April 01, 2015

2:57 PM | April Fool
Non-jokes on April Fool’s Day Nun’s Priest’s Tale source Faadosly Polir is the older brother of Lofa Polir. You may recall he invented new ways to apply powerful mathematical techniques to prove trivial theorems, and she once claimed a great result on integer factoring. We have heard from both since, but they haven’t given us […]

March 25, 2015

9:16 PM | Pride Before a Fall: The Intertwining of Pride and Shame in Eating Disorders
Is there a link between eating disorders and shame? What about pride? Can understanding these emotions help us to understand how eating disorders develop, and how they are maintained? In reviewing literature for my specialization paper, I stumbled upon a qualitative study by Skarderud (2007) about the role of shame in eating disorders. I found the article quite interesting, so I fired up the “where was this cited” tool on my university library database and uncovered a wealth of […]

March 18, 2015

3:58 AM | Leprechauns Will Find You
And perhaps even find your hidden prime factors Neil L. is a Leprechaun. He has visited me every St. Patrick’s Day since I began the blog in 2009. In fact he visited me every St. Patrick’s Day before then, but I never talked about him. Sometimes he comes after midnight the night before, or falls […]

March 16, 2015

2:37 PM | Teacher, Learn Thyself: Critical Issues in School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention
Prevention programs for eating disorders abound, though many people I’ve talked to (mostly on Twitter, because that’s where I have a lot of discussions of this type) have expressed the sentiment that limited resources might be better spent on early intervention or treatment in general. Still, it isn’t hard to understand why we still optimistically aim for eating disorder prevention; of course we would rather stop eating disorders in their tracks, before they wreak havoc on the […]

March 14, 2015

1:26 PM | The Other Pi Day
It’s 3/14/15, do you know how much your Π costs? source Larry Shaw apparently created the concept of Pi Day in 1988. He was then a physicist who worked at the San Francisco Exploratorium. He and his colleagues initially celebrated by marching around in circles, and then eating pies—that is fruit pies. As Homer Simpson […]

March 08, 2015

10:56 PM | Lint For Math
Can we remove simple errors from math proofs? simple-talk interview source Stephen Johnson is one of the world’s top programmers. Top programmers are inherently lazy: they prefer to build tools rather than write code. This led Steve to create some of great software tools that made UNIX so powerful, especially in the “early days.” These […]

March 06, 2015

2:13 AM | News on Intermediate Problems
The Minimum Circuit Size Problem goes front and center Eric Allender, Bireswar Das, Cody Murray, and Ryan Williams have proved new results about problems in the range between and -complete. According to the wide majority view of complexity the range is vast, but it is populated by scant few natural computational problems. Only Factoring, Discrete […]
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