January 23, 2015

8:25 PM | Exotic Pets: Emerging Risk Factor for Salmonellosis in Children
The increasing trend of having exotic reptiles as pets may lead to an increase in reptile associated infections such as Salmonellosis, especially in the children in the household.

Murphy D & Oshin F (2014). Reptile-associated salmonellosis in children aged under 5 years in South West England., Archives of disease in childhood, PMID:

6:53 PM | First Partially Successful Vaccine Developed Against Prion Disease in Deer
The first partially successful vaccine against a prion disease (Chronic Wasting Disease in white tailed deer) is good news, but the journey has just begun.

Goñi, F., Mathiason, C., Yim, L., Wong, K., Hayes-Klug, J., Nalls, A., Peyser, D., Estevez, V., Denkers, N., Xu, J. & Osborn, D. (2015). Mucosal immunization with an attenuated Salmonella vaccine partially protects white-tailed deer from chronic wasting disease, Vaccine, 33 (5) 726-733. DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.11.035


January 19, 2015

5:01 AM | Stem cell clinics and unapproved, for-profit human experimentation
Editor’s note: I met Dr. Paul Knoepfler online in the wake of my two posts on Gordie Howe and his stem cell treatment for stroke. I was impressed by his posts on the topic and what I saw at his own blog. Given that he’s a stem cell researcher, I wanted him to write a […]

January 18, 2015

6:30 PM | Fixing 'leaky' Blood Vessels To Combat Severe Respiratory Ailments
Leaky blood vessels in the lung can lead to acute respiratory distress. ShutterstockBy Jalees Rehman, University of Illinois at Chicago read more

January 07, 2015

10:22 PM | The People of the State of New York v. Actavis: Making a Hard-Switch Procompetitive
Actavis is back in the spotlight regarding its allegedly anticompetitive behavior. Last month, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an injunction against Actavis and its subsidiary, Forest Laboratories LLC based on the New York Attorney … Continue reading →

January 06, 2015

7:31 PM | Scorpion Venom Could Lead To New Cancer Treatment
Okay, but that's not the way to extract it. fabriceh_com, CC BY-NC-SABy Benjamin Burke, University of HullIn the development of new drugs, taking something from nature and modifying it has been a successful tactic employed by medicinal chemists for years. Now, with the help of nanotechnology, researchers are turning once-discarded drug candidates into usable drugs. read more

December 29, 2014

1:30 PM | Clinical Trials For Rich Patients Could Help Find Cures For Us All
Overcoming gaps in medical funding. nakrnsm, CC BYBy Stephanie Swift, University of OttawaDisease can affect any person, rich or poor. While your bank balance can’t really protect you from getting sick, it could potentially buy you – and many other patients – access to a better treatment for your disease. A new “plutocratic proposal” put forward by Alexander Masters enlists wealthy patients to both fund and participate in clinical trials alongside other patients […]
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