August 22, 2014

4:00 PM | Transfer Students Often Don't Get Credit
A frequent recommendation of financial planners is that for parents want to save money on college they should sending their kids to inexpensive community colleges and then transfer to a four-year schools after two years. That way the student gets the name brand degrees at half the price. While I’ve long questioned how appropriate a solution this really is to the cost problem—If more students want to go to community colleges, how do the community colleges cope? They don’t have […]
3:01 AM | Mills College: Now a Women’s College Any Way You Slice It
Women’s colleges have for the last few years had a little trouble with how to address transgender students. Historically these schools were created to help address discrimination and gender imbalances in higher education. Many of the country’s colleges back in the 19th century only admitted men. The reason we have women’s colleges is to fix that, and give women an education. But with transgender students the question became a little more complicated. Many women’s […]

August 21, 2014

2:00 PM | Guns and Roses
A tree, a bird, a military base and one of largest ecological restoration efforts in the United States.

August 20, 2014

11:01 PM | Do You Believe in Dog? A New Ball Game
Hello Do You Believe in Dog(ers)!(source)After two years of mostly pen-pal style blogging, we're excited to share our new direction!When we first decided to create Do You Believe in Dog?, we committed to blogging back and forth about canine science for two years. We were able to celebrate achieving that goal at the recent 4th Canine Science Forum in Lincoln, UK and also reflect on the future of Do You Believe in Dog?The DYBID blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds have become vibrant places to […]

Dijk E.M.V. (2011). Portraying real science in science communication, Science Education, 95 (6) 1086-1100. DOI:

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8:52 PM | Thousands of California Kids Don't Get Past Middle School
LOS ANGELES - Devon Sanford’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when he was in the eighth grade. After barely finishing at Los Angeles’s Henry Clay Middle School, he never enrolled in high school. Instead, he spent what should have been his freshman year caring for his mother and waiting for the police to show up asking why he wasn’t in school. No one ever came. “That was the crazy part,” he said. “Nobody called or nothing.” Although the […]
4:36 PM | Why working too hard impairs your thinking.
This week’s blog post comes from Rebekah Lambert. Rebekah makes her living as marketing, content creation and copywriting freelancer at Unashamedly Creative and as head of Disruption for Discordia Zine. Rebekah has just begun a mission to improve the mental health and wellness outcomes for freelancers and entrepreneurs as one half of the Hacking Happiness team. You can follow her journey […]The post Why working too hard impairs your thinking. appeared […]
12:30 PM | Summer Break / Summer Reading
Photo: otsphoto / ShutterstickCompanion Animal Psychology Blog is taking a summer break. Meanwhile, on twitterand facebookwe continue to share links to the best writing about companion animals and their people. Why not join us?If you’re looking for some summer reading (and listening and viewing), these are some of our favourites:We’re delighted that some CAPB stories now appear in Pacific Standard, including Dog Training, Animal Welfare and the Human-Canine […]
12:22 PM | Before you set a hashtag for your course or have students blog, think FERPA
Are you going to require that your students post on a public blog this semester?  Will you be creating a Facebook page for your class and asking students to post on it?  Will you have students post selfies on Twitter with a course hashtag?  For those instructors that use social media with their students and courses, this could be the most important tweet you read all year:   Is your …

August 19, 2014

5:04 PM | Teacher-School Match: Education Needs Long Relationships, Not 'One-Night Stands'
Teacher preparation programs should see themselves as matchmakers. We match professionals with schools and students who’ll hopefully consider their arranged partnership happy, healthy and productive. Communities benefit when new teachers share their fates with their surroundings. Matriculation and graduation are the few separation rates teacher prep programs should celebrate; in the very least, the public should expect students, schools and districts to get their dowries back. In order to […]
3:31 PM | The “Hazardous” Chemistry of E-waste
It’s so easy to forget when you get a new shiny phone, what can be lurking inside this cool polished look. The fact that some toxic compounds are used in the manufacture of electronic devices is not new. For example, in 2011, 137 Chinese workers needed hospitalisation to treat n-hexane poisoning, after complaining of sweaty [...]

