July 18, 2014

10:47 AM | Ultrafine particulate matter air pollution, mice and autism
Reading the headline "Study links air pollution to autism, schizophrenia" in a media piece about the study by Joshua Allen and colleagues* (open-access here) made me want to delve a little more into this research. I've talked before about air pollution and autism (see here) on this blog. Although a healthy degree of scepticism is to be expected with any autism correlation, particularly when it comes to something as generalised as air pollution (or pesticide exposure) there is a growing […]

July 16, 2014

2:15 PM | "Break" from Cancer a Turning Point for Patient
Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines respite as “a short period of time when you are able to stop doing something that is difficult or unpleasant.” The trips that For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation provide for patients clearly fit that definition. The all-expense-paid vacation is a chance for the patient –– and...

July 07, 2014

4:19 PM | Eating, Competitively: Penn Gastroenterologists Break It Down
The names Bill ″El Wingador″ Simmons, Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, and Joey Chestnut might ring a bell to followers of the Wing Bowl, the annual speed eating competition that takes place right here in the City of Brotherly Love on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Chestnut is, as...

July 02, 2014

9:30 PM | Exploring the Human Microbiome
Like many people, I have gone through life without paying much attention to my gut –- except, that is, for the times my stomach gave unmistakable indications that it was upset. Most of the time, what was happening inside said stomach remained unknown. On the whole, it was out of...
7:40 AM | Quality of life and autism
The BBC ran an interesting article on their website recently titled: Happiness and disability. Discussions about the disability paradox - whereby some people with often significant and persistent disability report experiencing a good or excellent quality of life (QoL) - got me thinking about QoL and in particular, how it might relate to the very wide and very heterogeneous autism spectrum. I might add that I am not insinuating that everyone diagnosed on the autism spectrum are 'disabled' but […]

Chiang, H. & Wineman, I. (2014). Factors associated with quality of life in individuals with autism spectrum disorders: A review of literature, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 8 (8) 974-986. DOI: 10.1016/j.rasd.2014.05.003

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