August 06, 2014

8:39 AM | Gastrointestinal response to A1 vs A2 milk
I want to talk about the findings from Ho and colleagues [1] today, and in particular their observation of: "differences in gastrointestinal responses in some adult humans consuming milk containing beta-casein of either the A1 or the A2 beta-casein type". If you're wondering why such a paper finds it's way on to a blog predominantly about autism research, well stay with me on this rather long blogging entry...Start your engines... @ Wikipedia Before progressing, I am going to put a […]

Ho, S., Woodford, K., Kukuljan, S. & Pal, S. (2014). Comparative effects of A1 versus A2 beta-casein on gastrointestinal measures: a blinded randomised cross-over pilot study, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, DOI: 10.1038/ejcn.2014.127

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