December 19, 2014

12:00 AM | Science Book a Day Interviews James Lu Dunbar
Special thanks to James Lu Dunbar for answering 8 questions about his recently featured book – The Universe Verse James “Jamie” Lu Dunbar lives in Oakland, CA where he helps manage the Sirius Puppy Training School, James & Kenneth Publishers and Dog Star […]

December 18, 2014

4:41 PM | Stop telling boys to go into STEM
Stereotyping is always a bad thing, and most people don’t realize that men suffer just as badly from stereotypes as women. Let’s look at science: there has been a ton of work going into how to attract girls and women into scientific endeavors, particularly those that are very math-intensive.  Much of the discussion centers on […]
2:49 PM | MS Alum Leads Green Initiatives at McGraw Hill Financial
Master of Science in Sustainability Management alum, Jaclyn Bouchard (’14) came into the program with an academic background in biology and energy management and professional experience working for sustainability-focused startup companies. The analytical and collaborative skills that Jaclyn acquired from the program propelled her to become the Manager of Corporate Responsibility at McGraw Hill Financial, one of the leading companies in credit ratings, benchmarks, and analytics. Jaclyn […]
1:54 PM | Hōkūle‘a: Making a Grand Entrance in Auckland
After several exciting weeks of traversing the Northland of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and interacting with incredible communities all throughout, our leg of the Worldwide Voyage finally concluded with a sail into Auckland, the capital city, and a day of ceremonies.
12:58 PM | Using Collaboration and Innovation to Counteract Flat Federal Research Funding
With such astounding shortfalls in funding for biomedical research, Penn Medicine, a key stakeholder of the new Penn Center for Innovation (PCI), is looking for fresh ways to fund research and partner with the private sector. The PCI consolidates and unifies the enterprise previously known as the Penn Center for Technology Transfer with other campus entities charged with commercializing Penn research and Development into license agreements, sponsored research agreements, startup companies and […]

December 17, 2014

10:40 AM | Vote For Cape Parrot As SA’s Favourite Bird!
Click here to Vote for CAPE PARROT as South Africa’s favourite bird! The green-and gold Cape Parrot is our national parrot and are only found here, yet most South Africans do not even know they exists. Our Cape Parrot is Africa’s most Endangered parrot species with around 1,000 Cape Parrots remaining in the wild. Their fate is forever linked to…
3:00 AM | The Universe Verse
By James Lu Dunbar Synopsis: The Universe Verse is a scientifically-accurate rhyming comic book about the origins of the universe, life on Earth and the human race. It introduces and illuminates the most fundamental features of our […]
12:00 AM | Made it into the @nyualumni magazine :) #sciart #brain #art #artistsofinstagram #press #science #neuroscience #nyu
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December 16, 2014

3:49 PM | Discussion as Support: A First-Year Einstein Medical Student Reflects
When the media hysteria around the Ebola outbreak first hit its peak, I found it impossible to ignore. This story was unfolding in a way that rejected the values of empathy and social justice that had motivated me to begin medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine just a few months earlier. In an [...]
12:04 PM | Thinking about how girls think about themselves
Self-perception colours our choices, limits or drives our ambitions, and affects how we come across to others. So role models and cultural icons matter when it comes to the messages we give our children. If we tell boys not to cry, they can grow up feeling they are wimps if they let their emotions overspill. […] The post Thinking about how girls think about themselves appeared first on
4:04 AM | NEW VIDEO!!! Why (Some) People Don’t Believe in Climate...
NEW VIDEO!!! Why (Some) People Don’t Believe in Climate Science Despite nearly-unanimous agreement from scientists that climate change is real and humans are causing it, 4 in 10 Americans don’t agree. Why? This week I dig into the psychology and quirks of human evolution that makes climate change such an easy problem for some people to ignore, to disagree with, and put off to the future. Problem is, we don’t have time to waste. We’re running out of time… Climate […]
1:25 AM | Mom, could you homeschool me?
I knew we had to do something when, early in the school year, the younger son asked me to homeschool him.  When I asked him why, there was the range of answers that included he’s not looking forward to losing recess when he gets to middle school, he’d like to spend more time with me (obviously […]
12:50 AM | Top 4 of 2014: Your Favourite Canine Science Posts
As December rolls into its second half, and the days warm up - or cool down - depending on where you are situated on the globe, we wanted to say thank you for joining us in 2014 - we are continually blown away with the popular and supportive community we have around us at Do You Believe in Dog? here on the blog, on Facebook and also on Twitter. Taking our lead from Companion Animal Psychology, we decided to jump into some statistics (because hey, we are scientists!) to see […]

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12:46 AM | December 14, 2014: Survive The Horrors of WWII With the Hero of “Unbroken,” Chase Water Down the Colorado River and More
This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they decide survival over summit glory in Myanmar, remain "Unbroken" with the hero of Angelina Jolie's newest film, spill the secrets of Southern cuisine, track Berlin's booming boar population, dodge los malditos on the rejuvenated Colorado River, teach kids to value the environment in school, paddle 2,000 miles to protect pristine wilderness, learn the forces that move Sarajevo's society, and tap into nature's […]

