April 27, 2015

3:43 AM | The Anti-Pigeonhole Conjecture
A conjecture about faculty behavior “Dr. Kibzwang” source Colin Potts is Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Georgia Tech. His job includes being a member of the President’s Cabinet—our president, not the real one—and he is charged with academic policies and changes to such policies. He is also a College of Computing colleague and fellow […]

April 16, 2015

4:35 AM | Kinds of Continuity
Congratulations to John Nash and Louis Nirenberg on the 2015 Abel Prize Combined from src1, src2. John Nash and Louis Nirenberg have jointly won the 2015 Abel Prize for their work on partial differential equations (PDEs). They did not write any joint papers, but Nirenberg evidently got Nash excited about David Hilbert’s 19th problem during […]

April 10, 2015

7:32 PM | Not So Fast: Is There a Connection Between Religious Fasting and Eating Disorders?
I’ve always wondered about how being encouraged to fast for religious reasons might impact those who are vulnerable to eating disorders and those who already have eating disorders. I can’t imagine it would be easy to be around others who were fasting in the name of religion while struggling with an eating disorder. Equally, I can certainly see the dangers of participating in fasting for those who are predisposed to eating disorders. Despite not being religious myself, however, I […]

April 09, 2015

2:16 AM | A Quantum Two-Finger Exercise
More mileage than expected from a little example Cropped from World Science Festival source Sean Carroll is a cosmologist in the Department of Physics at Caltech. He also maintains a blog, “Preposterous Universe,” and writes books promoting the public understanding of science. I have recently been enjoying his 2010 book From Eternity to Here: The […]

April 01, 2015

2:57 PM | April Fool
Non-jokes on April Fool’s Day Nun’s Priest’s Tale source Faadosly Polir is the older brother of Lofa Polir. You may recall he invented new ways to apply powerful mathematical techniques to prove trivial theorems, and she once claimed a great result on integer factoring. We have heard from both since, but they haven’t given us […]
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