September 24, 2014

2:00 PM | Mercury’s magnetic puzzle
Is it possible to have an asymmetric magnetic field when all boundary conditions are known to be symmetric? The question seems awkward but the […] Read more The post Mercury’s magnetic puzzle appeared first on Mapping Ignorance. Related posts:Geoengineering versus Global Warming Habitability of alien worlds: hype or reality? Breathing planet

September 22, 2014

10:30 PM | The how to, and how not to, guide to interviewing for the Australian Public Service (3)
By Kelly Welcome to Part 3 of my recent foray into the public service recruitment process. I’ve discussed the selection criteria and the written assessments, so today we finish the tour with the panel interviews. I interviewed for all three departments that I applied … Continue reading →

September 05, 2014

2:58 PM | Corals Engineer Their Own Currents
There are few more monastic lives in the animal kingdom than a coral’s. In adulthood it gives up swimming to settle on the ocean floor, surround its spineless body with clones, and become a rock. Mouth facing the ocean, it waits passively for whatever drifts by—or maybe not so passively. Taking a closer look at […]The post Corals Engineer Their Own Currents appeared first on Inkfish.

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