January 13, 2015

1:37 AM | New Album
12 new songs by The Bowhead Whales: Listen to these newly discovered whale songs:— BBC Earth (@BBCEarth) January 13, 2015

January 11, 2015

3:23 PM | A Medical Researcher at the Zoo? Yikes!
North Korea's national zoo seems to be reporting that a researcher into human medicine has found a "cure" in "bear gall". "Kwon O-song, a researcher at the zoo, said the new medicine consisted of “a compound of bear’s gall and extract from pith of maackia amurensis,” according to KCNA. He reportedly added that it “has proved to be efficacious against liver diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis.”"
3:07 PM | Zoo Meets Manatee Milestone
The Lowry Park Zoo has successfully rehabilitated and released manatee # 200. "PinellaIce was rescued Jan. 27 — almost a year ago — from Pinellas County, suffering from cold stress. She has recovered and has grown from 430 pounds to 805 pounds, zoo officials said. She was released Friday by the zoo’s manatee rehab team and biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission."
2:43 PM | Elderly Elelphant Enjoys BBQ Sauce
Is it like me, Stephanie, those aging taste buds require stronger flavors? " workers are building the [Sedgwick County] zoo’s costliest exhibit, Elephants of the Zambezi River Valley. It will be the third largest elephant exhibit in the United States. The zoo plans to debut the exhibit to the public over Memorial Day 2016. The zoo has raised $10,350,000 — including $5.3 million from the county — and has $250,000 more to raise." It hopes for a breeding herd.
2:30 PM | Elepants for Elephants
Buy a pair. A donation goes to a worthy cause.
1:19 AM | Big Chucka Ice
Ice on trail #PilotMtSP #NC.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) January 9, 2015 My hiking pole dwarfed.
12:48 AM | It takes a village to raise a ... hormone
[Note: this post is part of the course materials for my upcoming online class, Hormones: from molecules to behavior, with APDT.]  Hormones don't spring into existence from nowhere and they don't do their jobs in a vacuum. They work in concert with many, many other molecules in the incredibly complicated canine (and human) body. This is a world we never see and rarely think about: a world of microscopic molecules interacting in chaotic but ultimately purposeful fashion, somehow operating in […]

January 10, 2015

4:26 PM | Chronicles of Athena – 24 Weeks
Wednesday’s post was in the post-queue unfinished, and a little impromptu socialising meant that it got posted without its final few paragraphs. Oops. Since it seemed to be liked, we’ll leave it there. The snow is falling outside in intermittent … Continue reading →
4:12 PM | Polar Bears in Winter... the Assiniboine Park Zoo are drawing big crowds.
3:34 PM | Embrace the Wild (1 more)
The last few days have been some of the most memorable climbing days of my life. Yesterday I finished the last...— Tommy Caldwell (@tommycaldwell1) January 10, 2015
2:49 AM | Polar Bears Head North
Polar bears are moving into northern Canada, from areas south and east where sea ice is less stable.

January 09, 2015

2:36 AM | Hormones: the public announcement system of the brain
[Note: this post is part of the course materials for my upcoming online class, Hormones: from molecules to behavior, with APDT.] There your dog is, minding his own business, when suddenly another dog attacks him. His brain suddenly has a bunch of physical changes to coordinate very quickly to deal with the emergency: routing energy away from the non-essentials (digestion, reproduction, certain parts of the immune system) and to what his body needs right now (muscle speed and strength). How to […]

