January 20, 2015

9:56 AM | Autism and low vitamin D at birth
Discussions about vitamin D (the 'sunshine' vitamin/hormone) and autism are not unfamiliar to this blog. Just last year (2014) I covered research talking about the possibility of a connection between vitamin D and [some] autism at least three times (see here and see here and see here), possibly more...but in my game, I'm the bad guy, and I live in the garbage.I wouldn't say that I'm an advocate for everything implied by the correlations being made between vitamin D levels and autism given that […]

Elisabeth Fernell, Susanne Bejerot, Joakim Westerlund, Carmela Miniscalco, Henry Simila, Darryl Eyles, Christopher Gillberg & Mats B Humble (2015). Autism spectrum disorder and low vitamin D at birth: a sibling control study., Molecular Autism, Other:


January 19, 2015

5:42 PM | Gut bacteria causes autoimmune diseases ?
ByThe Toombst Gut bacteria causes autoimmune diseases? Researchers discover that young mice colonized by a certain type of gut bacteria can develop auto immune disorders later on. Gut bacteria have many roles in our body. From being able to make the body tolerate certain allergens like peanuts, causing food cravings, reducing breast cancer risk by breaking down estrogen. All gut bacteria isn’t cut from the same cloth though. Being colonized by the “wrong” type can cause […]

January 18, 2015

8:06 PM | Stem cells derived from amniotic tissues have immunosuppressive properties
Stem cells derived from human amnion have for some time been considered promising for cell therapies because of their ease of access, ability to differentiate, and absence of ethical issues. Now, a research team has found that stem cells derived from human female amnion also have immunosuppressive activity and that the addition of antibodies to […]

Li J, Koike-Soko C, Sugimoto J, Yoshida T, Okabe M & Nikaido T (2014). Human Amnion-derived Stem Cells have Immunosuppressive Properties on NK cells and Monocytes., Cell transplantation, PMID:

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