December 11, 2014

1:31 PM | “Natural” does not mean safe: Child dead in Australia after consuming raw milk
It’s plain old stupid to consume such a risky product. But to give it to a child is much worse. Adults should have the right to be stupid but not to be at the mercy of ignorant parents. We pasteurize for a damn good reason. This — Toddler dies, four children seriously ill after drinking… Source: Doubtful News Related posts:Killing a child to appease their gods. Yes, it still happens. The raw milk controversy: Where “natural” means “may contain harmful […]

December 06, 2014

9:24 PM | You Can Now Transfer Money to Other People Via Snapchat. But Would You?
Snapchat has partnered with online payment company Square to develop an easier way for users to transfer money electronically. The announcement was made in a blog post from Snapchat last month. Square is recognized for its contribution to small businesses, connecting online payment services with tablets and smart phones. Though Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel doesn’t expect the investment to rival leading online payment providers like PayPal, the partnership is big for Snapchat […]

November 27, 2014

10:30 PM | Canadian Feds Don't Like How Medical Marijuana Is Being Promoted
Health Canada has issued a stern warning to licensed commercial growers across Canada, telling them to revamp their advertising — or else, they might receive a suspension or revocation of their licenses. The problem? Apparently they're making marijuana look too good.Read more...
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