November 19, 2014

11:13 AM | GEOS-5 Computer Model Provides High-Resolution Look at Key Greenhouse Gas
A new computer model called GEOS-5 has provided a high-resolution look at how carbon dioxide (CO2) – the key driver of global warming – moves around the globe and fluctuates in volume throughout the year. This particular simulation is called Nature Run. It is the product of the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5 [...]
2:43 AM | This Week’s Rain Unlikely to Dent Drought
Rain systems so far this season have been on the wimpy side. This next series is likely to continue the trend.

November 18, 2014

9:00 PM | NASA Shows Stark Year in the Life of CO2
A new NASA simulation shows some of the most detailed imagery of carbon dioxide ever created.
7:33 PM | Volcanic Eruptions May Have Triggered Episodic Water Flow on Ancient Mars
Scientists from Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and Brown University suggest that water flow and warm temperatures on early Mars were likely related to periodic volcanism that spewed tons of greenhouse-inducing sulfur dioxide into the planet’s atmosphere. The researchers suggest that periods of temperatures warm enough for water to flow likely lasted for only [...]
2:00 PM | Designing California Cities for a Long-Term Drought
Scientists say it’s possible California’s drought may last a lot longer than a few years. No one knows for sure, but we could all simply have to adjust to a drier climate. That could mean changing the way we build cities to make them more porous. The 'Hydramax,' a futuristic design pictured above, rises with the tide and captures water from the air.

November 17, 2014

1:15 PM | Floods, Companies and Supply Chain Risk
Global companies with long supply chains could do a much better job of managing climate disaster risk, according to a recently published study from Masahikio Haraguchi and Upmanu Lall, researchers at the Columbia Water Center. According to the study, published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, even as the impact of natural hazards [...]

November 14, 2014

2:41 PM | Explainer: The Emissions Agreement Between the U.S. and China
Will the recent agreement struck between the United States and China on greenhouse gas emissions really help matters or will it all be so much hot air? Trace examines the deal and what could come from it.
12:00 PM | Geosciences Column: Is it possible to quantify the effect of natural emissions on climate?
The air we breathe is full of tiny particles that can have a big impact on our climate. Industrial activities have greatly increased the number of these particles, cooling the climate and potentially offsetting some of the warming due to greenhouse gases. In this post Kirsty Pringle introduces new research that suggests that it might […]
1:43 AM | Study: Warming Climate Means More Lightning
Memo to firefighters: Modeling by Berkeley researchers suggests a 50 percent spike in ground strikes this century, like the strikes that started last season's largest wildfire in California.

November 13, 2014

3:00 PM | The Sweet Science of Chocolate
Everybody loves chocolate, but did you know that small daily doses of dark chocolate are good for your health? Read the story and watch the video to learn about the precision engineering and chemistry behind the beloved treat.
2:45 AM | U.S. and China Greenhouse Gas Deal: Landmark Move or More Hot Air?
President Obama sets ambitious goals for greenhouse gas reductions, but the deal faces political battles here and overseas.

November 11, 2014

5:00 PM | They Are Who We Thought They Were (Republicans And Their War On Our Kids)
Republican priorities are — not “becoming,” because they always were — clear. Facing the one unequivocal existential threat to the American way of life (for starters) over the next century, here’s the GOP response to the oncoming rush of human-caused global warming: The new Republican Congress is headed for a clash with the White House over two […]

November 10, 2014

11:40 PM | Robot Gliders See How Antarctic Ice Melts From Below
Scientists suspect Antarctica's shrinking glaciers are melting from the bottom up, and a fleet of robot ocean gliders may help explain why.
2:00 PM | Parched: California Wildlife Suffers in Drought
Birds, salmon and snakes depend on marshes and rivers for survival and migration, and to propagate the species. But many wildlife species are unable to find the water they need as the drought shrinks rivers and dries up wetlands.

November 09, 2014

8:14 PM | Cairngorms snow cover, 1954-1984
Neil Reid wrote a post this week about news from the Mar Lodge estate. On it he mentions the future of Derry Lodge. I’ve never been to Derry Lodge so seeing a photograph… Continue reading →
5:43 PM | Will anyone follow this route to low emission, low cost farming?
Can we stop cheap, climate-friendly fertiliser via the STEP process being like transport by jetpack – a promise destined to remain unkept?

