August 12, 2014

11:46 PM | Betty White Went Grey on World Elephant Day
Betty White joins her friends at AZA zoos & aquariums across the country by "going grey" for #WorldElephantDay!— Animals Inc. | AZA (@zoos_aquariums) August 12, 2014
11:41 PM | Take an Elphie on World Elephant Day?
Celebrate #WorldElephantDay with an "Elphie" and by watching this video - #conservation #WED #wildlife— Minnesota Zoo (@mnzoo) August 12, 2014
11:37 PM | What Did Your Zoo Do...
...for World Elephant Day?What is your #zoo doing for #WorldElephantDay? #96Elephants #GoingGray #AZA #elephants— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) August 12, 2014
11:15 PM | Artemisinin-Is It a Useful Drug for Cancer Treatment in Dogs?
A couple of readers have asked about a purported cancer therapy agent called artemisinin. This is a compound derived from a plant and used for a variety of purposes in the system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is sometimes … Continue reading →
7:51 PM | Veterinary super heroes!
V-FORCE from the AVMAI was tickled to discover that the AVMA published a comic book. V-Force! Veterinarians to the Rescue! Did you know that veterinary superheroes have x-ray vision and use it to diagnose leptospirosis? Did you know that some of them (us? can I say some of us?) even have microscopic vision so that they can see microbes and diagnose infection with West Nile Virus? Why didn't I get these super powers when I graduated?My favorite scene bar none is the one in which the doctor (that […]
11:42 AM | "...we should be treating this stuff like heroin..."
More from NC Zoo Director David M. Jones on the postponed destruction of elephant ivory and rhino horn previously scheduled for today."“Basically, the philosophy now is, we should be treating this stuff like heroin,” Jones said. “If you find a load of drugs, the best way to get rid of it is just to burn it.”" [Martha Qillin,]Read more here:

August 11, 2014

8:38 PM | "Nevermind..."
...for now."The NC Zoo has postponed a dramatic destruction of elephant ivory and rhino horn announced Friday and originally scheduled for tomorrow. [See "Good for Our State Zoo"] "Our Zoo has a lot invested in elephants and rhinos. We must all act now!" NC Zoo Director David M. Jones urged Friday.In explaining the sudden postponement of a special event scheduled for tomorrow, Jones said: “We remain fully committed to doing our part to demonstrate that these animal parts should be […]
12:39 PM | "Not All Sharks Are Big and 'Dangerous'"
The Henry Doorly Zoo uses Shark Week to explain, referencing its own cookiecutter, nurse and zebra sharks, as well as the whale shark, all of which eat in very different ways .

August 10, 2014

7:48 PM | After 44 Eastern Newt Encounters
Lunch spot @RoanMtSP #Tennessee #MillerHomestead. Lots of #hummingbirds were lunching too.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) August 10, 2014
7:26 PM | Eastern Newts on the Move
Usually think spotting a cute little orange Eastern newt on a trail is a rare bit of good luck.Had good luck 44 times on the hike up Chestnut Ridge Trail, Roan Mountain State Park, Tennessee today!
12:58 PM | "May"?!
…Alvin may have irritated a few deep sea critters in the past half-century of exploration.— Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) August 10, 2014

August 09, 2014

6:02 PM | Top Endocrine Publications of 2013: The Feline Adrenal Gland
In my next compilation of the canine and feline endocrine publications of 2013, I’m moving on to disorders of the feline adrenal gland.Listed below are 12 research papers written in 2013 that deal with a variety of adrenal gland topics of issues of clinical importance in cats.These range from a study of body condition on the bioavailability of prednisone and prednisolone in cats (1) to investigation of adrenal gland ultrasonography in normal and sick cats (2); from a study that designed […]
12:28 PM | Did Not Know
But believe anything Jason tells me about wildlife:Did you guys know that penguins used to be harvested for oil just like seals and whales?— Jason G. Goldman (@jgold85) August 8, 2014

August 08, 2014

8:36 PM | Little Elephant
#animalfact - The hyrax’s closest relatives are elephants, manatees, and dugongs.— Minnesota Zoo (@mnzoo) August 8, 2014Here's a bit on the dugong.San Diego Zoo has baby rock hyraxes.
6:35 PM | "Good For Our State Zoo"
News & Record editorial supports the NC Zoo plan to destroy an estimated $1 million "worth" of elephant ivory and rhino horn.China crushed 6 tons of  ivory in January.Thailand's prime minister took a stand against ivory trade in 2013.African nations, as well as the NC Zoo's Dr. Mike Loomis, have struggled for decades with the problems of African elephant poaching. “Our zoo has a lot invested in elephants and rhinos,” NC Zoo Director David M. Jones said. “We must
9:02 AM | Veterinarians unveil new technique for jaw reconstruction
Idea grows from collaboration between UC Davis medical scientists and engineers

