October 05, 2014

10:07 PM | The University of Florida’s Integrative Medicine Service: Good Science or a CAM Trojan Horse?
The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) recently announced the winner of their 2014 education grant. The University of Florida will receive the $10,000 award for demonstrating “their intent and ability to become a force in integrative veterinary medicine.” I … Continue reading →
4:21 PM | Majestic Humpback Breach Captured
Now that's a breach! Humpback #whale's leap caught on camera off S. Africa #photography #nature #cetaceans— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) October 5, 2014
3:59 PM | Two Days Ago
Happy #Friday from our @WellsFargo Family Farm! This awesome fan photo is the perfect way to celebrate! :) #TGIF— Minnesota Zoo (@mnzoo) October 3, 2014
3:55 PM | Sunday Funday
It's time for a #SundayFunday at the @mnzoo!— Minnesota Zoo (@mnzoo) October 5, 2014
1:03 PM | Raw: Cheetah Cubs Video

October 04, 2014

6:33 PM | 'Nother Rescue Zoo
Detroit Zoo is caring for 1007 turtles after smuggler caught at Detroit airport."The turtles were stuffed in rubber snow boots and cereal boxes. The Canadian man was arrested by federal agents before boarding a flight to Shanghai, China with the contraband turtles."
6:05 PM | Also ReTweeted by 96Elephants
Please RT this important message to tourists on Safari Vacations. #GMFER— PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE (@Protect_Wldlife) October 4, 2014
5:51 PM | Patches Loves Peanut Butter
NC Zoo society being introduced to Patches and the new Polar Bear exhibit— Dennis Clements (@cleme002) October 4, 2014O.K., the heart is peanut butter and NC Zoo polar bear Patches is licking it off the glass of her new exhibit as NC Zoo Society members take it all in. Hat tip: Member @cleme002.
11:47 AM | Chronicles of Athena – 10 Weeks
At ten weeks of age Athena took an upgrade in her cheekiness levels. She’s been pushing her newly established boundaries and because I’m a soft touch I expect she’s discovered that many of those boundaries are quite flexible. New habits … Continue reading →

October 03, 2014

8:16 PM | Tolerant Pop
Tolerant Pop. MT: King of @sdzsafaripark, Izu, met his 4 bundles of joy yesterday. Follow Park 4 more #cuteness.  #ff— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) October 3, 2014
8:12 PM | "Incredibly Rare Photos"
These incredibly rare photos might be your last chance to see a Javan rhino via @earthtouch— Jason G. Goldman (@jgold85) October 3, 2014
6:41 PM | Pix of Zoo's New Polar Bears
They are in quarantine for a few days, but here are photos of Winnipeg's newest polar bears.
12:24 PM | Wonderful Elephant Behavior Video
A baby Asian elephant falls on exhibit in Zurich and three adults of the species rapidly come to the baby's aid.

October 02, 2014

5:31 PM | The Picture of Delight
Baby elephant playing in the mud— Baby Animals (@BBAnimals) October 2, 2014
4:00 PM | The Other Central Park Zoo...
...features 170,000 different microbes:Cool #science: There's as much biodiversity in soils of NY's Central Park as  in soil from Arctic to Antarctica— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) October 2, 2014
1:00 AM | Anxitane (l-threanine) for Anxiety in Dogs
Introduction I was recently asked to look into the evidence concerning a potential therapy for anxiety in dogs, a supplement called Anxitane. It is always challenging to evaluate the effects of any therapy for anxiety in any species. Anxiety is … Continue reading →

October 01, 2014

11:47 PM | An "Arctic" Without Polar Bears
Sounds like another climate change story, but this is Sea World Orlando's "Wild Arctic". The exhibit lost a couple polar bears recently and now the "threatened species" status of wild polar bears makes it unlikely Sea World will get more."In place of polar bears, Sea World plans to redesign the exhibit to feature other animals of the Arctic including harbor seals."
6:17 PM | What Encourages People to Walk Their Dog?
And is dog-walking a good way to persuade people to take more exercise?Photo: Monkey Business Images / ShutterstockWe know that most people do not get the 150 minutes of exercise per week that is recommended. Could encouraging people to walk their dogs more often help, and if so, how best to go about it? A new paper by Carri Westgarth et al (2014) of the University of Liverpool reviews the state of current research.Although to some dog owners a daily walk is an essential part of the routine, […]

