November 24, 2014

9:41 PM | What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change?
Someone pointed me at Renewable energy ‘simply WON’T WORK': Top Google engineers in El Rego, which is Lewis “you know you can’t trust me” Page’s take on What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change by Ross Koningstein & David Fork. Who they? Dunno, but you can read what they say about themselves: Ross…

November 19, 2014

9:04 PM | This year’s (super) model: visualising atmospheric CO2
Here’s a superb high resolution supercomputer visualisation from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center of the flows of CO2 in the atmosphere around the planet. Apart from being beautiful to look at, it shows the major sources of CO2 emissions in the northern hemisphere, and the seasonal change in CO2 levels as the northern hemisphere summer […]

November 18, 2014

11:26 PM | Crowdfunding Thin Ice: the final push
The Kickstarter campaign to get climate documentary Thin Ice shown on public TV in the USA is closing in on its target. At the time of writing, the total pledged stands at NZ$21,199 — just over 75% of the way to the $27,500 needed with 4 days to go. The film’s producer, professor Peter Barrett, […]
6:15 PM | More detailed paleoclimate records, brought to you by lasers
With lasers, ocean cores can now produce records with a four-year resolution.

November 17, 2014

11:02 PM | National Business Review: last bastion of climate denial in NZ pushes de Freitas tosh
The National Business Review — New Zealand’s biggest-selling business weekly — provides a happy media home for climate deniers of all stripes. Columnists like former ACT Party leader Rodney Hide and right wing spin doctor Matthew Hooton1 are given free rein to rant and rave about climate issues, but occasionally editor Nevil Gibson offers its […]
7:17 PM | Oh, lordy!
Mostly misc. I start with this erg screenshot, which I hasten to add is not mine, though that will be obvious to the cognoscenti immeadiately, or indeed to anyone who has sweated out 2k and got not even close to 6:06.8 – I can’t even quite manage 7:10 for 2k, let alone for three times…
4:20 AM | Carbon News 17/11/14: G20 climate action
Minister knows of water woes, but public information tap is turned off Finance Minister Bill English has been told something about fresh water — but the public isn’t allowed to know what it is. Last month, Ministry for the Environment officials were forced to admit they were wrong to say that the quality of our […]

November 12, 2014

9:11 PM | The politics edition
Time for some politics – it always provides cheap hits. I’ll start with this cartoon, which I found on facebook, promoted by various of the Good. But, its rubbish; its Wrong Thinking. Its a response to the US mid-term elections – or at least, I think that’s why its being reposted – and the message…

November 11, 2014

10:26 PM | Stubai: Wilder Freiger by the Lubeckerweg
From the Wilder Pfaff and Zuckerhutl I went back to the Nurnberger, had a look at the (Aperer) Feuerstein and then went to the Sulzenau for a rest day. That concluded my first week. Miriam (who has suddenly appeared in this tale, but I won’t mention her much) and I were off to the Dresdener…

November 10, 2014

11:16 PM | Hulme: In what ways is religious belief relevant for understanding climate change?
For some time I’ve been concious of how lucky I am to live in Cambridge with its wealth of cultural opportunities, and dissatisfied with my own poor response: so often, its easier to follow routine. So last saturday, in the market square, amongst the poster for “Spem in Alium” and others I found this. And…
1:51 AM | Carbon News 10/11/14: Mighty River to push EVs
How Mighty River is switching on to the new economy Generator Mighty River Power is claiming a stake in the new economy, pushing for New Zealand’s car fleet to go electric and indicating that it will move into the water business. The company is expected to shortly announce joint ventures with companies operating large vehicle […]

November 09, 2014

10:41 PM | Climate documentary Thin Ice raising money for US broadcast
Thin Ice, the superb documentary about climate science and scientists filmed and produced by New Zealand and British climate scientists, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finance a new edit of the film so that it can be shown on public TV in the US. From the Kickstarter page: Why do we need help? […]
5:43 PM | Will anyone follow this route to low emission, low cost farming?
Can we stop cheap, climate-friendly fertiliser via the STEP process being like transport by jetpack – a promise destined to remain unkept?

Licht, S., Cui, B., Wang, B., Li, F., Lau, J. & Liu, S. (2014). Ammonia synthesis by N2 and steam electrolysis in molten hydroxide suspensions of nanoscale Fe2O3, Science, 345 (6197) 637-640. DOI: 10.1126/science.1254234


November 07, 2014

10:51 PM | Between Migdol and the Sea
Between Migdol and the Sea is the book, by Carl Drews, of the paper Dynamics of Wind Setdown at Suez and the Eastern Nile Delta, by Carl Drews and Weiqing Han. Just so you don’t get confused, its subtitled “Crossing the Red Sea with Faith and Science”. Those with long memories will recall the Great…

