October 02, 2014

12:03 PM | Coeliac disease risk not affected by early feeding practices
I'd like to bring three papers to your attention, all united by their discussion of coeliac (celiac) disease, that most classic of autoimmune conditions in the most part managed by the use of a lifelong gluten-free diet.First up are the papers by Elena Lionetti and colleagues [1] and Sabine Vriezinga and colleagues [2] which unfortunately pour cold water on the notion that the risk of developing coeliac disease (CD) can be somehow mitigated via the use of either the early or delayed […]

Lionetti E, Castellaneta S, Francavilla R, Pulvirenti A, Tonutti E, Amarri S, Barbato M, Barbera C, Barera G, Bellantoni A & Castellano E (2014). Introduction of Gluten, HLA Status, and the Risk of Celiac Disease in Children., The New England journal of medicine, 371 (14) 1295-1303. PMID:

Vriezinga SL, Auricchio R, Bravi E, Castillejo G, Chmielewska A, Crespo Escobar P, Kolaček S, Koletzko S, Korponay-Szabo IR, Mummert E & Polanco I (2014). Randomized Feeding Intervention in Infants at High Risk for Celiac Disease., The New England journal of medicine, 371 (14) 1304-1315. PMID:

Elfström P, Sundström J & Ludvigsson JF (2014). Systematic review with meta-analysis: associations between coeliac disease and type 1 diabetes., Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, PMID:

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