September 01, 2014

6:35 PM | American Southwest has 80% chance of decade-long drought this century
It has happened before, and warming won’t help.

August 31, 2014

12:00 PM | Hydraulic integration in tree root vessels
Johnson et al. measure xylem embolism resistance and connectivity in roots of two co-occurring tree species in a semi-arid habitat, Quercus fusiformis and Sideroxylon lanuginosum.

August 30, 2014

3:13 AM | Landmark Groundwater Reform Headed to Governor’s Desk
The era of unlimited groundwater pumping in California could be ending. A package of bills would require local agencies to restore over-pumped aquifers.

August 28, 2014

5:24 PM | Leaky Pipes Lose Billions of Gallons of Water Every Year in the Bay Area
On top of the drought, the South Napa Quake damaged dozens of water pipes and last month a ruptured pipe ruptured on the UCLA campus leaked about 20 million gallons of water. So how strong is California's water infrastructure?
2:00 PM | Dating Drought in the Nebraska Sandhills
Could the Nebraska Sandhills resemble the Sahara? They have before. Join QUEST as we explore dating and recreating drought in dunes.

August 23, 2014

8:36 PM | Pictures That Show You Just How Extreme California’s Current Drought Is
If you weren’t aware, California is going through a very serious drought. 2013 saw the lowest rainfall numbers in California’s recorded history, and 2014 has been by far the hottest year on record for the state, according to the NOAA. The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) is a standardized metric which compares long-term droughts by looking at rainfall, temperature and soil moisture levels. The scale goes from +6 (very wet), to -6 (very dry). Anything below a -4 is considered
2:00 PM | Science Caturday: All Dried Out
California has been experiencing drought conditions for over a year, and now geological monitoring stations  show that the drying ground is actually rising up. According to this article by Sarah Zielinski in Smithsonian Magazine, “Measurements of these subtle movements, made … Continue reading →

August 22, 2014

2:29 PM | A Jellyfish Jamboree
By Jason Bittel Most people do their best to keep a safe distance from jellyfish and their cousins, the Portuguese man-of-war, but U.S. Navy combat photographer Aaron Ansarov isn't afraid of a little sting. He gets up close to these cnidarians in order to capture some seriously stunning footage. Getting to know these creatures may be a good idea since climate change is going to bring a whole lot more of them. (In possibly related news, billions of little […]

August 21, 2014

7:37 PM | Epic Drought in West Is Literally Moving Mountains
Some parts of California’s mountains have been uplifted by as much as half an inch in the past 18 months because the massive amount of water lost in the drought is no longer weighing down the land, causing it to rise a bit like an uncoiled spring.

August 20, 2014

7:01 AM | Drought-Stricken California Town Struggles to Keep the Water Flowing
From heavy machinery to hand-held flour sifters, this town is pulling out all the stops to save its water.

August 19, 2014

7:20 PM | In California, we are bracing ourselves for the water wars.
In California, we are bracing ourselves for the water wars. An investigative article from the Washington Post explains why the current drought, the worst in recorded history, could change the state forever. Read more...

August 17, 2014

7:31 PM | Soil Connections: Drought, Dust and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
An unfortunate sequence of events involving drought, depleted water resources, wastewater management, antibiotic resistant bacteria (ABR) and dust storms may pose a real health risk in desert states – and, perhaps, beyond. Briefly, here’s the sequence of steps, beginning with drought and ending with a respiratory infection: 1. Arid states can’t grow everything they want with what little rainfall they get – so they irrigate. 2. Limited fresh water used …

August 15, 2014

10:08 PM | Gardening in the Drought: What Makes a Plant ‘Drought-Tolerant’
Plants have evolved all sorts of ways to survive the dry times in California.

August 13, 2014

11:21 AM | Extreme drought in US threatens groundwater supply
Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog - Making a difference to how we live with hazard and risk. The current drought in California is one of the worst on record in the state’s history, and not surprisingly it has broken a 120-year-old record for heat. 80 percent of California is experiencing extreme drought. A State of Emergency was [...] The post Extreme drought in US threatens groundwater supply appeared first on Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog.
1:53 AM | Water Restrictions: Meaning of ‘Mandatory’ Depends on Where You Live
Enforcement strategies are all over the map, literally and figuratively.

August 11, 2014

2:09 PM | Fire, Forests, and Fighter Jets
By Jason Bittel The 35,284-acre Oregon Gulch fire burning about 15 miles east of Ashland, Oregon, is now 64 percent contained, but last week, the blaze sent rare pyrocumulus (that’s fire + cumulus) clouds high into the sky. That’s when aerial photographer Jim “Hazy” Haseltine was able to capture this shot of an F-15C from Oregon’s Air National Guard with a bad-ass backdrop. A combination of lightning and dry conditions (read: […]

August 06, 2014

10:12 PM | History of fire and drought shapes the ecology of California, past and future
Fire season has arrived in California with vengeance in […]
2:01 PM | Growing A Solution To California’s Groundwater Crisis
By Peyton Fleming Senior Communications Director, Ceres Three years before the California drought became a national crisis, national berry giant Driscoll’s, on the state’s Central Coast, knew it had a major problem with water. It was disappearing. As a result, water rights lawsuits had become commonplace, water rates were rising again and the precious liquid…

August 05, 2014

6:56 PM | 7 Weird Ways to Save Water
By Scott Lau Whether it’s in response to California’s recent drought, or just to be economical, here are seven weird ways young people, like me and my peers, are saving water today. Dirty clothes? Wash your laundry in large loads. Collect the grey water in a bucket And use the soapy water to mop up…
5:15 PM | Water costs up 1,000% where half of US fruits, vegetables and nuts grow
The rising cost of vegetables and the crops fed to livestock may alter the diets of the expanded mass of poor people in the US. The real impact, however, is the drying of springs and ponds used by wildlife. Drought and human competition for water will shove many species farther toward extinction. Continue reading →

August 04, 2014

3:20 PM | What Will California's Drought Do To Our Food Supply?
California is in the middle of a crushing, and steadily worsening, drought. It's also one of our top agricultural producers. So just what does this drought mean for our food supply?Read more...
11:00 AM | What If California Runs Out of Water?
If California's drought continues beyond year three, experts say that the thirsty state could be in danger of a slow-motion water apocalypse.

August 03, 2014

11:08 PM | Heat, Drought and Lightning Spark Upsurge in Wildfires
Wildfire activity is really picking up in California and Oregon, thanks to extreme drought, high temperatures and lightning crackling across the region. In California alone, the area burned by wildfire has quadrupled since last Wednesday. The animation above consists of natural and false color satellite images acquired yesterday by NASA’s Aqua satellite. In it, I […]The post Heat, Drought and Lightning Spark Upsurge in Wildfires appeared first on ImaGeo.
5:40 AM | North American waterfowl are newest casualty of California’s drought – The Sacramento Bee
“California wildlife officials are asking the public to help watch for sick waterfowl that may be suffering because of the drought. Avian botulism is more likely to spread when birds cluster in small pockets of water. Already, hundreds of dead … Continue reading →
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