March 17, 2015

9:20 AM | Different mental abilities peak at different times of life, from 18 to 70+
Look at the age at which athletes reach their top performance levels in different sports and it seems there isn't a single time in life at which physical capability peaks. For example, footballers are said to peak at around age 27 while for golfers the peak is likely at least five years later, and for ultra-marathon runners, the peak is later still, in the forties. Put simply, you reach your optimum age for different sporting skills at different ages. According to a new analysis, so it is with […]

March 09, 2015

3:00 AM | Haeckel’s Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud
By Nick Hopwood Synopsis: Pictures from the past powerfully shape current views of the world. In books, television programs, and websites, new images appear alongside others that have survived from decades ago. Among the most […]

March 06, 2015

9:56 AM | By age three, girls already show a preference for thin people
These days it's hard to avoid the message that thin is best. From advertising billboards to the Oscar red carpet, we are inundated with images of successful ultra-thin women.Past research has already shown that this ideal is filtering through to our children, even preschoolers. But before now, there has been little study of just how early pro-thin bias (and prejudice against fat people) appears, and how it develops with age.Jennifer Harriger tested 102 girls from the South Western US, aged […]

Harriger, J. (2014). Age Differences in Body Size Stereotyping in a Sample of Preschool Girls, Eating Disorders, 23 (2) 177-190. DOI: 10.1080/10640266.2014.964610

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