August 18, 2014

11:17 PM | How Much Did Students Really Gain on Common Core Tests in New York? Data Don't Say
The main reason for annual standardized tests is to figure out how much kids are learning each year. But when New York released its 2014 Common Core test results on August 14, state education officials were selective in their data reporting and did not disclose actual student scores. Instead they released only the percentage of children hitting various proficiency thresholds. That makes it difficult for outsiders to understand how much New York students improved after their second year of […]
11:09 PM | Getting Kids into College is One Thing, Getting Them Through is Another
NEW ORLEANS —When Pamela Bolton searched for a middle school for her daughter seven years ago, convenience, not college, was on her mind. She ended up enrolling her daughter at a new and untested middle school called New Orleans College Prep largely because she could get there easily. But New Orleans College Prep, and its partner high school, Cohen College Prep, ended up providing much more than an easy commute. Last spring a large poster of Bolton’s daughter, Imani, then a […]
10:55 PM | Paying College Players- Cost of Attendance Stipends
The Raleigh, N.C. News and Observer had a front pager yesterday on the changes that are coming to college sports regarding paying players. There are so many issues, and so many questions, but a key one is understanding a key University concept, “the cost of attendance (COA).” Duke University’s COA for 2014 is shown below: Historically, the NCAA has prevented University’s from covering the full COA via an athletic scholarship, but the ruling in […]
6:30 PM | Lawmakers Dabble in Early Education Reform
In our recent report, Beyond Subprime Learning: Accelerating Progress in Early Education, we put forth dozens of recommendations for federal, state, and local policymakers; teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities; community organizations; and school leaders to help the field better meet the needs of young children and their families and improve access to high-quality early education opportunities. New America is just one of many groups with ideas for how to improve […]

August 15, 2014

8:50 PM | Increased Child Poverty Rate Disproportionately Impacts the Nation's Youngest Learners
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is out with its 25th KIDS COUNT Data Book, which has been providing the public with an annual glimpse into the well being of American children for the past quarter-century. As big anniversaries do, this one provides a natural opening to look at how we have fared. Trends were both positive and troubling during a time of major demographic shifts: The nation’s population of children climbed from 64 million to 74 million. The percentage of white children […]
8:48 PM | How Long Does Med School Need to Take?
So much of the discussion of health care in America, at least lately, centers around insurance, and how to make the medical industry more efficient and cost-effective. But another potential reform holds a lot of promise as well. Should we be trying to get doctors thorough medical school faster? According to a piece at NPR: Some doctors in the state of California will soon be able to practice after three years of medical school instead of the traditional four. The American Medical […]

August 14, 2014

8:03 PM | Kenya is wrong on Ebola
On 13th August – the World Health Organization issued a statement putting Kenya on the list of ‘high risk’ countries for Ebola transmission. Reason being that Kenya airways have many flights to countries that already have a serious Ebola crisis. Today- 14th august, President Kenyatta says ‘Kenya will not shun West Africa because of the […]
3:00 PM | Kentucky State University President Takes a Salary Hit for his School
It’s odd that this happens so rarely given the financial constraints of academic institutions, but sometimes college administrators really do make big sacrifices for their institutions. Raymond Burse (below), since June the interim president of Kentucky State University, recently decided to give up part of his own generous salary to ensure that school’s lowest-paid employees can get raises. According to an article by Lillian Cunningham in the Washington Post: The 24 school […]
12:25 PM | How Not to Stink!
Last week we looked at why we sweat and why it smells, but it doesn’t have to be like that! We saw that sweat can be affected by many factors – including  how many X chromosomes you have (by the way, if genetics is not your strong point, females are XX while males are XY). [...]
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August 13, 2014

3:00 PM | The Education Silver Bullet
Standard and Poor’s, the very non-partisan financial ratings agency, recently warned the country that we were soon facing big problems if we didn’t address inequality. No longer is inequality just a problem for American poor people, because they don’t have very much money. No, it’s actually going to start to be a problem for the economy as a whole. According to the agency: Standard & Poor's sees extreme income inequality as a drag on long-run economic growth. We've […]