Cutt, H., Giles-Corti, B. & Knuiman, M. (2008). Encouraging physical activity through dog walking: Why don't some owners walk with their dog?, Preventive Medicine, 46 (2) 120-126. DOI: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2007.08.015

Westgarth, C., Christley, R. & Christian, H. (2014). How might we increase physical activity through dog walking?: A comprehensive review of dog walking correlates, International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 11 (1) 83. DOI: 10.1186/1479-5868-11-83

3:44 PM | The New Term
We’re halfway through Week Three of the new academic year. Students, I love you. I really adore  you guys. I love helping you, I love seeing you puzzle out new ideas, I love when you challenge my thinking, I love … Continue reading →
3:11 PM | A followup, and a flyer
Edward Soldaat wrote in on the last post to add some more useful notes on making the cormorant identification in last week’s Dead Bird Quiz. I didn’t want to just leave those buried as a comment, so I am pulling them up and featuring them here, front and center. Edward knows vastly more than I […]
1:06 PM | Let Me 'Splain
Duluth Bear has moved. To Kansas City Zoo. Royals are a Major League Baseball team. We had a wild party last night. What happens in the zoo stays at the zoo. Mostly because there are fences everywhere. Congrats Royals #MLB— Polar Bear (@DuluthPolarBear) October 1, 2014
2:11 AM | Evidence Update: Azodyl for Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs
One of the products I have kept track of over the years is Azodyl, a probiotic reported to be useful in treating kidney disease in dogs and cats. Though the company has reported positive results in laboratory studies involving rats, … Continue reading →
1:26 AM | "En Route to a Better Life"
A "trio of scrawny lions" from Gaza are on the way to a better life in Jordan, via Israel, thanks to Four Paws International meeting its mission.Even Israel is helping the Gaza lions.
12:50 AM | Looking the Other Way
Look up @ #BigHump fm top of #LittleHump bald on #AT on #RoanHighlands. Hour to hike here to #BigHump top.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) September 30, 2014And the leaves ARE starting to change. Lovely day in the NC/TN mts.
12:39 AM | The Battle of Little Hump
Watched a peregrine falcon drive a hawk off Little Hump as I hiked for seven hours on the Appalachian Trail and the Over Mountain/Victory Trail in Roan Highlands today.Look down @LittleHump #RoanHighlands. #AT goes fm top of bald, mile thru woods @ left, comes out halfway up on left.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) September 30, 2014
12:00 AM | Dr. Sophia Yin leaves legacy of compassion, insight
Death of celebrated veterinary behaviorist brings shock, grief

September 30, 2014

12:00 AM | Court fight effectively discredits Yelp, veterinarian says
Rehearing request pending in class-action appeal

September 29, 2014

9:56 PM | Wonder Why
This 8 year-old blog post I did about the publishing of research on reptiles which eat their own shed skin by NC Zoo herpetologist John Groves has received 36 page views this week!?!
8:05 PM | Amphibiville Seeks New Mayor
Must be 7-12 years old and able to periodically commute to Detroit Zoo.Amphibiville is a "two-acre wetland village and home to the National Amphibian Conservation Center."The mayor's term is two years.
7:52 PM | Proud
Proud to work where one gets an e-mail like this (with the Subject line: "Hit the Brakes for Snakes (and everything else)"; where we are warned to respect the lives of snakes instead of warned to fear them:"A small Timber Rattlesnake was run over and killed on the service road behind the Prairie Exhibit over the weekend.  This is a species of “Special Concern” in North Carolina.  Please be careful when traveling this stretch of road, especially this time of year, as […]
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