August 07, 2014

11:30 PM | Wildlife Consevation Never Out of Style
Agreed, Minnesota Zoo!Trends come and go, but #wildlife #conservation is something that should never go out of style. #tbt #rhino— Minnesota Zoo (@mnzoo) August 7, 2014
6:56 PM | "Syncranized" Again
#tbt "Syncranized": #CrownedCrane— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) August 7, 2014
4:58 PM | Even YOU Can't Prevent...
...Smokey the Bear from turning 70.""Smokey's message remains as relevant today as 70 years ago"
2:48 PM | 40 Year Focus on Wildlife Conservation
The NC Zoo has been focused on conservation since day one."Alive" [copyright 1974 by the North Carolina Zoological Authority] was the "Development Guide: North Carolina Zoological Park".After a three-page "Forward", the lengthy document really begins under the heading: "Purpose". Pointing out that prior zoos were often "hunting preserves for the aristocracy" or "medieval menagerie[s]" that "imprisoned" animals, "Alive" points our that the "aim of the Park is to achieve four specific purposes, […]
12:48 PM | Truly Grand Zoo Carousel
Who doesn't love a "real" carousel? Talking about three rows of hand-carved wood animals, real metal and real music played by real instruments. The Columbus Zoo has one that lets folks enjoy 100 years of grand Ohio history for just $1."The ride, which features 52 carved horses, two chariots and a Wurlitzer organ, originally was installed at Olentangy Park, an amusement park located" near Columbus."The carousel's sorry state [in 1999] led to a $1 million project to restore the ride and move […]

August 06, 2014

9:48 PM | Can a father's stressful experiences affect his offspring's stress system?
I am again indebted to my APDT students, who asked a very interesting question which turned into a blog post. This time it was: “Can a father’s stress be passed on epigenetically to his offspring through sperm?” Warning: epigenetic geekery ahead. If you are not in the mood for some technical terminology, this may not be the post for you.Source: WikipediaI’ve blogged about epigenetics before (on the epigenetics of fear and of stress) and there are summaries of what […]
9:45 PM | 3 Endangered Sea Turtles released from Cape Cod
Along with our partners at the Massachusetts Audubon Society at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, we had a great day releasing endangered sea turtles back into the ocean.  Photo above: New England Aquarium volunteers carry the turtles to the release site in front of a cheering crowd Many of you who follow this blog already know that these turtles stranded back in the fall as the water
8:38 PM | "Bigfoot-ish", Bipedal Bear Video
RT @tdelene @JLVernonPhD: Wow! Bipedal bear video is amazingly Bigfoot-ish:— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) August 6, 2014
6:16 PM | w/ Video of Nursing Quads!
Congrats Reily and Mekita Lion!!! #cutelioncubs— NC Zoo Society (@NCZooSociety) August 6, 2014
5:25 PM | Quads!!
Quads!! RT @NCZoo: Mekita gave birth to 4 lion cubs on July 30 @NCZoo! The cubs will not be on exhibit until fall.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) August 6, 2014
2:14 PM | Smile (Who's Happier?)
It's called a Quokka. It lives in Australia, is endangered, & considered one of the happiest animals on earth— Baby Animals (@BBAnimals) August 6, 2014Who's happier - the quokka or baby rock hryaxes? (See prior post.)
2:09 PM | Smiles
New additions in the Kopje: Baby rock hyraxes are smiling their way into hearts. Pic by Ion Moe— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) August 6, 2014Reminds me again of the only African safari I went on for the NC Zoo Society. I excitedly got our Kenyan driver to stop our safari vehicle because I'd noticed a rock hyrax. When he saw what my excitement was about, he looked at me like a New York cab driver who was asked to stop to observe a Norway rat on Broadway.
1:23 PM | Eiders we’ve known
Seanetters don’t find all that many banded dead birds, and probably the most common species to be found banded is the Common Eider. Of course, this is one of our top beached birds overall, so the odds are higher than for many species our walkers find only rarely. But not every species is being actively […]
12:41 PM | Fieldwork
ZOMG WOLF! *Cough* I mean, look at the interesting wildlife one encounters during #fieldwork.— Lisa Buckley (@ShamanSciences) August 6, 2014
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