January 08, 2015

9:20 PM | Promising
Whale counts are up off California. 2nd record year for grey whales off Southern California.
8:06 PM | Dead Bird Quiz plus live bird bonus!
One dead bird for you today: a wing and sternum combo out of South Carolina courtesy of Doug and Gina McQuilken from just about this time last year. It’s in pretty rough shape, but I can make out a few features that could help us make this i.d. Tell me what you think. Upper surface […]
6:25 PM | Je Suis Charlie
Human beings are diverse. We are diverse, as individuals and as communities, in our physical characteristics and in our experiences. This leads to a diversity of beliefs and opinions. It is inevitable that we will disagree with other people about … Continue reading →
4:20 PM | Berlin's Back!...but...
Female polar bear Berlin is back on exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo, but this means she is not expecting...or she would be denning on this frigid day. The Zoo is fortunate to have a breeding pair in Berlin (25 years old) and Nikita (8), but, while the two "have mated each spring since they first came together in 2013", breeding success has eluded it. Berlin was moved to Kansas City in late 2012, after her zoo in Minnesota flooded. "You can watch the two bears together virtually 24/7 on the […]
4:04 PM | Zoo Has Baby Elephant
Oklahoma City Zoo has a new Asian elephant. On just 119 acres, the Zoo has seen annual visitation grow to about one million.
3:51 PM | Debate on AVMA governance to continue
Accreditation a likely topic during House of Delegates meeting
3:39 PM | This Is Big!
"We will resume our artificial insemination program with the elephants in the spring." [David M. Jones, NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting Notes] The next to last NC Zoo Society capital campaign Project: Pachyderms raised about $8 million to help the Zoo breed two rare species - African elephants and southern white rhinos. (The more recent Project:Polar Bears raised millions more to breed that species.)

January 07, 2015

8:45 PM | Gorillas Off-Exhibit for Some Time
"Beginning Monday January 12th, gorillas will be off exhibit while we expand the holding area and do some renovations to the exhibit. We also hope to get a shade structure constructed during this time. We can’t be certain exactly when gorillas will be back on exhibit, but the earliest this work would be completed is summertime. At [that] time we may also have a larger troop as 3 new gorillas are expected to arrive sometime in 2015." [from Zoo-wide e-mail from Jennifer Ireland, Curator […]
8:21 PM | Hump Day Spot Shot @LAZoo
In honor of #HumpDay, here's the @geico commercial shot at the #LosAngelesZoo! #GuessWhatDayItIs— Los Angeles Zoo (@LAZoo) January 7, 2015
6:48 PM | From Butter to Feliway
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! As you know, Athena and I moved house just before the Christmas break. We now live in our very own four walls, and it’s very exciting. Athena, to her credit, was exceptionally well behaved during … Continue reading →
4:24 PM | More Public Art
#PublicArt RT @ireland: Little bits of Dublin as I see it... ❤— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) January 7, 2015
2:41 PM | Another Take On "A First"
Dwarf elephant beats up big rival— Ross Barnett (@DeepFriedDNA) January 7, 2015
2:38 PM | A First
1st confirmed case of disproportionate dwarfism in a fully-grown Asian elephant, in Sri Lanka (with video) #elephants— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) January 7, 2015
1:38 PM | Public Zoo Art Can Be Interactive
Lions in Winter #Interactive #Zoo #PublicArt— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) January 7, 2015
1:30 PM | Does It Matter What Age You Neuter Your Kitten?
New research investigates whether age of neutering affects feline behaviour – and looks at punishment and other variables too.Photo: NCAimages / ShutterstockThere are so many cats without homes that some shelters neuter kittens early, at 8 – 12 weeks old, so they are neutered prior to adoption. This is the only way they can guarantee that a kitten will be neutered. Normally, cats are neutered at 6 – 8 months old. Kittens, like puppies, have a sensitive period that is an […]

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1:22 PM | Public Art
Have gained a respect for what public art can do for public spaces from my days of working with some special NC Zoo art patrons. One of my highlights from last year was seeing another @joecaslin piece in Dublin city commissioned by @PietaHouse— Ireland / Timi (@ireland) January 7, 2015

January 06, 2015

11:15 PM | Stingers?! Honey Buzzard Don't Care!
The honey badger's bird cousin. MT @CuratorBirds: Honey buzzards tear apart wasp nests & beehives to consume honey.— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) January 6, 2015
9:07 PM | Using Much of the Rocky Coast
#Anana #polar bear was playing w/ her big blue plastic barrel in her #WestWing pool @NCZoo this p.m. Then explored #RockyCoast East Wing ;)— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) January 6, 2015 The original outdoor exhibit, the new BB&T Ice Cave and the new outdoor exhibit areas all got Anana's attention during my brief p.m. visit. She has an abundance of NC Zoo riches.
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