March 05, 2015

4:56 PM | Is The UK Experiencing A Brain Drain?
Immigration continues to be one of the key issues in the build-up to the general election. The latest figures show a net flow of 298,000 into the UK. This is higher than when David Cameron’s government took office, despite his pledge to cut the number to the tens of thousands.But is this really bad news? Immigration is such an emotive issue that there is a tendency for the figures involved to be bandied about out of context. read more

March 03, 2015

3:20 AM | State agency transition documents posted online
Prior to the November election, former Governor Jan Brewer directed a number of state agencies, commissions, and boards to prepare reports for the incoming governor and his administration.  The transition documents describe not only a lot of the organizations' operations but also list challenges they face.AZGS was not asked to prepare a transition report but readers of this blog may find the reports from other resource and environment agencies of interest, including from Water Resources, […]

March 02, 2015

5:13 PM | Does anybody want to be president? Anyone?
No, I'm not taking on the 2016 election at this stage. Rather, I'm interested in a growing trend I'm seeing across a few scientific societies I work within. I've run the nominations side of a society before and I'm familiar with the process of getting people to agree to put their names on a ballot. […]

March 01, 2015

4:20 PM | Tony Abbott’s ‘captain’s call’ over Tasmanian forest humilated Australia, say Greens
“Prime minister Tony Abbott made a “captain’s call” over Tasmanian forestry policy which globally humiliated Australia, the Greens and a conservation group claim. “The Wilderness Society (TWS) says Freedom of Information documents reveal Abbott pushed forward with election commitments in … Continue reading →
1:07 PM | Israelis See Netanyahu's U.S. Speech As Last-Ditch Pitch For Votes
Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress just before Israeli elections. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to Chemi Shalev, the U.S. editor of Haartz, about how the controversial visit is playing back home.

February 28, 2015

6:56 PM | Congressional Elections: Crash Course Government and Politics...
Congressional Elections: Crash Course Government and Politics #6 by thecrashcourse: This week Craig Benzine talks about the importance of elections. But he isn’t going to focus on presidential elections, but instead those of the strongest part of our government: congressional elections. Craig will talk about the frequency of elections in the Senate and House, typical characteristics of a candidate, and the motivating factors our congresspeople follow to get re-elected. Support on […]
1:01 PM | Despite Big Advantages, Emanuel Forced To Face Chicago Runoff
Chicago will hold a runoff mayoral election in April. Incumbent Rahm Emanuel will face Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia. NPR's Scott Simon talks to columnist Carol Marin about the race.

February 26, 2015

7:25 PM | Jokowi's environmental commitments in Indonesia
Last fall Indonesia elected its first president with no ties to the established political order or the military. Joko Widodo's election was widely heralded by reformers who hoped the politician's capable management in his stints as mayor of the town of Solo and metropolis of Jakarta could transform Indonesia's chronically underperforming bureaucracy, potentially ushering in a new era of improved human rights, better environmental stewardship, reduced corruption, and healthier economic growth.
12:24 AM | Is the fate of the NHS really written in the stars? Tredinnick thinks so.
As most people in Great Britain will know, there is a general election approaching, which usually means that issues that have been bubbling over for awhile tend to come to the forefront. This election’s political hot-potato has thus far been the NHS (National Health Service). Few would deny that the NHS is facing something of… Source: Doubtful News Related posts:Member of Parliament Tredinnick is saying silly stuff again ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ mag […]

February 25, 2015

5:45 PM | Social science is vital too
Following the publication of a new report on The Business of People, James Wilsdon and David Walker set out the case that the social sciences will be making through the election and spending review.Behind graphene, or any other scientific breakthrough, there’s a lab, a city, dense social networks among researchers, commercial connections, finance, and policies for science and innovation. To repeat a basic truth that still gets forgotten, science works in a socio-economic context. It […]

February 23, 2015

5:20 AM | The Return of the Aam Aadmi Party
by Namit Arora What to make of the verdict in Delhi’s Assembly elections this month? After a dismal show in the national election last year, when many had written it off, the Aam Aadmi (‘common man’) Party achieved a crushing...

February 22, 2015

2:55 PM | Those 1/10th Cents Add Up!
A Fresno tax measure is providing Fresno Chaffee Zoo with $10s of millions to add to African exhibits now and more to come. African Adventure is a $55.7 million project. "Growth at the zoo will not end with the first Africa phase. With the November election’s extension of Measure Z, the tenth-of-a-cent sales tax to support zoo projects and programs, the zoo will begin seeking designers for the next phase of growth. An additional 8 acres will push the zoo to a total of 39 acres when […]

February 20, 2015

6:49 PM | Nov 2010: Pornography viewing and political affiliation
Can a GSOH snag you an STR, are you more likely to be dumped after an affair with a man or a woman, and how voting in an election can turn you into a porn addict. Download the MP3 When adult movie star Mary Carey stood for election as governor of California, it seemed more than a little bizarre (even when she lost to a cyborg bodybuilder). But new research by Markey and Markey shows that politics and porn might be more closely linked than even Carey had considered. The articles covered in the […]

February 17, 2015

2:42 PM | UK party leaders unite on climate change
The leaders of the three major political parties in the UK have agreed to act on global warming, regardless of who wins the May election

February 14, 2015

2:51 PM | Around The U.S., Voting Technology Is All Over The Place
Voting machines purchased after the 2000 elections are coming to the end of their useful lives. States are looking to buy new equipment but there's little money and technology is changing rapidly.

February 13, 2015

9:28 PM | At Critical Juncture, GOP Honors Largest Class Of Black Lawmakers
The Republican National Convention held a gala marking the historic elections of three lawmakers, as the GOP continues its efforts to reach out to communities of color.
5:49 PM | Art, elections and mad cow disease
With a British election looming, an exhibition on BSE stands as an awful warning to politicians who put business interests before public trust

February 11, 2015

1:21 PM | The rock star of Greek economics is no stranger to Tampere
The economic ideas of Syriza – the party that has just won the general election in Greece – make sense and could lead to a deeper change in European economic...
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