July 08, 2014

3:51 PM | Summer Camperships!
Camperships!! MT"@sylvanheights: We received a generous donation to help cover costs for campers..." Help with costs!— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) July 8, 2014
1:14 PM | "Lacking Sea Ice..."
Lacking sea ice, seal pups bask on Nome beaches— Jason G. Goldman (@jgold85) July 8, 2014 "Four types of ice-dependent seals - bearded, ringed, spotted and ribbon seals - are found in the Bering Strait region. All are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act."
1:05 PM | "Perfect Habitat Shot"
One of the new species seen (for this #serengeti trip) up north was the orabi. #mammalwatching— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) July 7, 2014
12:59 PM | Body Language
World's first 'dictionary' of chimp gestures created by scientists in Scotland @univofstandrews— HuffPost Science (@HuffPostScience) July 8, 2014

July 07, 2014

9:38 PM | *deep sigh*
Pollution Porn: Ostentatious exhaust surpasses gun racks as the measure of Red State virility.— Paul Rauber (@paulrauber) July 7, 2014
9:08 PM | How Bizarre?
"'#VampireSquirrel' Has Fluffiest Tail" RT @HuffPostScience: "The species is really quite bizarre"— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) July 7, 2014
1:06 PM | Austin Rallies 'Round Robbed Zoo Gift Shop
Security firms and locksmith among those offering help to Austin Zoo gift shop.One young man arrived wearing a zoo T-shirt and cape...a superhero ready to catch the bad guys.n with them and he was wearing an Austin zoo t-shirt with a cape. He was a superhero that was going to catch the bad guys," Clark said. Read More at: with them and he was wearing an Austin zoo t-shirt with a cape. He was a […]
12:55 PM | Zoo Gift Shop Robbed
Robbers take security cameras, safe, laptops and ATM from Austin Zoo gift shop.Almost sounds like thieves want to set up their own gift shop. Perhaps a more secure one? :)
12:49 PM | Millionth Zoo Visitor "Treated Like Royalty"
Oklahoma City Zoo celebrates record fiscal year for attendance and 110th anniversary.

July 04, 2014

12:41 PM | Green Vine Is a Snake
Green vine #snake at #Reptile House @TheBronxZoo— Jim Breheny (@JimBreheny) July 4, 2014
12:34 PM | 6-Day Old Sea Lion Pup
6 day old #sealion pup & mom call to each other as they bask in the sun on Astor Court @TheBronxZoo— Jim Breheny (@JimBreheny) July 4, 2014
12:26 PM | Sun Glistens on Bronx Zoo
Sun glistens on #BronxRiver waterfall @TheBronxZoo Bronx River is #NYC's only fresh water river & runs thru the zoo— Jim Breheny (@JimBreheny) July 4, 2014

July 03, 2014

11:40 PM | Top Clinical Endocrinology Research Abstracts, 2014 ACVIM Forum: Diabetes Part 3
Following last week’s post, this is the next installment of my review of the "top 12 list" of clinical endocrinology research abstracts presented at this year's American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum.As with last week's post, I've enlisted the help of Dr. Rhett Nichols, a well-known expert in endocrinology and internal medicine whose day-job is senior member of the veterinarian consulting service for Antech Diagnostics, the world's largest laboratory […]
10:27 PM | City & State Challenged Zoos
#Nashville offers $10 million; challenges donors to do same for @NashvilleZoo: #NC did more for @NCZoo...30 years ago— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) July 3, 2014The city of Nashville has challenged donors to match $10 million it will give for Nashville Zoo additions if the private sector gives as much. Almost 30 years ago, the NC Zoo sought a $30 million addition, a new "continent" - "North America". The State offered the first $6 million, if donors through the […]
12:44 PM | You're In the Know
#AnimalFact Most mammals take 21 seconds to pee. Source:— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) July 3, 2014

