July 18, 2014

3:56 PM | Studying Food and Culture with Chemistry
Earlier this week a team of researchers from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain published a paper in the journal PLOS ONE with new details about the diets of ancient people who lived in what is now Sudan. They are by no means the first researchers to try and piece …

July 04, 2014

7:00 AM | What a Ball of Wool can tell You about Healthy Aging
Seeking for objective measures that indicate how healthy you are. Doctors can perform plenty of tests to tell you how sick you are. There are certain agreed-on measurements of blood pressure, glucose levels or biomarkers to define illness. But what are the objective measures that indicate how healthy a person is? For that matter, what […]

June 30, 2014

8:00 AM | It’s time to be positive about triple negative breast cancer
Triple negative breast cancer has poorer survival and is less well understood than other types, but research is making a difference
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