bloodsuckers?
Last night I ran around my room fighting a fairly bloody battle - shoes may have been thrown. This was not a bizarre reaction to stress; my room was colonised by bloodthirsty ectoparasites intent on eating me alive. But how exactly do mosquitoes track us down - and what makes humans their meal of choice? […]

April 21, 2015

11:00 PM | Wolves Are Kinder, More Tolerant Than Dogs
The finding has animal experts puzzling over what led to domestication of man's best friend.
3:13 PM | Homeopathic Products Under FDA Scrutiny
The Food and Drug Administration is revisiting its decision not to regulate homeopathic products. Continue reading →

April 20, 2015

3:21 PM | Scary Inhaler Accident: What a Woman Learned
As soon as she inhaled, a woman felt a severe scratch at the back of her throat.

April 18, 2015

11:30 PM | A way to paleo paradise
Picture this, if you will: you and your compatriots have been deathly silent for hours, stalking through dense vegetation. Your prey is none the wiser of your presence and it must remain that way if your family is to survive another day. And there it is! - through the leaves, vines and trees you see […]

April 17, 2015

7:07 PM | Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors
Analysis of ancient cadavers recovered at a famous archaeological site confirm the existence of a sophisticated culture of butchering and carving human remains, according to a team of scientists. Gough’s […]
7:00 PM | Our chin comes from evolution, not mechanical forces
Why are modern humans the only species to have chins? Researchers say it’s not due to mechanical forces, such as chewing, but may lie in our evolution: As our faces […]
6:01 PM | Tribe Found to Host Amazing Array of Bacteria
The world's record for bodily bacterial diversity has just been shattered by a remote living tribe of healthy villagers who might be better prepared to fight off infections than we are.
3:05 PM | E-Cigarette Use Triples in US Teens
Some two million U.S. high school students tried e-cigarettes last year, a rate that tripled in just one year.

April 16, 2015

6:00 PM | Dog Mojo: Canine Gazes Change Our Biochemistry
Adoring looks from a dog affect owners to their very depths, causing them to release a love hormone.
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