August 12, 2014

1:32 PM | Getting Boys - and Girls- Interested in Computer Coding
Thanks to the glorification of Silicon Valley riches and a desire to inspire more of the next generation of children to pursue science and technology careers, computer coding instruction for children is spreading like wildfire around the United States. , an industry-financed group that is promoting computer coding in schools, says that 31,000 kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms are using its course, reaching 1.3 million students. It plans to train another 10,000 teachers […]

August 11, 2014

9:17 PM | Teach for America Shows it's Learned a Lesson About Diversity: Now, What's Next?
Teach for America is browner than ever before. This week, the organization announced that 50 percent of its incoming corps of 5,300 identify as people of color. This compares to the less than 20 percent of all teachers nationwide. Whether friend or foe, all should be encouraged by the news that a mainstream organization is responding to the needs of our communities and country. The question I have is, how good does TFA look now that it’s beige? Click to read more Andre Perry. Not only is […]
4:42 PM | Q & A With Author Elizabeth Green: Great Teachers Need ‘Specialized Skills and Knowledge’
In her new book Building a Better Teacher, Chalkbeat CEO Elizabeth Green obsessively explores what good teaching looks and sounds like - and whether the most effective teachers are “born for the blackboard,” in her words. Green’s quest takes her to schools of education and to classrooms in the United States and Japan, where she observes an array of methods and practices. Elizabeth Green Green finds that good teaching is “a complex craft,’’ but that “far […]

August 10, 2014

9:00 AM | Canine Science Forum 2014 - we come full circle!
Aw - it's Us @ CSF2014! Thanks Tamás Faragó :)Dear Julie,while you've been off enjoying the fjords of Norway and I've been recovering from six legs of long haul flying with a three year old as hand luggage, I thought I'd put up a quick post to recap the wonderful week in Lincoln, UK that was the (Feline and) Canine Science Forum 2014.Such a fun, stimulating, inspiring week comprising the Feline Science day (Monday), public lecture by James Serpell (rhymes with […]

Hecht J. (2014). Tribute to Tinbergen: Public Engagement in Ethology, Ethology, 120 (3) 207-214. DOI:


August 08, 2014

6:00 PM | MOOCs Will Never Replace Real College. They'll Just Fix It
Unbundled! Revolution! Disruptive technology! For the last decade or so education futurists have been predicting radical changes to the structure of American colleges as a result of advances in technology. While certainly students use more new and innovate gadgets in college —indeed, many of these gadgets are a crucial part of their courses—the revolution hasn’t really happened. The basic structure of college, and its pricing, remains unchanged. As Benjamin Winterhalter puts […]
3:19 PM | NICE and Roche at loggerheads (again)
  NICE has today (8th August 2014) announced that it cannot recommend Roche’s latest breast cancer drug, Kadcyla (a combination of trastuzumab and emtansine) for routine use on the NHS because it is too expensive and hence not cost-effective.  The draft ‘no’ was actually published in May, but there has been a press release issued today more
1:53 PM | Are Some Elite Colleges Understating Net Prices?
As a faculty member researching higher education finance, I’m used to seeing the limitations in federal data available to students and their families as they choose colleges. For example, the net price of attendance measure (measured as tuition and fees, room and board, books, and other expenses less any grants received) is only for first-time, full-time students—and therefore excludes a lot of students with great financial need. But a new graphic-heavy report from The Chronicle of […]
1:49 PM | As State Pre-K Expands, Where Does Head Start Fit In?
Much of the expanding policy conversation around early childhood education has revolved around state pre-K. Head Start, the country’s largest early education program, has been somewhat left out of the conversation. Providing approximately one million children from low-income families with comprehensive services, Head Start can play a pivotal role in the lives of many youngsters. When implemented well, Head Start can be a high-quality pre-K model. However, the program has its critics and […]
1:29 PM | Medical Device Industry News Video Roundup – July 2014
Welcome to the Aptiv Solutions medical device news roundup for July 2014! We’ve gathered ten news stories offering information that may just help your company prosper. Coming up in this roundup: the medical device sector continues to evolve across the globe and over a variety of medical conditions. Outsourcing specific aspects of medical device trials ... continue reading
10:01 AM | Does pay for performance work or doesn’t it?
Martin Roland discusses the effects of pay for performance, following on from our study published in the New England Journal of Medicine this week.
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