December 13, 2014

6:45 PM | Making Connections: Peer Support and Eating Disorder Recovery
I feel like a broken record when I say that we continue to lack an evidence-base for most “alternative” forms of support for eating disorders. As I’ve noted in prior posts, just because something is not evidence based does not mean it does not work for anyone; often, an evidence base is established when researchers can secure enough funding to run a randomized-controlled trial (RCT) that would act as evidence. Even when an RCT has been run, it is hard to say that one form of […]

November 28, 2014

9:57 PM | Fat Talk Free Zone: What is the Impact of Fat Talk on Body Dissatisfaction?
There has been a veritable explosion of “anti-fat talk” movements in the body image and eating disorder prevention realms over the past few years. Indeed, campaigns like the Tri-Delta Sorority Fat Talk Free week have become relatively well known. Events like the “Southern Smash,” where participants literally smash scales are other iterations of this social phenomenon encouraging a more positive conversation around bodies. I am, of course, a fan of the idea that we […]

Sharpe H, Naumann U, Treasure J & Schmidt U (2013). Is fat talking a causal risk factor for body dissatisfaction? A systematic review and meta-analysis., The International journal of eating disorders, 46 (7) 643-52. PMID:

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