April 27, 2015

10:24 AM | Public Health in the News – April 26, 2015
Global The biggest science news story to come out in a long time: Chinese scientists reported that they edited the DNA of human embryos. Carl Zimmer provides a great summary of the history of the field and problems with the … Continue reading →

April 17, 2015

5:16 PM | Labor group outlines significant flaws in chemical reform bill, joins growing list of opponents
The AFL-CIO joins a growing list of organizations which have raised serious concerns---or outright oppose---the Vitter/Udall bill to amend the Toxic Substances Control Act.
3:27 PM | Another one of those ‘simple blood tests’ you’re always reading about
Headlines today are heralding a new “simple blood test”, claiming it can predict if a woman will develop breast cancer - but it's too good to be true.
7:52 AM | Higher cancer mortality rates associated with mental illness
The findings reported by Steve Kisely and colleagues [1] were of some interest recently and their assertion that despite cancer incidence being "the same as the general population for most psychiatric disorders" or even slightly reduced when a diagnosis of schizophrenia was for example received, mortality due to cancer was "increased in psychiatric patients."Such findings were based on their examination of: "Mental health records [that] were linked with cancer registrations and death […]

Kisely S, Forsyth S & Lawrence D (2015). Why do psychiatric patients have higher cancer mortality rates when cancer incidence is the same or lower?, The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry, PMID:


April 16, 2015

7:05 PM | Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect
On April 30 at 7:30 PM,  I’ll be part of a panel on Health Link with Benita Zahn, WMHT TV, to discuss the genetics behind the “Angelina Jolie effect” that has catalyzed testing for the BRCA mutations that increase risk for breast … Continue reading »The post Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

April 15, 2015

6:25 PM | Cancer Treatment Would Be Even More Effective With 3D Tissue Modeling
Over the past decade, cancer treatment has become increasingly sophisticated, harnessing a patient’s own immune system to fight tumors, or decoding the genome to figure out…
6:00 PM | From snapshot to family tree – writing the evolutionary rule book of cancer
Our scientists are piecing together cancer's family tree, uncovering clues that could help develop better treatments in the future.

April 08, 2015

8:26 PM | Tumor Bank Sustainability: An Australian Example
The Australian Breast Cancer Tumor Bank (ABCTB) was established from federal government funding awarded in 2004.1 The original start-up grant of AU$500,000 per year for five years was insufficient to maintain a national best-practice biobank, and therefore the ABCTB sought and received top-up funding from other sources. Now that ten years have passed, researchers are Read the rest of this article The post Tumor Bank Sustainability: An Australian Example appeared first on Accelerating […]

April 03, 2015

10:45 AM | The quack view of preventing cancer versus reality and Angelina Jolie, part 4
Why, oh why, did I look at GreenMedInfo again? You remember GreenMedInfo? It’s yet another wretched hive of scum and quackery, but with a twist. Its proprietor, Sayer Ji, thinks he’s an expert at interpreting the biomedical literature. Unfortunately, as he demonstrates time and time again with depressing regularity, he is nothing of the sort.…

April 01, 2015

1:50 PM | Making Medical Research Mobile
In the laundry list of things you can do with a few swipes or taps of your finger – create a grocery list, conduct banking transactions, and track your daily workout – researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine are partnering with software developers to help create mobile apps aimed...

March 31, 2015

7:00 AM | Ancient cancer
As I sat on my couch last night, laptop sitting in front of me, I awaited the Ken Burns adaptation of Siddartha Mukherjee’s excellent book The Emperor of All Maladies into a three part television documentary to air on PBS. I’m not sure whether I’ll blog the show or not, but if I do I’ll…

March 29, 2015

12:01 AM | Shots of Science: genes and open health data
Icelanders DNA sequenced Researchers have analysed the DNA data of the whole island of Iceland. The Researchers sequenced the whole genomes of 2,636 Icelanders and carried out less detailed genotyping for SNPs (DNA sequence variation occurring commonly within a population) on 104,220 individuals, one third of the population of Iceland. Iceland’s population is 325,000 and [...] The post Shots of Science: genes and open health data appeared first on HeadStuff.

March 28, 2015

10:30 AM | Psychology Around the Net: March 28, 2015
This week’s edition of Psychology Around the Net covers everything from psychology and environmentalism, a new smartphone app for teens dealing with depression, and various misconceptions about psychology. The Surprising Psychology Behind Why Some People Become Environmentalists: Psychologists have started using tools such as surveys and questionnaires to delve into this polarized topic. 10 Steps […]
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