November 05, 2014

12:59 PM | Republican Takeover of Senate Will Spotlight Climate Denial
Now that the Republicans control Congress for the next two years, what’s in store for U.S. climate politics? Well, Keystone is the first order of business, and then probably a whole lot of bombast and theater, which many will find unappetizing: Most vocal climate change skeptic in the Senate now runs the Senate’s environmental committee: […]The post Republican Takeover of Senate Will Spotlight Climate Denial appeared first on Collide-a-Scape.
6:48 AM | Danger Dedekind! Heartbreak Ahead (still wrong, still digging, NZ still warming fast)
Over last weekend, my post criticising the new paper by Chris de Freitas, Manfred “Bob” Dedekind and Barry Brill that claims warming in New Zealand’s temperature records is only one third of that calculated by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) attracted a flurry of attempted ripostes at Richard Treadgold’s Climate Conversation […]

November 04, 2014

5:10 PM | IPCC synthesis: We’re headed for “pervasive and irreversible impacts”
To avoid this, we need zero net emissions by the end of the century.
10:23 AM | Are you a scientist?
There’s a philosophical debate to be had over the meaning of the word scientist, or even the origins of the term, and indeed “what is science?”. But that swiftly becomes tedious, so instead take the Viz test: Do your bitches turn tricks on the street or do they smoke cigarettes chained up in laboratory?

November 03, 2014

9:40 PM | Global warming in the mountains
People often say that GW is slow and hard to see. One place you can see it is in the mountains. I don’t have many pix that show it well, but here’s one pair. We’re looking at the Sulzenauferner. The first is from 2014, and is taken from the path up to the Beiljoch (which…
9:15 PM | Carbon News 3/11/14: NZ fails as UN wails
Our emissions plan hopeless, says renowned academic New Zealand has no chance of meeting its 2020 emissions reduction target under current policies, says a leading scientist involved in the latest IPCC report. Professor Ralph Sims, of Massey University, is recognised around the world for his expertise on climate change and renewable energy, but is never […]
2:45 PM | As Earth left the last ice age, CO2 rose in fits and starts
Several jumps point to a driver different from the usual suspect.
1:24 AM | IPCC AR5 completed: science has spoken – cut deep, cut soon
The IPCC’s Fifth Report process reached its climax in Copenhagen yesterday with the release of the final “synthesis” report (download here), which pulls together all the strands from the three working group reports on the physical science (Working Group 1), climate impacts (WG2) and how to go about dealing with the problem (WG3). Launching the […]

November 02, 2014

1:09 PM | Unforced variations: Nov 2014
This month’s open thread. In honour of today’s New York Marathon, we are expecting the fastest of you to read and digest the final IPCC Synthesis report in sub-3 hours. For those who didn’t keep up with the IPCC training regime, the Summary for Policy Makers provides a more accessible target. Also in the news, […]

October 31, 2014

8:57 AM | Tol throws toys out of pram
It looks like Tol has joined the <cough> illustrious <cough> ranks of those who publish their review comments: the commentary could be made substantially more balanced and contemplative – for example, as proof of “truth” the author cites himself and a series of mostly social media sources, with little reference to the academic literature and…

October 30, 2014

11:46 PM | NZ cranks finally publish an NZ temperature series – but their paper’s stuffed with errors
You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, it seems — certainly not if they’re gnawing a much loved old bone at the time. The lads from the NZ Climate Science Coalition — yes, the same boys who tried to sue NIWA over the New Zealand temperature record and lost, and who then folded a trust […]

October 29, 2014

11:38 AM | Storm surge: Hurricane Sandy
On the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy making landfall, we are running an extract from a new book by Adam Sobel “Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future”. It’s a great read covering the meteorology of the event, the preparation, the response and the implications for the […]

October 28, 2014

9:16 PM | Carbon News 28/10/14: oil drilling, honey and crowd-funding green coke
Hunt for oil anchors govt’s environment plan The National Party is leading off its environmental package for its new term in power with plans to encourage more oil exploration — despite the burning of fossil fuels being the single biggest cause of climate change. Honey hits the jackpot for steep-land believer In 2010, Taranaki farmer […]
10:30 AM | IPCC reports: between the street and the policy-makers
by Pascal Lapointe & Karine Morin Science Policy subject editors In September, the people’s climate march became New York City’s biggest political event in recent times. Why the need for a “people’s” march in the first place? Because of a feeling that something is wrong, not only in policy circles, but also in environmental circles – including the IPCC reports. Bill McKibben, the man behind the recent movement and catalyst of this march, has […]
8:58 AM | Bank [of England] prods insurers about climate plans?
Says the FT (Oct 27, 2014 : The Bank of England has written to insurance companies to assess the risk climate change poses to their solvency and earnings. FT environment correspondent Pilita Clark and City editor Jonathan Guthrie discuss the move and regulators’ concern about global warming). Alas its a video, but worth listening to.…

October 27, 2014

1:12 PM | How do trees change the climate?
Guest commentary from Abby Swann (U. Washington) This past month, an op-ed by Nadine Unger appeared in the New York Times with the headline “To save the climate, don’t plant trees”.  The author’s main argument is that UN programs to address climate change by planting trees or preserving existing forests are “high risk” and a […]
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