January 28, 2015

3:53 PM | 15 Rules For Going Off Your Psychiatric Meds
The safest reasons for and ways to go off psychiatric medication.
1:15 PM | Doctor prescribes religion; the devil is in the details (UPDATED)
There is an update to this story from 2013. The doctor, Thomas O’Brien has been struck off the register. Stoke-on-Trent GP struck off for ‘deplorable’ conduct. The chairman of the panel, Prof Tim Hendra, said Dr O’Brien demonstrated “harmful, deep-seated personality or attitudinal problems” and “repeatedly breached professional boundaries”. Prof Hendra said: “Dr O’Brien shows… Source: Doubtful News Related posts:Deaths […]

January 24, 2015

4:20 PM | How My Shrink Cured My Misophonia for Free
The most unlikely cure for my rare disorder
3:50 PM | Sleep and Grad School: How Important Is It For Students?
Graduate school is energetically taxing — you're spending long hours in the lab, sprinting across campus, synthesizing ideas, and absorbing complex material. With routines like this, sleep often takes a backseat. But how important is sleep for graduate students, and how can it be improved?
10:40 AM | Service Animal Scams: A Growing Problem
The present system governing the legal status of service dogs and emotional support animals is rife with abuse. Here's why:
10:40 AM | Psychosis And The City
Does living in the city increase your risk for psychosis? If so, what are the mediating factors and mechanisms? Does being obsessed with 'the big picture' have something to do with it? Find out today!
10:40 AM | The Basic Structure of Emotions
The Factor structure of PANAS-X sheds important insights into the nature of basic emotions—that combined with insights from Eight rasas of Indian culture and the four dimensions of emotions, leads to a rich and useful taxonomy and classification system for emotions.
10:40 AM | The Mind and its Maladies
The different types of mental disorders, though intimidating by their sheer number and complexity, can be clustered in a few discrete categories and groups, and this greatly aids our understanding of the mind and its maladies.
10:40 AM | Basic Emotions and Basic Psychological Disorders
We need a valid and useful taxonomy and classification system for mental illnesses.
10:40 AM | To Label or Not To Label
To Label or Not to Label, that is the question: Whether it’s nobler in the mind to suffer the taunts and stigma of same-age bullies, or by defying the label given by the insensitive society, and not taking a pill, end it!
10:40 AM | The Varieties of Sexual Experiences
Sexual process consists of four stages—fantasy, desire, arousal and pleasure of consummation. Each stage should be enjoyed in its own right.
10:40 AM | The (RDoC) Matrix Reloaded!
Unveiling a 4 x 4 Matrix of emotional/ motivational/ personality constructs that is hoped will serve as a Periodic Table for Psychology.
10:40 AM | To Promote, Prevent, Be Congruent or Discrepant
How promotion and prevention regulatory focus lead to different kinds of emotions.
10:40 AM | A Different Kind of SWOT for Psychological Disorders
Four major systems are proposed based on genetic/neural and behavioral data: Self-learning; world learning; opportunity maximizing; and threat mitigation systems. Perturbations from normality of these systems lead to major psychological disorder clusters.
5:20 AM | Study: Family service agencies should focus more on fathers
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January 14, 2015

9:15 PM | Why Doesn’t Kaiser Care About Californians’ Mental Health?
I’m not sure why, but the healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente appears not to care about the people whose lives it covers in California. That’s the only thing that could logically explain why it has continually failed to fund and staff its mental health services in the state to the level necessary to provide timely and […]

January 10, 2015

8:44 PM | The Hyperbole of Blood Tests & Biomarkers for Depression
Mainstream media love to highlight anytime a researcher suggests we’re on the cusp of developing a blood test, saliva test, or brain scan to “properly” diagnose depression. This is seemingly driven by a never-ending belief that the only way to legitimize mental illness is if we create a medical lab test for it. Nevermind the […]

January 09, 2015

2:21 AM | Temperament in Eating Disorders (A Meta-Analysis)
Much research has been done on personality traits associated with eating disorders, and, as I’ve blogged about here and here, on personality subtypes among patients with EDs. For example, researchers have found that individuals with AN tend to have higher levels of neuroticism and perfectionism than healthy controls (Bulik et al., 2006; Strober, 1981). Moreover, some traits, such as anxiety, have been associated with a lower likelihood of recovery, whereas others, such as impulsivity, […]

Atiye M, Miettunen J & Raevuori-Helkamaa A (2014). A Meta-Analysis of Temperament in Eating Disorders., European eating disorders review : the journal of the Eating Disorders Association, PMID:


January 05, 2015

4:45 PM | Coming to Terms with Your Delusions
I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought some pretty outrageous things in the course of my illness. I’d also be lying if I said I don’t think about outrageous things still. Even with a good amount of stability, delusions can still persist. Sometimes it’s about what people think of you, maybe just an […]

January 03, 2015

4:45 PM | Dealing with the Side Effects
Having lived with schizophrenia for almost nine years I’m no stranger to the myriad things that can happen when you’re on a course of antipsychotic medication. Many times these side effects can be disruptive to everyday life. Sometimes they come on slow and have a lasting impact, such as gaining a significant amount of weight. […]

January 02, 2015

11:46 PM | Resistance is (not so) Futile? Exploring Treatment Resistance in Eating Disorders
To me, the idea of “treatment resistance” in eating disorders sparks some ill feelings. While many have suggested that treatment resistance is common among those with eating disorders, others have noted how receiving the label of “treatment resistant” can make it more difficult to receive needed support or impact how one is perceived in treatment settings and how one’s behaviours are interpreted (e.g., Gremillion, 2003). Of course, this is a tricky ground to […]

Abbate-Daga, G., Amianto, F., Delsedime, N., De-Bacco, C. & Fassino, S. (2013). Resistance to treatment in eating disorders: A critical challenge, BMC Psychiatry, 13 (1) 294. DOI: 10.1186/1471-244X-13-294


January 01, 2015

6:05 PM | It’s Time We “Legalize” Emotional Eating
Mindful Emotional Eating (MEE) has been nearly a taboo both in self- help and clinical literature on emotional eating. I first wrote about mindful emotional eating in Eating the Moment in 2008 and have had a chance to pilot this material clinically in my practice and through a series of workshops for mental health professionals. My experience […]
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