December 15, 2014

4:06 PM | NestWatch Lesson Plan Now Available
Expanding on our work with Students Discover, we will be rolling out several new citizen science-based lesson plans over the next couple of months on our Education page. We’ve focused on global, long-running citizen science projects and have worked closely with educators to create lesson plans aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. Our goals are simple: Engage students in citizen science so they have opportunities to: Participate in authentic scientific research. Feel […]
3:45 PM | Finding bias in discussions of campus sexual assault data
When science is used to support proposed changes to public policy, it isn’t uncommon for opponents of the policy changes to question the legitimacy of the studies cited. This often leads to rejection of scientific studies for completely unscientific reasons, and can even devolve into outright scientific denialism. Earlier this year, the Obama administration proposed […]
3:46 AM | Quebec Government… Changes Its Mind
The Minister who had originally proclaimed that funding for French-language science communication aimed at Quebec youth would be dramatically axed has now announced that the financing will, after all, be maintained. No reason given to the change of heart. (Link in French) Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and to all of you … Continue reading →
1:43 AM | Broken Bones on Suboxone; Need Pain Relief
Originally Posted 1/11/2014 I received the following email from a Suboxone patient (from another practice) after he experienced a painful injury.  He shared what happened at the hospital when he was trying to get relief from pain, while taking Suboxone (the active component is buprenorphine). Hey there.  Just to let you know, i was on […]

December 14, 2014

11:58 PM | cows and physics and urban myths
In which we encounter - cow-tipping! This is apparently the focus of both myth & mirth in the US: the idea that cows, asleep on their feet, are regularly tipped over by tipsy youths. Now, apart from the inconvenient...
8:43 PM | The Instructor Chronicles: Semester 1, Part 2
We last left Superhero PhD and her troop of Superhero TAs in a morass of educational glitches… The semester had not gotten off to a smooth start. Surely this trend would change, but there was no data indicating otherwise. Then, there was a glimmer of hope. The powers that be in the department had pity […]
8:16 PM | Questions from Young Chemists - Say Hey, Doctor K - Episode...
Questions from Young Chemists - Say Hey, Doctor K - Episode №11 via scientific-women: This month, Doctor K answers some questions from some women at various points in their chemistry careers, including a rather salient question about the challenges that women face as they balance their career with other factors. Video by: Say Hey, Doctor K.
6:38 PM | Youtubers! Closed-Caption your videos! by amputeeot: Why...
Youtubers! Closed-Caption your videos! by amputeeot: Why Youtube content creators should closed-caption their videos! How to CC your videos: Rikki’s Youtbe channel:
4:43 PM | Tips and Tricks for Exam Revision
As probably you already know from the post New Things I am in full stressful exam period. I always get extremely stressed in this period, like something magical happens to me and I transform into a crazy stressed monster. I believe … Continue reading →

December 13, 2014

4:15 PM | Funding for French-Language Public Science Education in Québec Dramatically Axed: You Can Help (Maybe)
The scythe of our provincial government has struck again and, this time, the cut is almost perfectly clean. Readers from outside Quebec may not be aware that our provincial government has been issuing major cuts in the past few months. On April 23rd, 2014, Philippe Couillard, head of the Liberal Party, became Prime Minister of … Continue reading →
3:33 PM | Short Term Suboxone
Firsted Posted 1/8/2014 I received an email today containing an angry comment about Suboxone/buprenorphine that I’ve read a number of times before on forums about addiction.  The essence of the comment was that Suboxone has caused tons of problems, including diversion, people stuck on the medication, and buprenorphine abuse. He wrote that the reason for […]
12:56 AM | Role with it
I am always nervous when I have to deal with the middle and high school crowd.  I’ve had such mixed results in the past.  A couple years ago, I helped out with an astronomy workshop for middle school girls.  My job was fairly easy: I just had to help them find the sun in some […]

December 12, 2014

8:20 PM | Deaf Soundscapes
This is the story of how my professor threw chalk at me. During my second year of undergraduate studies, I took a Philosophy of Mind class that started at 8:30am. I’m far from what you would call a “morning person,” … Continue reading →
4:50 PM | What Should High School Students Learn About Science?
Would you focus your time on lab experiments? Expound on your own scientific career or field? Plan some activities? Tell us after the jump what it is you think secondary education could most use in its science classes!Read more...
4:07 PM | Tutoring & Multiplication Table
It took a while to decide to make a post about my tutoring session, but here it is. So I have stared working in late September, beginning of October as a consultant for a company that does private tutoring. It … Continue reading →
1:55 PM | Before They Were Scientists: Corrie Moreau
Corrie Moreau grew up a city kid in the South. In middle school, she was on the dance team and marched in Mardi Gras parades while looking for ants in the cracks of the sidewalk outside her apartment. Read on to learn how she took her childhood love of ants and turned it into her full-time career, how she engages girls in science at The Field Museum and how her parents fostered confidence and creativity in her from a young age onward. Lea: Where were you in middle school? Corrie: I grew up in […]
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