August 31, 2014

7:57 PM | Should kids be allowed to wash hands at school? Or is sanitizer enough?
Someone wrote me this morning and said at their U.S. elementary school, the 5th graders are not permitted to wash hands after mandatory bathroom times and the teacher stands outside of the bathroom with hand sanitizer squirting it as each … Continue reading →

August 29, 2014

2:09 PM | The promise and challenges of e-cigarettes – the story continues to unfold
A lot's changed since we last blogged about e-cigarettes - so what does the latest evidence show?

August 28, 2014

9:24 AM | Wales to close only public food safety lab
I’m big on my Welsh heritage as I get older, but not sure I understand this. UK food safety go-to-person, Groundhog Day’s Hugh Pennington, says the closure of Wales’ only publicly-run food testing laboratory due to cuts mean councils may … Continue reading →
9:13 AM | Food safety takes a hit in Danish budget proposal
At a time when a listeria outbreak continues to claim new victims – 13 people have died and a 29th person was confirmed as infected on Thursday – salmonella fears caused an egg recall and a steep increase in MRSA has been recorded, the government’s budget … Continue reading →

August 23, 2014

3:45 PM | Mirror Lake, Bellingham Drinking Water and Phosphorus
Stopped by Mirror lake while on journey elsewhere. Mirror Lake is where water diverted from Middle Fork Nooksack River is discharged before it flows via Anderson Creek to Lake Whatcom, the drinking water source for Bellingham. The lake was in fully muddy mode from the diverted water that is derived from glacial melt water. Mirror LakeMirror Lake turbidityAerial view of diversion and pipe (blue line) (USGS)The City of Bellingham diverts water with a diversion dam on the Middle Fork Nooksack […]

August 20, 2014

10:45 PM | Defense attorney grills former peanut plant manager in trial linked to Salmonella outbreak
Defense attorneys for three people charged in a deadly salmonella outbreak sought to deflect blame and poke holes in the government’s case Tuesday as they questioned a co-defendant, who is a key prosecution witness. The co-defendant, Samuel Lightsey, was a … Continue reading →
1:28 PM | The Discoverability Challenge – How Can We Make Research Data Easier to Find and Use?
Enhancing the discoverability of public health and epidemiology research data is a key to ensuring that it gets more widely used. This was the topic of a recent workshop hosted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where researchers and data experts explored the findings of a recent Wellcome Trust report on data […]
12:07 AM | Food fraud: It’s what’s for dinner?
David Edwards of the Scientific American Blog Network writes that beef that’s horsemeat, grouper that’s actually tilapia—thins the global economy every year by an estimated $49 billion. That’s a lot of bogus burgers and suspect sushi.  Yet containing the problem … Continue reading →

August 19, 2014

7:25 AM | More than Canada would admit: Denmark says ‘serious errors’ in handling of Listeria outbreak with 12 dead, another 12 sick
Denmark’s food safety watchdog made “serious mistakes” in its handling of a listeria outbreak linked to the death of 12 people, the country’s government has said. Food minister, Dan Jørgensen, has blasted the food authorities, Fødevarestyrelsen, over its handling of … Continue reading →

August 16, 2014

6:24 AM | Holding auditors blameless
The N.Y. Times writes an editorial about financial auditing, but use imagination and substitute food safety audit. Matthew Goldstein of The Times reported this week that an arbitration panel of three former judges has found no basis for a malpractice … Continue reading →
3:44 AM | UK row as horsemeat file shelved
The official report into the causes of the horsemeat scandal has been shelved until at least the autumn, prompting criticism that the government is not doing enough on food safety. The inquiry by Chris Elliott, professor of food safety at … Continue reading →

August 15, 2014

1:29 AM | Use of social media to identify foodborne illness — Chicago, Illinois, 2013–2014
An estimated 55 million to 105 million persons in the United States experience acute gastroenteritis caused by foodborne illness each year, resulting in costs of $2–$4 billion annually (1). Many persons do not seek treatment, resulting in underreporting of the … Continue reading →

