December 21, 2014

3:34 PM | Tunisia, Cradle Of Arab Spring, In Historic Presidential Vote
The election pits interim President Moncef Marzouki against challenger Beji Caid Essebsi, who held a post in the ousted regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

December 20, 2014

12:33 PM | Youth Who Led Tunisia's Uprising Frustrated With Pace Of Change
The Arab Spring began in Tunisia in 2011 with the ousting of a dictator, but youth in that country seem unenthusiastic about elections on Sunday.

December 19, 2014

9:12 PM | With A Presidential Vote, Tunisia Seeks A Peaceful Transition
Tunisia launched the Arab uprisings four years ago when it ousted a dictator. Sunday's presidential election heralds the country's steady, but not-yet-guaranteed progress.

December 18, 2014

1:45 PM | Congress polishes the turd that was NCCAM
With the way our dysfunctional federal government works, it’s not uncommon for the end of a fiscal year to come and go without there being a budget for the next fiscal year in place. This phenomenon is particularly common during election years, and this year was no different. September 30 came and went, followed by…

December 17, 2014

3:50 PM | Polls Show Cuban-American Views On U.S.-Cuba Relations Are Nuanced
For years, Cuban-Americans in Miami supported punitive policies against Cuba. But since Obama's election, that view has moderated.

December 16, 2014

11:27 AM | Religion and Politics in Japan: A Conversation with Religion Scholar Levi McLaughlin
In the wake of Japan's recent national elections, we talk to scholar Levi McLaughlin about the role of religion in Japanese politics (and why no one talks about it).

December 14, 2014

4:55 PM | Haiti's Prime Minister To Step Down
Laurent Lamothe says he will resign following violent protests in the impoverished Caribbean country. Anti-government demonstrators are angered over a long delay in holding parliamentary elections.

December 11, 2014

8:30 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: Worst Chart in the Multiverse
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: bad chart thursdaymultidimensional travelVenezuelan presidential electionThis week’s chart is not recent, but I missed it the first time around, and it’s so terrifically bad, I have to share it in case you missed it too. ...(Read more...)

December 07, 2014

3:44 PM | Water-related issues facing the new governor and legislature
The current issue of the Arizona Hydrological Society carries an editorial by Alan Dulaney outlining some of the challenges related to water facing the new governor and legislature when they take office in January.   As usual, Alan doesn't pull any punches:The election season is over.  Once the session begins in January, the new Legislature will have their hands full with the budget for the next fiscal year—a deficit of $1.5 billion is […]

December 06, 2014

8:23 PM | Tied elections
Stephen Pettigrew at FiveThirtyEight writes about the 2014 elections that ended in a tie. These are generally resolved by games of chance. The elections that are mentioned there are small ones (two city councilors and a county commissioner); is this … Continue reading →

December 02, 2014

11:57 PM | When is Gerrymandering Actually Gerrymandering?
Some time ago, I posted about how gerrymandering works. In the 2012 congressional elections, something… odd… happened. In North Carolina, at a statewide level, the majority of votes were cast for democratic candidates. It wasn’t a large majority, 50.6% voted Democrat, while 48.75% voted Republican (with Libertarians and write-ins getting the remainder). It would make […]

November 28, 2014

9:04 AM | Pentagon Expected To Release More Detainees From Guantanamo
Since the midterm elections, there has been a new batch of transfers from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and more releases are in the works. But a new GOP Congress could stall the drive to empty Guantanamo.

November 25, 2014

7:00 PM | Australia: Incomes Fell As Stressed Economy Continued To Struggle
Australia recently had an election where they asked for a dramatic departure from previous fiscal policies.  The reasons were simple, in hindsight. Everyone wanted more money from an increasingly larger government but incomes were declining. Inflation is still happening, government employees still get raises, but average Australian income declines showed what government claims about economic health did not.   Increases and declines in economies have always happened but new work […]
5:44 PM | Not Just The Wealthy: Feeling Like You Have Enough Drives Opposition To More Taxes
There is a perception that 'the wealthy' are opposed to more taxes and income redistribution in America. But the wealthy already pay an alarming amount in taxes and 47% remain loyal to tax-cutting politicians every election cycle. People have ideological reasons to oppose government redistribution of their work, of course, but it may also be relative. Someone who is in a poor neighborhood but doing better than others may not like the idea of higher taxes either, according to a paper […]
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