April 24, 2015

12:12 AM | Thirty Years
No, the LTEE did not suddenly jump forward by almost 3 years. That milestone will be reached on February 24, 2018. Next Friday is the end of the semester at MSU and, for me, it will mark 30 years that I’ve … Continue reading →

April 16, 2015

12:34 AM | A Day in the Life of …
Today was a great day – busy and wonderful. Pretty typical, I’m happy to say, though a bit busier than usual but all of it great. Woke up to beautiful Spring day in East Lansing and walked 1.7 miles to … Continue reading →

April 14, 2015

3:59 PM | How to "improve" university professors and destroy higher education in the process
The GnOPe in particular wants to destroy the one remarkably good thing the USA ever constructed: a public education system. The cynical view is that a party that governs by ideology rather than knowledge doesn’t really want a public capable of “critical thinking”.  And in the case of higher education, the GnOPe so dislikes higher education especially that they are willing to toss the economic baby out with the academic bathwater. Of course a lot of people might get upset […]
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