August 13, 2014

4:15 AM | Dave Hawkes Reviews Poisoned Planet: How constant exposure to man-made chemicals is putting your life at risk
Review by Dave Hawkes Poisoned Planet: How constant exposure to man-made chemicals is putting your life at risk By Julian Cribb Poisoned Planet examines, in great detail, different sources and types of chemical pollution, from […]
4:00 AM | Poisoned Planet: How constant exposure to man-made chemicals is putting your life at risk
By Julian Cribb Synopsis: From morning to night, we are surrounded by man-made chemicals, most of them untested, many of them toxic. It’s the price we pay for convenient, cheap products. The effects on our health […]

August 11, 2014

10:26 AM | A £6 million commitment to prevent more cancers
A look at our new £6 million initiative to support cutting-edge research into lifestyle and behavioural changes that can prevent cancer.

August 08, 2014

9:48 PM | Notes on Washington's Big Burn of 2014: Weather Charts
A map of the fire progression of the Carlton Fire Complex provides a sense of how this fire blew across the landscape in two days when conditions were very bad. Truly amazing that no one was killed.  The Google earth image below gives a general sense of the area where the fire complex took place. Classic fire prone area of dry forest mixed with grass and brush land. This area is potentially subject to fire just about every year. It is the edge of tree habitat. Wet enough for trees, […]
5:00 PM | Simon Jenkins on computer science
In a polemic in The Guardian today, Simon Jenkins argues for a(nother) shake up of the UK’s education system, with less focus on STEM and computer science in particular. This kind of misinformed ranting on the utilitarian view of STEM and why the UK should focus on being a service industry appears to be his […]
8:55 AM | Faces – Young Scientist Profile: Valeria Rueda
Meet Valeria Rueda, participant of #LindauEcon14. In Faces we portray the young scientists of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and give them an open forum to talk about their research and everything else that is important to them. Everybody should feel encouraged to also share their own thoughts and stories.   On her research interests: […]

August 07, 2014

8:41 PM | Dodging Redevelopment In Seattle
Had a bit of a slow transit from one project site to another in Seattle and took a windshield shot juxtaposing an old Seattle icon with the newer development. Super Wash sign from Highway 99This car wash sign on is a Seattle classic that dates back to a different era, but still remains despite the intensive redevelopment that has been taking place the past few years in the vicinity.The Seattle landscapes have gone through numerous periods of redevelopment. A previous post […]
8:00 PM | ESA Policy News August 7: Science groups oppose travel bill, White House outlines climate change costs
Here are some highlights from the latest ESA Policy New […]

August 05, 2014

8:05 PM | Governor Inslee and CO2 in New York Times
Oysters and Dabob BayCO2 and and policy and politics in Washington State got some New York Times attention yesterday: Schwartz at the Bellingham adds a little local perspective ny-times-shows-that-stances-on-coal-terminal-look-fuzzy-at-a-distance.While Washington State comes out better as far as future climate change in model predictions relative to other locations and even sea level rise will be less here than […]

August 04, 2014

3:02 PM | The Case for CO2 Pessimism
A while back Ezra Klein was interviewing Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates wrote an article in the Atlantic title: The Case For Reparations (I highly recommend reading the Atlantic article). Most of the interview was about Coates' Atlantic article. But part way through the interview, Coates asked Klein "How are we going to deal with climate change?"Below is Klein's answer clipped from the full interview. Klein followed up with an article: 7 reasons America will fail at global climate […]

August 03, 2014

4:36 PM | Curbing CO2 will not be easy
“When coal miners lose jobs, it has a ripple effect through the entire state. West Virginia is the third largest energy-producing state, and we can’t allow the Obama administration to collapse our economy for the sake of ideological extremism.” - West Virginia State Attorney General.Curbing CO2 emissions is not going to be easy technically or politically. The very idea is viewed in some positions of power as ideological extremism. Kind of a tough environment to […]
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