Licht, S., Cui, B., Wang, B., Li, F., Lau, J. & Liu, S. (2014). Ammonia synthesis by N2 and steam electrolysis in molten hydroxide suspensions of nanoscale Fe2O3, Science, 345 (6197) 637-640. DOI: 10.1126/science.1254234


November 07, 2014

10:40 PM | A Map Showing When It's Likely To Be Coldest Where You Live
Winter is coming, this we know. But when will the coldest day come for you? That, as this map shows, depends on where you live. Read more...
3:00 PM | Bay Area’s Coal Mining History at the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
One-third of the world's energy use relies on the greenhouse gas-producing coal, and the United Nations released a sobering report last week about its ongoing impact on global climate change. Find out about the Bay Area's own legacy with this fuel source.

November 06, 2014

4:46 PM | Latest Forecast: Odds of an El Niño Drop
The odds of an El Niño developing this winter have faded somewhat, further dimming hopes for a break in California’s historic drought. Back in June, forecasters pegged the odds of an El Niño emerging by fall and winter at 80 percent. Today, a bulletin from the National Climatic Data Center reports that the long predicted El Niño […]The post Latest Forecast: Odds of an El Niño Drop appeared first on ImaGeo.
3:00 PM | Life Aboard a ‘Polar Roller’: America’s Last Heavy Icebreaker
And a trick to prevent seasickness that the skipper swears by (other than staying ashore).
1:44 PM | Drought, Population Growth Led to Decline of Neo-Assyrian Empire
According to a new study published in the journal Climatic Change, the Neo-Assyrian Empire was forced into terminal decline by the combination of two factors – a major increase in the population of the Assyrian heartland area and an episode of severe drought affecting large portions of the Near East during the mid-7th century BC. [...]

November 05, 2014

10:56 PM | ESA Policy News November 5: Senate elections shake up committees, IPCC report finds climate change effects irreversible
Here are some highlights from the latest ESA Policy New […]
7:20 PM | Where is all of Earth's groundwater going?
Where is all of Earth's groundwater going? Groundwater supplies around the world are undergoing a massive depletion. So what's the answer? Well, since the majority of groundwater is used for agricultural purposes, improving agricultural efficiency could have the biggest impact.Read more...
7:15 PM | 2014 Will Go Down As Hottest In California’s History
There is a better than 99 percent chance that 2014 will be the warmest year on record in California.
2:45 AM | The science of living with fire
The bushfire season isn’t wasting any time this year. There are already large fires in South Australia and NSW, and the obligatory ‘the state is a tinderbox’ warnings came out months ago. There were bushfires in July in NSW, and the number of local council areas in southern Australia declaring the fire season open in […]
2:04 AM | New Numbers Highlight Contrasts in California Water Use
Who's using the most -- and the least water? The numbers are in -- but officials warn that they can be misleading.

November 03, 2014

10:49 PM | Study: NASA Sites Across U.S. Vulnerable to Climate Change
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been at the forefront of climate science, launching satellites that take the pulse of Earth’s land, oceans and atmospheric systems, gathering data on climate, weather and natural hazards. But the agency is increasingly vulnerable itself to the effects of a changing climate.
5:30 PM | UN Climate Report Rings Alarm, Offers Guidance
The most comprehensive assessment of climate change ever published has offered a mixture of horror and hope.
3:00 PM | Fossil Fuels Should Be Eliminated by 2100: UN
Emissions of three key greenhouse gases were at their highest in more than 800,000 years, reported the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
9:47 AM | The world is certainly warming. What about where I live?
You may have heard that the world is getting warmer. But it would be perfectly fair to ask – what does that mean for my neighborhood? I can be fairly confident, even without knowing exactly where you live, in telling you that it is also going to get warmer in your neighborhood, at least on […]Author informationRobert WillsI am a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology studying climate dynamics, specifically the influence of planetary scale waves on precipitation […]
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