July 02, 2014

10:23 PM | Drones to Protect Elephants & Rhinos
Sure hope it helps a lot.
6:29 PM | How To Teach Me Statistics
A few weeks ago I was swearing at my computer and had to go buy a Twix bar from the canteen to calm myself. There was some frantic chocolate scoffing that afternoon. The source of my irritation? Statistics. I am … Continue reading →
3:50 PM | Reviewers needed for Beached Bird Field Guide!
Thanks to the strenuous efforts of Beth Mellor in the Tufts Media Services department, we are approaching a full proof of the Field Guide to Beached Birds of the Southeastern United States! Now, before we go to print, I need many willing pairs of eyes to look it over at any level of thoroughness. If […]
1:13 PM | Field Report: Serengeti
She left the carcass 3 hours after starting to eat only bones skin and rumen left. #serengeti#multidayfollow— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) July 2, 2014
1:09 PM | Anne Approves of Earnest Eating
After about an hour she came back, and dragged the carcass 30m to where she had been resting and started eating in ernest #multidayfollow— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) July 2, 2014
1:06 PM | "Exhausting Business of Eating"
She's only moved about 30 m away. Maybe she is just taking a break from the exhausting business of eating. #multidayfollow#serengeti— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) July 2, 2014
1:03 PM | Gazelle Caught
Well she has caught a gazelle. I approve of the neat and professional way she killed it. No bleating #multidayfollow#serengeti— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) July 2, 2014
12:59 PM | Doin' It Right!
She does twitter right MT"@jgold85: If u aren't following @AnneWHilborn as she conducts cheetah field observations, ur doing twitter wrong."— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) July 2, 2014If you don't tweet, I'll def be posting some of her "live-tweeted" research gems here. (This is right up there with following Boston reporters' live tweets of the post-Boston Marathon bombing shoot-out; also like following a younger, more extroverted Jane Goodall in Gombe.)
12:30 PM | Thank You x Half a Million
We’re thrilled to have had over half a million page views here at Companion Animal Psychology Blog. Thank you to all our readers!Photo: asharkyu / ShutterstockWe’ll be back to our usual schedule next week. Meanwhile, these are our top stories of the year so far:- Dog Training, Animal Welfare and the Human-Canine Relationship Is training with positive reinforcement beneficial for the canine-human bond and better for animal welfare?Do Dogs get that Eureka! Feeling?  (as […]

July 01, 2014

2:45 PM | Croudsourcing "Feathered Ape" Intelligence
Love it! British Trust #Ornithology, @feathered_ape asks public to send info, videos re #corvid intelligence (rooks)— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) July 1, 2014"Rooks have already demonstrated their intelligence in lab-based studies that have tested their ability to solve problems and use tools. "This [national] survey will examine if and how wild rooks apply these skills."
12:00 AM | Settlement proposed for Michigan State University borrowers gives little comfort
Program participants lost promised interest subsidy

June 30, 2014

9:43 PM | A not so curious coincidence: another tick, another phlebovirus.
In recent years there seems to have been a resurgence in Bunyaviruses. There are always incidences of certain members, for example there are thousands of cases of hantavirus each year, as well as the sporadic cases of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus. On the other hand there are the new emergents. In Europe, the most dramatic and devastating (at least in animals) has been Schmallenberg virus, which will no doubt now be familiar to more or less all cattle and sheep farmers. As far as […]
8:15 PM | "Lion Singer" Offers Cookies to Carnivore
The heading tells the tale.
4:51 PM | Dutch KC introduces tough new rules for Bulldogs
No sex please... I'm DutchCongratulations to the Dutch Kennel Club which has just introduced tough new breeding rules for Bulldogs that cover conformation, fitness and inbreeding.Most notably, Bulldogs have to pass a fitness test before they are bred - and if the pups have to be delivered by C-section, the Dutch KC won't register 'em. Even if the bitch delivers naturally another time - tough. One C-section and they're out. Forever.This is in stark contrast to the Kennel Club in […]
1:40 PM | Juxtaposition
So  very pleased to see "butterfly garden" and "wicked cool" in one young adult's tweet!#WickedCool #ButterflyGarden MT @Micropterus: butterfly garden is wicked cool. (@ Minnesota Zoo - @mnzoo w/ 4 others)— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) June 30, 2014Micropterus is Rich Bailey and a genus of sunfish.
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